How Do I Use Super Fruit in Farm Heroes Super Saga

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Super Fruits are a super useful feature in Farm Heroes Super Saga. They are unlocked at level 32, after which they cost 15 gold bars. One Super Fruits booster lets you use it on the level of your choice, with three Super Fruits placed randomly on the board.

Each Super Fruit clears a square of 8 cropsies and give +2 value in turn, which turns out as 72 cropsies collected by the time you’ve used up all three Super Fruits.

Super Fruits are pretty darn useful in quickly collecting the resources you need, but you need to know the ways to use them efficiently with regards to the timing and positioning of the Super Fruits, in order to reap every benefit of using the Super Fruits that you can.

How to Optimally Use Super Fruits in Farm Heroes Super Saga

The first thing major tip for using Super Fruits, is that you need to avoid letting your Super Fruits fall to the side and bottom. Using a Super Fruit that has fallen to the bottom row or to the side will clear less candies. If a Super Fruit has landed on an edge, move it away so that when you clear it, you will have access to more cropsies.

You need to also think about positioning. Find out which cropsies are the most difficult to click, and get your Super Fruits in a position to collect them. Don’t try directly moving the Super Fruit though, as this will set it off. Clear cropsies around it drop it lower, and make matches which will move the desired cropsies near it.

Finally, remember not to move the Super Fruit unless absolutely necessary. You lose the Super Fruit once you move it, so make sure you have it positioned properly before you do so.

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How Do I Use Super Fruit in Farm Heroes Super Saga


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