In today’s article, our House Flip with Chip and Jo cheats: tips and guide will help you make sure that you’re flipping houses virtually for the highest profits and getting everything done as you should. Because house flipping is fun, but not easy – even if it’s just a game.!

House Flip with Chip and Jo is a very simple game in concept: you buy an old house, you renovate it and redecorate it, then you flip it for profits. It sounds easy enough, but if you’re not paying attention to a few important things, you can end up on the red and out of the business. So today’s article will help keep it fun and safe by guiding you through everything that you should know and do to make things work.

So let’s not waste any second and let’s check out some House Flip with Chip and Jo tips and tricks in our beginner’s guide below.

Always go for three star remodels
There are a ton of things that you can and should do to a newly bought fixer upper in order to cash in on the profits. They are all listed in the menu and the more things you do, the higher your star rating will go. And that should be your main priority.

Trying to sell a house with less than three stars is risky, as you could end up making little or not profits at all – and that makes no sense. Actually, your progress will me much slower if you don’t sell for big profits, as houses and remodeling becomes more and more expensive.

The easiest way to get the three stars each time is to simply follow the problems in the menu: Start with the Problem areas, move to “staging” and “Needs Improvement” and keep fixing things until you get everything done. As soon as you hit three stars, there’s no need to invest more in that house: just put it on the market and sell it for profits!

Take your time when selling
Most likely, the first offer you get will be a really poor one. Don’t hurry to accept it! Instead, take your time and wait for the right offer to come.

You can see if the clients are the ones you need by tapping the info button on their offer and seeing how many of the three needs are met. Those with the higher number of needs met will give you the best offer: take it and start working on a new house!

Pay attention to the requirements of the area/customers
There are two types of things you can work on within each house: construction and staging. Tapping each will give you an info button at the bottom of the screen, showing you the preferences of future clients.

For Staging, you can choose from Traditional, Modern, French Inspired and so on – simply tap the button at the bottom of the screen to see what clients prefer and only buy those types of items.

When working on construction, see if that’s a low or high income area. Use the cheapest products when a low income neighborhood is selected, but spend the money when you’re in a luxury area.

In the end, it all resumes to this: offer the customers exactly what they want and you’re going to get huge profits when flipping the house!

The things you place inside the house doesn’t matter
Unfortunately, your choices of colors or objects to place in the houses don’t seem to have any effect at all. Going for a red paint instead of a grey one seems to make no difference, which is really sad. But you can role play yourself and always follow a design trend that you enjoy and make houses exactly as you’d like them to be.

Don’t forget about the missions
The main missions get you though the game’s story and offer a good way to earn some premium currency. The missions are extremely simple too, so always keep an eye on them and start working on the requirements for your current mission when you take on a new house. Most of the missions require you to redecorate a specific area of the house.

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for the cute House Flip with Chip and Jo game. If you have other strategies to share with fellow players (or questions), let us know by commenting below.


  1. Brooke again!
    I am actually out of money on the current house I am doing and I seem to be stuck and can’t carry on with the game! Any tips??? I only have $2,000 left and a bigger house that I’ve barely started! lol. Thank you!!!

  2. I can’t sell my current house. It’s showing I still have a construction worker out somewhere working. But I am not working on anything. How do I fix it

    • That means you did the same job twice and it’s waiting for you to approve that job. You have to go to that room to find him and approve him. I just did the same thing. Good luck!

    • Click on your Jobs (the bottom left corner with the stars). Scroll down to Other Jobs and click the Plus Symbol. This will expand the jobs. You should be able to find the construction worker from this.

    • What should I do about Pitfalls and Fortunes when they appear?

      We’re currently revamping our Pitfalls and Fortunes system, but that update is coming soon.

      While every renovation or staging has the chance that a Pitfall or Fortune appears, being nimble on making renovation changes can be a huge opportunity.

  3. I have no money left and still need to do renovations, how can I sell my house? It won’t let me because I only have 1 star. Please help!

