How do Honey Trees Work in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have 21 Honey Trees present through its Sinnoh Region. To encounter any Pokemon at these trees, you will need to slather Honey Tree’s bark with Honey and wait for 6 hours.

If a Pokemon was attracted to the Honey, the Tree should be seen shaking when you visit it again. Walk up to it and press A to get into a Pokemon encounter.

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Don’t wait for too long after slathering Honey onto the tree, though. If you fail to check on the slathered Honey Tree within 24 hours, the Pokemon encounter you could have gotten will disappear, and so will your Honey.

What are the Different Pokemon You Can Encounter Through Honey Trees?

The Pokemon that you will encounter through the Honey trees are separated into 3 different categories: Normal, Rare, and Very Rare. The Pokemon from Normal encounters have a 70% chance to spawn, a 20% chance for Rare encounters, and a 1% chance for a Very Rare encounter.

Quite a few Pokemon found in the Honey Trees are what you would find elsewhere too, but these are usually the Normal encounters. The Rare and Very Rare encounters consist of the Honey Tree-exclusive Pokemon, such as Burmy, Aipom, Cherubi, and the only Very Rare encounter, Munchlax.

Below are all the Pokemon that can be found in Honey Trees:

Normal Encounters

Encounter rate: 70%

  • Wurmple – 40%
  • Silcoon / Cascoon – 20% (encounter depending on your game’s version)
  • Combee – 20%
  • Burmy – 10%
  • Cherubi – 5%
  • Aipom – 5%

Rare Encounters

Encounter rate: 20%

  • Combee – 40%
  • Burmy – 20%
  • Cherubi – 20%
  • Aipom – 10%
  • Heracross – 5%
  • Wurmple – 5%

Very Rare Encounter

Encounter Rate: 1% (only present in 4 trees from the 21)

  • Munchlax – 100%

No Encounter

Encounter rate: 9%

And that is all you need to know about how honey trees work in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl!

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How do Honey Trees Work in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?


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