Monster Hunter Rise

The Palicos, cat-like companions that help the hunter during their quests, make a comeback in Monster Hunter Rise, and they can do way more than they used to. If you’re thinking about playing the game solo, their help, and that of the Palamutes, will be invaluable to make it out of the hardest battles alive.

Here’s how Palicos work in Monster Hunter Rise.

How Do Palicos Work In Monster Hunter Rise

Palicos in Monster Hunter Rise come in five different types, depending on the type of support they can provide to the hunter: Healer, Assist, Fight, Bombardier and Gathering.

While all Palicos can be useful, depending on the situation, your actual skills in the game can determine which type of assist is better suited for you. If you have never played a Monster Hunter game before, you want to pick a Healer Palico, as they will support you with healing items when needed.

If you are a veteran Monster Hunter player, you have way more options at your disposal. Assist is definitely a good choice, as this type of Palico can create traps on the fly, increasing the chances of disabling a monster without actually having to use one of your traps. By leveling up this type of Palico, you also get access to additional abilities that can deal tons of damage.

Of all the assist types available in the game, the Attack type is probably the one that is the least useful. As Palamutes are offensive-oriented companions that can do little else, it’s kind of pointless to bring a Palico that can do the same.

No matter which type of Palico you are looking to bring with you on the field, do note that there is no way to change a Palico’s support type. In case you want to, your only choice is to recruit a new one. This is made easy by the Buddy Scout’s services in Buddy Plaza, which let you search for Palicos with your desired type and Equipped Moves.

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