Horrorfield Cheats: Tips & Guide to Play the Game Better


In today’s article we are going to share with you all of the Horrorfield tips and cheats that we have discovered in order to help you get better at the game, no matter which side you choose to play as.

This is a game that will test your patience, blood pressure and ability to hide and escape. No joke, it’s had me a few times! But in order to survive and hopefully escape the murderous psycho killer, I’m going to share with you a few tips which are going to come in handy if you are having a hard time surviving.

Because there are multiple play styles in the game, I have divided the article into three sections: one dedicated to the survivors, one to the psychos and one with general tips for all the players.

So, without further ado, here are our Horrorfield tips and tricks

Horrorfield Survivors Tips and Tricks

Get your priorities straight

The objective of the game when you are getting started is to escape – alive! That means that there are certain objectives you need to fulfill. On every map there are several generators which are broken, and you need to fix them. You’ll have to fix a total of 5 generators with your team mates to power up the gates once more. 

You need to search the buildings thoroughly until you find the generators, so  make sure you check all the rooms. Once you have found a generator, start repairing it. It will take a while, but you need to do it in order to escape. 

My suggestion is that as soon as you start the game, locate the nearest gate to you (or gates if there are more next to your location) and look in the buildings nearby for generators. However, don’t go crazy about it in case there is a psycho next to you – try to play safe too!

So the safest way to make sure that you get out is to know exactly where the gates (or at least ONE gate is) and try to exit through there as soon as 5 generators have been fixed. It’s not all on your, there are 4 players looking to complete the objective, so you could rely on them getting a few going too!

Being alone could work – or not

You can safely stay close to other survivors and try to escape together, but this has both advantages and disadvantages. For one, you can repair generators together to speed up the process.

Another thing it might be useful for is in case you get injured and don’t have a first aid kit, the other player can heal you. This can easily come in handy if you managed to escape the psycho. 

However, being around other players could also make you easier to be discovered, especially if the other player doesn’t know what he’s doing. If you are close to such a player, then you can use them as bait for the psycho to lure them out and in the process learn their location.

This is not super nice of you, but if it will lead to you escaping, then it’s good enough.

Having your team mates locked could be a bait

When a team mate gets captured and put in a cage by the psycho is bad enough for the team. You can go and try to save them, but this can be super dangerous. The psycho could lure around the cages and try to bait you out. It can go either way, but you really need to be careful if you go save the team mates captured. 

Once a survivor has been captured, they are permanently wounded, which leaves a trail for the psycho to follow. That’s why it could be considered a weakness. However, it’s not always bad. If the player knows what he’s doing, then he could very well escape! 

So the best thing you could do is to pay attention to the psycho, see where he’s headed and if he is following anyone, and if so, you are free to free the caged player. 

Go in the buildings to buy some time

The survivors can hide inside buildings in order to try and escape the psycho. The buildings have different doors, and some of them are harder to break than others. The wooden doors are the easiest to break, so try staying away from buildings who have these doors (if you are trying to buy yourself time and escape).

I suggest that you try and hide in the buildings which have the metal door because that will take a little longer for the psycho to tear down, and while he is doing so, try to run to the other door and as far away as possible. Chances are, he will lose your tracks.

Also, don’t stay in the building! If he is banging at the door, you can try and hide away from him in the other rooms, but if you have low speed, then you’re trapped. that’s why in my opinion you should run outside the other way.

Watch your heartbeat

The heartbeat will start pumping faster and faster the closer the psycho is. Use this to track the psycho and if it starts beating too fast, run away as fast as possible! It means he’s close! 

Equip items to help you escape

You can equip a maximum of 4 items. For the survivors I suggest that you have a lock-pick because that will help you in case you get caught and caged. Also, the energy drink will help you speed up if the psycho is chasing you.

Seriously, you should take a look at the Blueprints in the Workshop and once you have met the requirements, you should start crafting them. They will come in handy quite a bit, so the chances of you escaping will be much higher.

Horrorfield Psycho Tips and Tricks

Breaking doors will help you save time later on

I suggest that whenever you run into a building with possible survivors inside, you break the door and head on the same way that you came in. This will leave the building open, and it will be less safe for the survivors to stay inside. 

Since you as a psycho can only break doors (and not casually open them) you should tear down all the wooden doors because they are the easiest. The survivors will have less safe spaces to hide in and you will be able to pursue them much faster. 

When you attack, make sure you don’t miss!

The psycho will always take a pause after hitting a survivor, and that means that there is a short window in which the survivor can escape (or try to). I suggest that you don’t miss when you are attacking, as this will not be ideal. 

