How and Where to Gamble in Diablo Immortal


In any video game, there are some casinos or systems like this. Diablo Immortal is not an exception. This video game has gambling. What is it? Read the guide, and you will find out.

Gambling Guide in Diablo Immortal

Gambling in Diablo Immortal is realized by the Mystery Item system. This system offers you to get powerful gear by spending a small amount of gold. It’s like the widespread cases that you can find in other games. And gambling in Diablo Immortal is random.

You can obtain Mystery Weapons, Primary Armor, Secondary Armor, and Jewelry. Also, the item rarity, sockets, and main attributes will be random. You will mostly get Normal or Rare quality weapons. The point is that the chances of getting Legendary or Rare quality equipment are too low.

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And you can purchase up to 25 Mystery items per day, which is pretty low. The main disadvantage is that Mystery items will be increasing in price within certain intervals. So, if you are ok with it, continue reading the guide.

Where to Gamble in Diablo Immortal

Keep in mind that you have to have level 35 to do gambling. Without this level, the game will not allow you to do it. If you are at level 35 or higher, you need to go to the Westmarch. Here you can find Rarities & Antiques NPC. Talk to this NPC, and you will be able to gamble.

In conclusion, do not spend all your gold on gambling. Gamble only if you have extra gold or if there is no other ways to spend your money. Even updating your current gear will be more effective than gambling. However, only you decide what to do.

So, that is all with gambling in Diablo Immortal. Thank you for reading this guide. Hope you consider it helpful!

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How and Where to Gamble in Diablo Immortal


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