Ubisoft has just released Horse Haven World Adventures on the App Store, a beautiful time management game that challenges us to raise horses, feed them, breed them and go with them in races to collect coins. A really addictive game that we’re going to talk about in this article where we’ll check out some Horse Haven cheats and tips to build the perfect ranch and get all the horses that you want.

So let’s not waste any time, we’ve got a lot of work to do! If you want to improve your game a bit, read on for some Horse Haven World Adventures tips and tricks!

1. Focus on the food
Horses have to be fed pretty often and they need a lot of food, so make sure you focus on that as soon as you start playing: always have your farms producing some extra crops and keep a balance between the crops so that you can use them to produce the most advanced ones too. Even if you get too many and fill up your barn, you still shouldn’t panic because you can sell them for a small profit. So always plant crops and make sure you have aplenty of everything.

2. Tend to the needs of your horses
There are small mini games each time a horse has a new need and you should care for them as soon as possible because that’s how you level them up and turn them into adults and then into better horses with more energy for racing. Each time you tend to a need, your horse will gain some extra energy, so it makes sense to only do this after you’ve been in a race, otherwise all that energy you’re getting is wasted.

3. Win your races!
Although you can’t literally “win” a race, the longer you go, the better for you as you get more coins. The mini-games for the races are really easy, so do your best to master them. The most important element is mastering the jumps: hold longer for a longer jump and jut tap the screen for a short jump.

4. Watch the ads
Every day, you have the option to watch an add for some free diamonds. Do it, because you can really put those diamonds to some great use in your farm!

5. Breed your Horses
There are a lot of horse breeds available in the game and your goal will surely be to have them all. Therefore, you should continuously breed horses to increase your chances of getting them. You can get new horses from the Marketplace for coins or simply visit your neighbors, tap their horses and use them for breeding. This last method is perfect for having access to breeds you don’t already have and therefore increase your chances of getting a new breed. It’s all based on trial and error, so keep trying and eventually you will have all the breeds that you want (and you can sell those you don’t!)

6. Keep playing
As you play, you will automatically complete quests (although it doesn’t hurt to check them out to make sure that you’re on the right track), level up your horses and upgrade your ranch until it’s truly spectacular. Take your time because Horse Haven World Adventures is a game that requires a lot of it, and enjoy the ride!

If you have other tips and strategies for Horse Haven, let us know by commenting below!


  1. You need to upgrade your feed mills to produce different feeds. There is blue, green, yellow, red, and Orange feed. Just the same as you can upgrade your fields to grow different crops: grass, corn, oats, soy, and carrots. (All listed in order of attainablity). Happy farming :)

  2. How do I level up and maximize my energy level so I can do bigger steeplechases? Im at a level 10 but I need to have 15 in order to do a steeplechase.

    • If it’s only showing you how many diamonds it takes, then you’re not high enough levels to buy it with coins. Tap on the hammer and it will tell you what level you have to be to buy it with coins.

    • You have to build/buy a market in the shop. Then once it’s done, tap on it and it should bring up 3-4 foals. Make sure you have a stable open and place the picture of the horse in the little slot.

    • You have to go to storage, then select it an d choose the number of grass you want to sell, then push sell

    • You need to refurbish the train station in France and America. When the two are complete you can ship your horse’s from one country to the next. However, it does not let you move horses if you don’t have a spare stable. Also, it costs money to use the train. :(

      • It will allow you to swap two or more horses between stables that is how i was able to move my quarter tier 2 back to usa, by swapping him with my “maxxed” appaloosa.

  3. Ok so I just used the train to transfer my horse to France and I click on the train and it doesn’t show any progress or my horse? did I lose my horse?! the horse isnt in either stable either. is this normal?!

    • I did the same. I Put my level 15 horse on a train from USA to France and he disappeared however I was able to race him in the steeplechase.

    • the picture just disappears from the screen– it shows a pic of the train transporting to new location you didn’t lose it the bar where you tell train to transfer should have showed you it takes 2 hours to transport to new location stable.

    • First get your train station up and running. When it’s ready, click on it and pick which horse you want to send.