What you can do is to throw rocks at the survivors to slow them down. This will make the attack succeed most likely, and the chances of them escaping are lower. 

If you spot a trail, follow it

The survivors leave trails behind them, and they can be seen only by the psycho. However, they disappear after a while, so if you see something, go after it ASAP. Your move speed will also increase when you follow the survivors’ trails, so it will be much easier to discover and capture them. 

Let the sounds guide you

Since the survivors are pretty much terrorized by you, you can often hear them screaming. Try to listen to that and follow the screams. Also, keep in mind that if a survivor is scared they can make mistakes when repairing the generators. This can lead them to explode, making even more sound.

Use this to help you find them sooner, and thus killing them all. 

The Dark smithy has very good goods

If you are looking to be a super swift killer, then make sure you craft the Broken Heart. This will mess with the hearts of the survivors and leave them unable to detect you. I suggest always carrying this if you want to really scare them off (possibly in real life too). 

Another useful things that I suggest you can use are the Rocks and Dracula’s Cape (for the element of surprise) or the Bloody Compass. They are very fun to play with and increase the chances of you killing everyone much faster. 

Horrorfield General Tips and Tricks

– Always check the shop and watch an ad to claim the Daily Gift. This is important because it will give you Secret Seals which are used to unlock more characters. The time between the ads you can watch to claim the rewards increases, so do this as often as you can and see it available.

– After finishing a match watch an ad to double the rewards you earn. This will come in handy quite a lot because you need Silver to craft items. Trust me, just do it because you won’t regret it.

– Level up all the characters to level 3 at least, as soon as you get them and have the Silver to do so. This is good to unlock the first skill.

– Always level up characters whenever you can. Once a character levels up, you will receive Secret Seals which are pretty tough to come by. They will be needed to unlock more characters, so make sure you take every opportunity to collect them.

– Whenever you are in the process of upgrading something, you can watch an ad to speed things up by 20 minutes. This can come in handy quite a lot. However, if the game bugs and the ads don’t count towards reducing the timer, just close the game and start over. Do this until the ads count towards that timer. 

These would be all of our Horrorfield tips and tricks that we have for you right now! What do you enjoy playing more as? The survivor or the killer? Let us know down in the comments section below! Also, if you discovered more tips and tricks, share them with us! 

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Horrorfield Cheats: Tips & Guide to Play the Game Better


  1. I love the game, later on you will start memorizing the map easily since there are only 3, so I think the best and fast way they can improve the gameplay is by adding new maps. Unfortunately the only bad thing in game is that the better characters are too expensive. 200 secret seals for each and you can only adquire them by leveling up or daily gifts.

  2. I’ve really took to playing HF daily, it’s always an experience and requires trial and error.

    One thing experienced players will run into is when you start needing 30 seals to unlock a character or second psycho.

    Having checked the premium items, I had forgotten a handy asset. For 100 gold (50 is max per day), you can buy 24 hours premium time.

    This means no wait between leveling and upgrading skills, instant. No ads for daily rewards. Also, item upgrades and workbench upgrades are instant.

    So I was able to unlock the second psycho and a survivor with ease using this feature.

    It’s really easy to drop silver so stock up before activating.

    Lockpicks are essential for the Rambos, if you’re using a lockpick, medkit can take up second slot.

    Also, for maximum coin, pay attention to your skills. I.E. Gary has an early skill that pays extra coin for generator repairs. White boy gets extra for escaping.

    I talked to the developers about the difficulty in a new map and it is pretty tough. A balanced area, being equal for both sides, but I think with the dimensions and some thought, some ideas could be pitched.

    Love it… played identity v and it’s not horrorfield to me. I didn’t make it long.

    One guarantee, you’re never gonna get the same result.

  3. Does someone know if the characters can be above lvl 30? Bc the rank max. Is 30 so if you want to unlock new characters you only can unlock everyone except for Charlie, Phantom and Beast. You can get secret seals from daily rewards but it will take a year before you have 200 secret seals

  4. Just let you know I’ve unlocked Charlie and the werewolf and all of their items and they are not available yet you play as Jack the basketball player for both of them. I contacted the creators of Horrorfield they said they are working on it so hopefully it works soon. I was going to brag and say that my fastest killing time for being a psycho was one minute and 10 seconds.

  5. What’s with the glitches on the village how can do he survivors walk through the gates and even the psycho gets stuck in walls. Anyone else getting this?

    Apart from all that loving the game


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