    • You can buy more elbow grease (with hearts). Just click on the plus sign under the elbow grease drop and it’ll take you to where you can purchase it. It should be at the bottom of the screen.

    • To get more elbow grease per hour, you need to add contractors. You can either buy hearts to get additional contractors or complete the challenges. Completing the challenges rewards you with a small amount of cash with hearts as well.

  4. What’s the best way to get more hearts without purchasing them? I went to all the open houses and collected hearts from the magnolia trees but it says I’m out of workers and can’t do any more work to my house without them.

    • The workers are only busy while they’re competing the various projects you had selected. Once you complete the projects, tap the button in the room your project is in to collect and get your contractor back. To get more hearts without buying them, complete the challenges the game has set up. The rewards for completing the various challenges are both money and hearts.

    • I don’t know exactly but I think it’s when you ask a friend about your property through Facebook. Or when a friend asks you. I have been unable to successfully get the Facebook part working as of yet.

    • Consultations are a feature that will be available in one of our next updates. We’ll be making an announcement on Facebook with more details as we get close to release! We know you want to get those consultation rewards, so keep an eye out for updates.

    • I don’t believe so. Just make sure you use the lower cost materials for the lower income level properties and there shouldn’t be an issue.

      • I have 7 workers currently and I am in salt lake city… will I be able to purchase more as I level up? I feel like the game play is a little slow so being able to complete more jobs would help to speed things along. I dont have time to long on several times a day so currently I’m only able to flip one maybe 2 houses per day. Also, are we ever able to buy more than one house at a time?

        • You can buy 1 house in each city at a time. You still get the same number of workers for each house no matter how many houses you have.

          • Any way you can buy multiple houses in one city at a time.? Do s this feature unlocks someone later ? I’d like to flip more than one house in Pheonix at the same time..

    • When you click on a house to review it prior to buying you can choose house details to see income level, decor desired for area and family composition. The issue, for me though, is with what’s unlocked I choose the better materials for medium and high but when I sell it, it changes and I typically don’t get my full profit. If I do, it doesn’t match the three criteria, It’s frustrating. I also used to be able to see what links to what for skills and construction to know what needing upgrading in order to open something I need but now I can’t.

  5. I am not able to move forward in the game as I ran out of money and have no stars on the current property… can someone help me with this??

      • Learned to only buy properties where I can afford the cost of the house and renovations. I’ve had to buy multiple homes in cities first before going to the next location. Even if I had the next location unlocked. I’ve found that you need about $100k for renovations in Phoenix.

  6. It says I have one contractor left doing a job but I have no jobs currently going and I can’t enter the house to check the rooms… help!

  7. Is there any way to increase the market? (For example, when it says market is freezing, cold, warm, hot, etc). Can anything extra that you do to the house increase the market & profit? Thanks!!

  8. Even after my jobs were done and I collected the contractors don’t come back, I can’t get more hearts with out buying them… how do I get the contactors back?

  9. Well the game ever allow me to do more than one house at a time? This hours and hours of waiting for test to get done is ridiculous

        • You can buy & renovate multiple houses in separate cities, not in the same city. The number of contractors you have will be the same in each city (for instance, if you have three in Waco, you’ll have three in Kansas City and each subsequent city). When you add more contractors (there’s a maximum of seven), you’ll get more in all cities. Do what you can to increase and save as many hearts as you can — and avoid using your hearts for anything other than contractors until you have all seven available.

  10. Agree! There needs to be a way to gain more hearts and at a faster rate. I will not purchase them, I addicted to this game… HOWEVER I am beyond frustrated at having to wait 5+ hours to get one kitchen project completed because I don’t have enough hearts to spend, and no way to earn the 152 it takes. I am about to delete it. It’s very frustrating wanting to play and move on but no way to do it. I’ve had to wait so long that I’m basically over it.

