Those crazy engineer cats are back once again in CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars! This time, they have brought some new toys to play with. That’s right – the iconic Hot Wheels toy line of race cars have officially entered CATS!

Starting today, players can participate in the Hot Wheels Challenge. It is also Hot Wheels’ 50th anniversary, so what better way to celebrate than smash up its own cars? By playing in the special battles, players will be able to get their own unique versions of the cars.

To kickoff the event, there are a total of three cars for players to collect: the Twin Mill, the Bone Shaker, and the Shark Bite.

The Twin Mill is one of the most famous Hot Wheels’ cars, dating back all the way to 1960. It is so popular that there is an actual working car replica of the Twin Mill!

The Boneshaker is an open-roof vehicle, but later expanded to have closed-roof versions. Just like the Twin Mill, a real life car of the Boneshaker was created due to its popularity.

And perhaps our personal favorite of them all, the Shark Bite! With modified wheels on the front, this fearsome car will chomp like its a hungry hungry shark!

Fans of the Hot Wheels cars should not miss out on this event! CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is available now on iOS and Android.


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