Hot Wheels are rolling onto the mobile scene with Hot Wheels: Race Off! Hot Wheels: Race Off is a physics-based 2D racing game where you’ll be blasting through loops, boosters, big jumps, and more! You gotta go fast while maintaining complete control over your hot wheel, as flipping over will result in a bombastic explosion! We’ll help you power through the courses with our Hot Wheels: Race Off cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Control your car!


Controlling your hot wheel is all about precision and careful taps! If you’ve played other 2D racing games, you’ll know exactly what to expect here. When you’re midair, holding down the gas will make your hot wheel rotate counter clockwise. Likewise, if you hold down the brakes you’ll rotate clockwise. This is incredibly important to keep in mind as you’ll need to orient yourself during big and small jumps to make sure you don’t slam your antenna (your weak point!) into the ground.

2. Stylish’ stunts!

On the main menu, you’ll see a chest with a flaming bar next to it. This is the Stunt Chest! You’ll need to fill up that bar before you can open it up. How do you this, you ask? Well what else – by pulling off sick stunts! Here’s a list of stunts we’ve discovered:

  • Big Air: That’s right, the crowd will love it even if you’re not pulling off crazy stunts! Just a simple big jump resulting in big air is always a crowd pleaser. Try to hit maximum speed when you’re going off big jumps!
  • Front/Back Flips: Flips are much more trickier to pull off but equally as rewarding. You’ll need to hold down either the gas or brakes when you’re in the air and complete a full 360 rotation. Landing it correctly will earn you a front or backflip, depending on which direction you rotated. Make sure you have plenty of air before committing to a flip, as attempting one ill-prepared is a surefire way to crash!
  • Wheelies: These are performed by keeping your back wheels grounded while tilting your front end up off the ground and holding it for as long as you can. You can get a lift from a bump in the road, then start applying the gas to rotate backwards.

Once you fill up the stunt bar all the way, you’ll receive a chest. These chests contain a TON of coins for your currently equipped car, so it’s worth it to pull off as many stunts as you can! Once you earn a stunt chest, you won’t be able to earn another one until 24 hours have passed, regardless of how many more stunts you pull off.

3. Don’t exit right away!

When you run out of fuel, the game will inform you and a big exit button will appear. However, your hot wheel will maintain whatever momentum it had right before you ran out of fuel. It’ll continue travelling for a bit, and who knows, you might even get lucky! You’ll probably first notice this on level three. Around the halfway point your fuel will run dry but you’ll be coming down from a long jump. When you hit the ground, there’s a fuel tank waiting for you. You’ll probably end up rolling right into it, and once you do, you’ll be able to continue as if nothing happened!

4. Don’t worry about the stars!

You usually won’t be able to get all three stars on your first run through a level, so don’t worry about them! Instead, just try to focus on getting as many coins as you can. The end goal is to upgrade your hot wheel enough so that you can actually finish the level, not how fast you can do it. In fact, if you need to, you can revisit older levels if you have an easier time getting coins in them.

That’s all for Hot Wheels: Race Off. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



  1. Cars get weaker with more upgrades or just don’t perform as they should in certain spots/levels because the game wants you to spend money on coins rather that earn them. Stuck at 99 stars and need 100 to unlock the heavy duty series but the game makes it almost impossible to get that 100th star without spending money. Either buy coins or spend HOURS playing levels you have already beaten to get the thousands of coins it will take to get the right car to get the last star/beat game. LAME!!!!


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