Hovercraft: Battle Arena is a fast-paced 3-on-3 shooter featuring blocky ships, simple controls, and lots of metal mayhem! Choose from a variety of hovercrafts each with their own unique strengths, and load it up with devastating weapons. Our Hovercraft: Battle Arena cheats and tips will help you become an ace pilot!

Hovercraft: Battle Arena is all about finding your favorite hovercraft, knowing the maps, and growing your arsenal. Let’s get started with ourĀ Hovercraft: Battle Arena cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Take cover when you’re damaged!

The most important thing in Hovercraft: Battle Arena is to know when to duck out! Each ship has its own armor, and some ships are more durable than others. Keep an eye on your shields at the bottom of the screen, and boost out of the area if things get to hot. Your shields will slowly recharge if you don’t take any further damage for a couple of seconds, so get to cover.

Just watch out for any eager opponents who want to finish the job! If you’re in need of a quick fix, look for a shield power up. There is always at least one somewhere on the map, so try to memorize the location for it on each map.

Keep an eye on your boost and ammo gauges!

However, your boost power and ammo reserves do NOT regenerate over time. You must find the appropriate power up on the map and grab them. Thankfully, ammo and boost power ups are much more common than the shield power up, so make sure you’re constantly grabbing them.

Boost is helpful for escaping firefights or chasing down fleeing opponents, and you never want to run out of ammo right when you’re about to land the final shot on a weakened opponent!

Choose the right Hovercraft!

Hovercrafts have four main stats: damage, ammo, shield, and speed. They’re all self-explanatory, but hovercrafts also feature one perk that boosts one of the main stats. Each hovercraft is designed around different styles of play, so make sure you try them all out to see which one clicks with you. Some hovercrafts are built for head-on engagements, while others are fast enough to pull off hit and run tactics.

Try out the different weapons!

Each hovercraft has its own loadout, and you can switch out weapons freely. Each weapon is designed for different uses, so you will need to use them all in order to find a favorite combination. As a starting recommendation, we recommend you have at least one simple to use gun that has a high fire rate, like the Tracking Ion Laser or Machine Gun.

For your other guns, you can start using the heavy hitters that require a little more finesse. Use these guns in tandem with each other to bring down your opponents – weaken them with your starting weapons, then go for the kill with your heavy guns.

Keep opening crates!

You’ll get crates every time you win matches (alongside gems), so make sure you start their timers before you leave the game. Crates will reward you with new weapon and hovercraft blueprints, expanding your arsenal.

Getting new weapons is your first and most important goal when you start out, so it’s important you open as many crates as possible.

That’s all for Hovercraft: Battle Arena! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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