    • I just bought the Breeding Barn and my game freezes when I click on it…. which you have to do bc it has the blue tutorial arrow. Is this the same problem you are having? Would love to know what to do other than delete and reinstall!!

    • I would like to know how to grow carrots also!
      I am at level #20 and I don’t recall ever seeing them and now my muffins, orange label feed and horses require them and I don’t have enough diamonds!!

    • Upgrade your plots where you grow your materials to feed your horse. Simply click on the plot and click the up arrow to upgrade.

    • What level are you? If you’re high enough you can buy the grand stable in France. That’s where you can store your other horses until you have more stables

  4. How to I get my horse’s past level 10 so their energy gets higher so I can do the races that need more energy to do

  5. How to I get my horse’s past level 10 so their energy gets higher so I can do the races that need more energy to do

  6. Please please please allow offline functionality. Very annoying if you are in a bad reception area that the game restarts all the time. Also the your server undergoes maintanence and no one can access or play the game.

  7. I’ve just transferred my mustang from the French ranch to the American ranch and she’s completely disappeared!! What can I do?

  8. Has anyone figured out what happens to the horses that disappear on the train? I noticed that I wasn’t the only one to lose a horse this way.

    • Usually when you transfer horses from one country to another they “dissappear” but you have to wait a while until they arrive at the designated stable. Now, I’m not sure if all these comments refer to ACTUALLY disappearing but I transferred many horses and didn’t loose any.

    • When you are in the France stables, look in the shop. At the bottom, you’ll see the bee hives. Buy one and start making honey! Yum yum!

  9. Anyone over level thirty that can tell me whether or not a new stable in another country will open up? I’m full except for one stable in France and had to sell a horse. Didn’t much care for that. I want to own one of everything not start selling them off

      • You will get a ranch in Germany next. I can’t remember which level. I’m at level 33 (I think) and have unlocked 5 of the 6 stables.

  10. My horse disappeared on the train too!
    But I can still use her in steplechase?
    Also how do you restart the game? I really need to know this.

    • Same thing happened to me. But all of a sudden, when I opened up a stable he showed up in it. It’s obviously some glitch in the game as a number of players have had this happen.

    • You need to be a high enough level to buy the trees in France. If your horses are asking you to feed them apples, chances are you are high enough. When in France open your list and the first one is an apple tree.

    • When you tap on a stable you have three pictures pop up. Ones the stable, upgrade and finally the paddock. That’ll get you what you need

  11. I spent 50 diamonds for this one safari guy to search for a horse and he got one but its in the paddock and I have a empty stall. How do I transfer the horse to the stall??

  12. How do you clear land and trees. And same as the person above, how do you get that horse in your stalls. I just have a horse wondering in the arena and it doesn’t show up in the horse list

    • Once you have friends (Usually driving past your farm and click the plus sign to go to their ranch and click the invite button.) You click a blue button on the bottom right hand side of the screen where it looks like three little people or circles with half a round rectangle body. Your friends list will show up and click on the friends farm you would like to visit.

    • Tap on the storage, which is the barn lookin’ building, and then tap on the second blue icon that comes up, then you’ll be able to sell what ever kind of food you want :)

  13. How do I get my horse from the paddock (?) to a stable, or is that even possible? I’ve transferred a horse to France and even sold a foal, and i still have no idea how….. please help, I’ve been trying for days

  14. Your horses aren’t dissappearing, the transfer time is about 2 hours and you can see the horse time in the France horse list.

    • You’d need to unlock them by leveling up once you’re at that point you could either breed your horses with h friends to get them (Looking in the horse index to see which breeds breed what) or upgrade your horse market to get better breeds.

  15. What is wrong with the video that should give me free diamonds? When I try to watch it, the add just keep repeating and don’t give me these 3 diamonds.

  16. Whenever you have friends some of them have actually names or user names and some have unknown. My thing shows up as unknown does anyone know how I could change that?

