Hooky Crook is a fun new mobile game that tasks you to help the cute cat burglar reach the diamond, by swinging on ropes and avoiding obstacles. And we’re here to help you get 3 stars in all levels with our Hooky Crook cheats and tips shared in this complete strategy guide!

Things are getting more and more difficult as you’re progressing through the levels, so you will need all the help you can get. But the truth is that in this game, it’s your skill and ability to time those taps perfectly that matter the most.

However, we’re sharing everything we can in order to help you get better at this game, so let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out some Hooky Crook tips and tricks below!

Replay levels
It’s very difficult to complete a level (let alone get the three stars) on your first try. As you go through the levels, they will get more and more difficult, so the best thing you can do is learn from your mistakes.

In other words, you will have to replay levels once you know their designs and what to do. Every time you play, you will (or should) improve your time, getting closer and closer to earning those three stars.

Make sure to always be on the lookout for ways of reducing your time and play again: sometimes, simply allowing the cat to fall a bit more or not completing a full swing will do wonders!

Always looks for shortcuts
Some levels have shortcuts in them, allowing you to complete the stage faster. Since the amount of time you need to complete a level is what counts towards your star level, this is exactly what you should be looking for.

Try to constantly look outside the box and find ways to get to the diamond faster: you can smash and bounce your cat off a wall – it won’t mind, as long as it gets to the diamonds!

There are also other ways for you to get there faster, like tapping quickly (or slower in order to hit the right spot at the right moment) and usually you can easily reduce your time if you just look for that shortcut and take advantage of it!

Use helper items in each level
One thing that I learned from the game is that if there is some sort of a helper item (like a trampoline, for example), you should use it!

These are placed to help you instead of make things more difficult – especially if they’re placed somewhere around the beginning of the stage. Make sure to take advantage of such items which make up for great shortcuts and are usually of tremendous help.

No need to use all items to swing
Another important thing that will help you get closer to getting three stars in all stages in Hooky Crook is to know that you don’t really need to swing off all the items available in a level. Actually, you should try to use as few as possible in order to get to the Diamond as fast as you can.

The items you can swing on will light up when you can tap the screen and hook them up, while the ones you have used will usually disappear, not giving you the option to go back (which is something you rarely want to do, anyway).

Therefore, in order to skip a supporting item and hook the other one, simply wait for the light to turn off on the item you want to skip and tap the screen when it lights up the one you want. It sounds a bit more complicated than it is when you play the game – but once you get used to it, you will see it’s very simple actually and extremely helpful in the long run!

These would be our Hooky Crook tips and tricks for fellow players. No cheats found so far, but we’ll make sure to update the article if we do. Until then, if you have some additional advice of your own, let us all know by sharing your comments in the dedicated section below.


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