    • I totally agree with you. It is also frustrating that as you move up to different cities and get more skills it costs more elbow grease to complete the jobs, completely using up elbow grease before I can finish a house. I am currently in Seattle, my elbow grease was completely charged up and I have used up most of my elbow grease and am not close to finishing the renovations. Incredibly frustrating! Ended up deleting the game today because it has become frustrating than fun! You should not have to purchase hearts to get more elbow grease.

  11. The current mission is to remodel a cape cod but no cape cods are available in any city! Is there a way to make the houses to reset on what’s available?

  12. You are not addressing the issues stated above and that I am having. (1) I have one contractor out, I can’t get back into the house, (2) I have three stars and it won’t let me list the property. (3) How do I get back into the house?

    • Hello… I have found that a lot of times I will find the contractor listed underneath additional jobs. Other than that I have to go through every single room to try and see where they are at. When I had a two story house that was really confusing until I figured out the arrow was to navigate floors. Other than that would recommend a force close and hopefully they come back :)

  13. I finished everything but redid a room. Now the game won’t let me enter the house to get the last construction worker. What do I do?

  14. How do I tell what is classic and what is contemporary when staging please help ASAP CAN YOU GIVE ME A LIST OR SOMETHING

    • when you push the “staging” tab (flower vase) at the bottom of the screen it should say CLASSIC or CONTEMPORARY. Press that. A little bubble will pop up and give a description of what falls under that category so you can stage accordingly.

    • Click the info bubble where it says classic or contemporary and it tells you. Classic is traditional and French inspired and contemporary is modern and mid century modern

  15. Where are the siteseeings?!! I have only found 9 out of 12 and I am in San Diego already. Are they hidden ones that don’t spark?

  16. Is anybody actually getting profit levels of 150k or more!?! My profits are usually more like 20k or maybe as much as 60k but that’s the best I can do. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I complete all 3 stars. I follow the staging style for the neighborhood and I stick to the income level. Do you guys do a bunch of extra jobs to get a better profit?

    • I’ve tested only doing minimal 3 star work in low income houses and doing various levels of more work. I’ve come to the conclusion that my best profits across every city and every income level are when I renovate each house to the max. Full kitchen and bath remodels and flooring and paint and lighting elsewhere. I use the highest grade of material available to me for everything.

    • I don’t know what city you are in but I have been able to make more than $150 starting in San Diego and flipping High Income properties

    • It looks like chance to me however I have had some increased luck only turning over tiles grouped in one section on the right side.

  17. i have $500 left and i don’t know how to get more money help!! i already tried deleting and restarting the app.

  18. My last staging screen is frozen and i can’t go on. I brings up the last thing I did even though it has nothing to do with the bathroom and there is no confirm button. HELP

    • Press the achievements button and you’ll see a settings button nearby and it’s takes you right to music and sound on and off buttons

  19. I started a renovation that includes a need I don’t have unlocked yet (appliances) what do I do?
    Tried finishing everything else, didn’t unlock. Can’t buy another house to level up on.. help!

  20. I’m trying to use thing on the game that arent unlocked yet but are requesting to be used like getting a new washer and dryer or replacing the fencing outside, I cant figure out how to unlock those things when I thought by now I’d already be able to use most things on the game.

    • Look at your skill tree, more stuff unlocks the more you do certain tasks. It takes a while to level up the landscaping. It’s worth it. I always do landscaping even if it’s not suggested because it seems to raise the value of the house (and it looks way better too, lol!)

  21. I started playing House Flip,I made it to level three while ago,I bought a house ,one the task is to buy appliances, BUT MINE are locked..WHAT DO I DO TO GET THEM UNLOCK

    • do as many lighting renos that you can and eventually Appliances will unlock. Look at the skill tree by clicking on the Magnolia supply center where you get your elbow grease and you can see what you need to unlock new skills. Hope that helps!

    • Sell the House! even if you didn’t finish everything, you should still be able to sell it for more than you bought it. then go in lower levels and build up money so you can afford the higher levels and those houses. I am working on unlocking Chicago now and I don’t have time to finish all the stuff so I shoot for 1 or 2 stars, leave the rest, and I normally still make some profit, just trying to get the number of houses sold to get to the next level.