  17. There have been multiple people asking how to get a horse that you own from the paddock to the stable and they are all being ignored. I have four stables and paid diamonds for the safari guy, but when he came back with a horse, I had forgotten to sell one of my horses, as my stables were all filled. It automatically put it in my paddock. I sold a horse. Now I have an empty stable because I sold a horse… But I have no idea how to move the horse he got me from the paddock to the stable. ALSO, the app is not allowing me to edit my ranch name or any of my horses names. The keyboard pops up, but then it’s like the screen just freezes and doesn’t allow me to use the keyboard unless I hold the very top rows buttons to reveal a number or different variation of the letter. It doesn’t even let me backspace, push enter, or exit the”page” to name the horse. I have to physically exit the app and close out of it completely, then reopen it and reload everything. I even uninstalled it and reinstalled. It’s a great game but I am about at my wits end. Help?

  18. How do you build more stalls in Montana? Mine are full. I’ve cleared land, but don’t see any stables in the store to build.

    • in store on montana farm you should have bldg. called grand stable if u have enough coins you need to buy that then place on your farm extra horses ( up to 8) will go there

  19. Please can someone tell us how to move a horse from the paddock to a stable. There is no option in the game to help do this. If it is a bug. Then developers should fix it.

    • I’ve found that you can only move a horse from either the stable or paddock in France. If your stable isn’t full, you should be able to move a horse into it. One way is by going inside a paddock and tapping on the little house symbol in the bottom left corner. The other is by tapping on the grand stable and selecting the symbol on the right that shows a horse with two arrows. This will open a screen with the horses in your grand stable and those in the paddocks. Then chose which ones you want to switch. But you can’t move a horse from America or Germany into the grand stable without moving it to France first. Hope this helps.

  20. I have added lots of other game users as friends/neighbors. But I don’t know how to visit their ranches without waiting for a new user’s car to drive by and clicking on it. Is their a way to go to a friends list to visit their ranches any time? Surly their had to be an easy way to visit instead of waiting forever for a random car to click on but I’m going crazy trying to find a list.

    • On the right side towards the bottom, there is an icon with 3 people. When I click on it, I get my list of friends and when I click on one of them, I get to visit their ranch. Pet their horses to get rewards!

  21. hi i am having an issue with my game. i am almost at level 14 when i open my game it keeps taking me to the breeding house and then freezers it is really annoying. i love this game and want to keep playing but it wont let me any ideas on how to fix this please help my horses are starving.

  22. OK I’m still having a paddock problem like everyone else. I take it no one knows how to move a horse from the paddock to a stable. I put in a trouble ticket. If you know how to do this please respond!!!

  23. I don’t know if this will work as I have never had a horse stuck in the paddock, but have you tried using the train station to move it? I do use the train station to move horses from one stable to another.

  24. Please can someone tell me how to groom a horse? I’ve been playing this ga, e for a long time and never had it pop up as a need nor have I seen a grooming icon. I’ve seen a screen shot online of a player grooming but have no idea how to open that screen??

  25. Has anyone had a problem getting their daily prize when the game first opens up? As soon as the daily prize comes up for me, it will close the game no matter which one I chose. Only when I close the daily prize can I play the game but haven’t been able to claim a prize since my update. That’s been more than a week. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter so I can’t put in a complaint. Any suggestions?

    • I ended up having my son’s version take over my game and I lost all my speciality horses, including my three zodiac horses. Pretty much had to start all over again. Oh, well. Make the best of it, I guess.

      • And if anyone sees my logo of a dog with an eyepatch under the name of huskiesrus, let me know. Then I’ll know that’s how it comes up

  26. I really like this game, but i can’t find where to groom the horses. Where do i go, what do i click? Can someone please help me?

