How Do I Change Jobs in Ragnarok Labyrinth


Ragnarok Labyrinth is a proper MMORPG through and through, and it comes with many of the features and mechanics players expect to find in this type of game, such as plenty of skills to learn to take down all sorts of enemies and a class system that grants some customization possibilities.

When it comes to the class system, Ragnarok Labyrinth definitely delivers, featuring multiple classes called jobs that allow players to specialize their characters in certain areas.

Here’s how to change jobs in Ragnarok Labyrinth.

How Do I Change Jobs in Ragnarok Labyrinth

At the start of Ragnarok Labyrinth, your character will belong to a novice job that comes with only two skills. To change your job to one of the four basic jobs, you will need to reach level 5, which shouldn’t take too long.

Once you hit level 5 with your character, you can pick a job between the melee-focused Swordsman, the magic-focused Magician, the agility-focused Thief, and the long-ranged focused Archer.

Once you reach level 30, you can change your job once again, and pick between the Knight, Crusader, Dancer, Hunter, Sage, Wizard, Assassin, and Rogue jobs. Do note that you cannot pick freely among these eight jobs, as only two of them will be available depending on your current job. So, if you are a Swordsman, you can only change into a Knight or Crusader, if you are a Magician only into Sage or Wizard, and so on.

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How Do I Change Jobs in Ragnarok Labyrinth


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