  22. I’m on Phoenix, AZ, and want to buy a craftsman house but don’t like the floors in the hallway, is there anyway to change them!? I haven’t figured that out yet!!

  23. Hello everyon! I’m new to this game. I need some help. I have only 432 dollars left, and I don’t know what to do now. I can’t buy anything and I don’t know how to make more money. If anyone can help I will be appreciated.
    thank you, Sonja

  24. Can you cancel a reno youve started the one im on reqires small good appliances im not at that levrl. And can you renovate more than one house at a time

  25. Im fixing up a house and I 2 stars..I says bathroom number 2 needs staging…Ive went through all of traditional and modern and I still have only 2 stars. Everything else is fixed. Any ideas?

    • So far I have found two in every city except for Salt Lake! It’s saying 11/12 in my achievements and so I can’t get my reward until the salt lake one adds another…. unless I am missing it :(

      • Same here — but when I look at the overall map view, there seems to be an icon (a black certificate & red hazard sign) suggesting there’s another achievement I could unlock. This is the only city thus far with only one landmark, and that’s the next achievement I’ve yet to complete.

  26. How do I unlock asphalt, concrete and so on? I purchased a house and I need to redo the driveway and its locked I can’t sell the house without it being done. And help would be great!!

  27. The problem I am having is, I can’t rotate the screen, I can’t click on my elbow grease or daily hearts, and I can’t select a new house to buy. I have uninstalled, shut down and reinstalled. Nothing works. Any ideas?

  28. I have plenty of Capitol but I can’t even buy a single house! I just got passed the tutorial and I cant do anything… what can i do?

  29. I bought a house and have a few things left to do but no money and no stars. It will not let me sell the house and i cant get more money… What do i do HELP STUCK

  30. Two questions: 1) how many landmarks per city? I can only find one in Salt Lake; 2) when you reach the max elbow grease and you win at the mini game, what happens to those elbow grease? Thank you.

    • 1) only 1 in Salt Lake City so 7/12 at that point.
      2) you basically lose those elbow grease so best wait to play the game till you are down on elbow grease by at least the max you can win.

  31. I’m on level 5 for all staging options but I’ve done 2+ houses as French inspired but it staying stuck at the same level in the same spot I’m not getting any of my benefits from it like normal how do I fi x it?!?!?!? Help please?! Thanks in advance!

  32. How many landmarks should there be in each city? I’m in Salt Lake and I only have 7/12 landmarks.
    Also what are the scrolls with the red symbol on the map next to the cities?

    • Elbow grease fills up with time. Click on magnolia again after you have collected and it will show you your collection rate. Mine fills up every 8 hours.

  33. Is it possible to start all over again from the beginning? I want to start over. I deleted the app but if i download the app again then it goes further where i was..
    Can someone help me with this

  34. I am up to Salt Lake City. I have been very successful (never running out of money or elbow grease, AND never being told I need to remodel something I haven’t unlocked yet) by always working on 1 house in each city and for the most part I have been remodeling each house to the max.

  35. I like to paint all my rooms the same color and usually in doing so my hallway just turns the same color, but my hallway won’t change and I’m pretty sure you can’t click into your hallway, so what do I do to change it’s paint color?

  36. How do I edit a house after I already put it on the market? I accidentally double clicked and now the house I just bought is for sale!

    • If you click the tiny letter “i” in the corner of the mission it will tell you the capital net worth you need to have to earn it (meaning amount of cash)

  37. What do you do if you don’t have enough money to get a house (rent or sale)? I am in the negatives and I don’t know how to get out.

  38. Help! Please… I’ve had my house listed, but no offers even coming close to what it’s listed for, they are too low. I’ve been through about 15-20 bids, what can i do to get my house sold at a profit?

  39. Hey guys first time poster here. I’m up to the level where I have to do roofing, appliances and the cement and I have no idea how to unlock them to complete my house. Please help!!!!


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