  27. I’m new to this game – I went on the train to the 2nd place nd now can’t get back to the first location where my horses and crops need tending to. How do I get back to the 1st location?? There’s no train to click on to go back

    • go click on globe top left of screen it will show location of farms toggle through side arrows to see usa farm click on flag and there’s montana farm

    • You must be a certain level for the wheat to show up in your garden area, but your gardens also have to be upgraded to include the wheat. Hope that helps

      • I am wondering how I get the food that looks like a red apple. I am on level 22 and don’t see where to get the red apple at all. Also there is a field that looks like a box of cereal and I don’t know where to get that either thank you for any help

  28. Zoe press the whistle to send them back or press on the stable and press on home to go into the stable and your horse will be in there

  29. Oh I see Zoe your “cousin” in the game that’s her hourse you rented it the game does it for you you can use that horse in the steeplechases

  30. Did it say the ranch was in Montana for you guys too? Because I actually live in Montana, and I thought it just got my location, but now I’m curious if that was actually just the setting for the game and it was a coincedince. The girl in there, Amy, actually looks a lot like my cousin.

  31. Tanis: sign out of your sons Game Center account and log back into yours. When you open up your game, it should be your file since horse haven is a server based game.

    • No luck doing that either. Tried everything. Call apple to see where the problem was and no luck. Oh, well. Thanks though. I do appreciate it.

  32. hi I am on level 23. and I still can’t figure out where I make the red apple for food, or where a make the box of cereal that looks like a big box of cereal I am stuck on these now. Thank you for any help from anyone.

    • Hi! You need to upgrade your bakery (French ranch) to level 4 in order to get honey crunch, the cereal. To my knowledge there aren’t any red apples, but there are cherries. You can grow cherries on your German ranch by buying a cherry tree, then grow the cherries. Hope this helped! :)

      • in france go to store in lower left corner blue square 1st list should show to buy apple trees you buy those and place on farm land click on tree and drag pic of apple on to tree it grows the apples total of 5 trees and u get 4 apples per tree

    • Sorry. Wish I could help. It never did come back to the original and I’ve just carried on. If you ever find a way, let me know. Wish I had better news for you. One piece of advice, though, back up your game on iTunes more often. Merry Christmas

    • I think grooming is just another ‘level up’ activity like mucking out the stall or feeding the horse. I’ve never seen grooming before so I’m not sure.

  33. Why do people keep asking questions when all they have to do is read through the comments and their questions have already been answered

    • Because nobody so far said where to locate the brush icon. People know how to groom horses, but don’t know WHERE this brush is, so they keep asking. Just one decent and FULL explanation will finish the problem.

      • That because you don’t have to locate it!!! It’s already there when you go to groom your horse. No difference in mucking, feeding or grooming.

      • I agree with you. I looked where horse In the stable, where the tack is and no brush. I wish people would not get so short about this. Where do you groom the horse then. We are just asking for help. Sheehan.

        • Some phones won’t allow you to brush horses, and for the people that can brush, it’s just another stable activity like feeding.

  34. I have A horse that i by from the man in the car. The horse was placed in the paddock since all my stables vas busy. One of the stables is empty now but i can’t find out how to get the horse in. Do someone know how I can Get the horse into the stable?

    • For me it automatically prompts me about a stable being empty, and then enables me to move the horse from the paddock into the stable. Sometimes it takes a while for it to give the prompt though, but it should happen.

  35. So I got a horse as a gift and it was waiting in the paddock… but didn’t have any stables open… I sold a horse so I had a stable open but I couldn’t put the horse into the stable…how do I do this???

  36. How do I watch the videos to get free diamonds and how do I groom my horses. The muffins make me crazy. I can’t find o it how to harvest than. Sorry for all the questions. I just started playing this game.

  37. TIP: Everyone here seems to focus on leveling up their horses, but this is NOT the best strategy. A low level Morgan is better than a high level Quarter Horse, so it would make more sense to focus your resources on getting a Morgan than leveling up the QH. Any horse that you plan to breed you should keep at a level 5 because the higher the horse’s level, the more expensive it is to breed that horse to another horse. For example, using a level 6 stallion to breed a mare could cost a couple thousand more coins than breeding a level 5 to the same mare. Note, this only seems to apply to your horses; if you are breeding your level 5 horse to a friend’s horse, it doesn’t matter if the friend’s horse is level 5 or 10, but if your horse is level 6+ it will cost more.

    • BUT,…. to level up your horses to their max levels (usually lvl15) it also levels up their energies to do better paying horse races in other countries, also, high level horses will start being worth diamond so when you want to sell them u get diamond and not coins… plus from lvl 11 horses start gaining you extras like lots of coins, diamonds, feed, and even gets horses better special skills which makes them more valuable.

  38. When your cuz lets you rent a horse for free for 24 hours can you use that horse to breed other horses? Or can you only do steeplechase races with it?

  39. If I delete the game and reinstall it, will I lose everything? The game is completely stuck :/ I just opened France and is about the fetch my apple tree from the store, and the hand just keeps doing the same movement and I cant click on anything :/

    • have you tried turning off your device completely off then turning it back on and reopening the game again? that usually fixes the freezing for me on my tablet.

  40. I had the same problem with moving the horses, but then I went off the game to Google the answer, and when I went back on, Amy the cousin came up and said “Your stable is empty, put a horse there!” And then a list of horses in my paddock and a list of my stables came up and I just dragged the picture of each horse on the paddock list into an empty stable on the stable list and that was it! Hope that helped :)

  41. Okay hey guys so I bough an old Christmas slay and I don’t need it any more since it’s Easter so I’m trying to move it to my storage “shop” but I can even drag it without pressing the crossing moving button and the button taht turns you item around… This is making me real….pissed off!!! Plz help

    • try click on sleigh pic you should get a little box pic this is a secret storage area click on that ur sleigh will goin storage and be out of sight from farm– but still be in your game

  42. 3 of my horses reached level 15(max)
    And all of them still have ⚡️10 when
    They are then ment to have ⚡️12 and
    Because of that they can’t play in the
    Australian steeplechase

  43. how do i get amys horses out of my paddock? and i put my horses in there but i have to pay why is that? and i saw on here about training them in the paddock is that true? thank youuu

  44. One of the quests says “Use Grand Stable Training 3 times in Deauville.” But I can’t find where to train my horse. Any ideas? I haven’t been able to find anything online that could help me either. :(

    • if you go online to facebook and type in horse haven it should take you to the game page lots of people there u can ask I got help hen I couldn’t seem to level up my main ranch houses to level up my ranch houses. that worked for me cause the internet sites or the game have not been updated in forever!!!

  45. Anyone know how to grow the egg plants? I have the salad mixture but can’t grow egg plants. (the purple plant thing either an onion with leaves or egg plant I thought)

    • I think that’s turnip. :) when ur hi level enough your England ranch will open you go to store on left screen and buy farm plots place on land and first crop you grow is that turnip purple veggie thing. :)

  46. When you get a tier two horse of a certain breed do you need to keep the tier one version of that horse?

    Example: Breed two tier one Andalusions and get a tier two Andalusion. Do you still keep the tier one version of the horse?

  47. Hi! I was wondering, is there any way I can play the game on both my iphone and Ipad. So it’s exactly the same server/ranch?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Have them both on the same apple iTunes account and they should get the option if you want to play the same game or different ones.

    • Your ranch site visits other farm and they can choose to add you to their friends list. Also others farms visit yours as well. When you see a car with a bubble above it with a picture in it, tap on it. That is a friend visiting you. By tapping on it you get to go to their ranch with the option of inviting them to be friends. Then it’s up to them. Hope this helps

  48. I can’t seem to get a tier 4 horse, when I click on the tier 4 horses in the horsepedia it says I have to change my filter conditions, anyone know how to do that?

    • the green things are lettuce they grow on your England ranch. your farm plots need to be level 2 to grow lettuce the 3 to grow strawberries

  49. I love this game. But, I am having some trouble with transforming my old account to my other kindle. And the other one doesn’t even let me play at all.

  50. Is it possible to delete buildings such as feed mills or bakeries? Mine are fully upgraded, so they don’t take much time and I no longer need all the ones I have. I’d like the space for other things on my farm.

  51. Paige:to move a building click on it press the move button then click on the button with the arrow pointing into the box

    • always have enough food for your horses. For example, if they need 7 corn, plant 10 instead. That way you will always have extra and therefore you can level up faster by feeding your horses quicker.


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