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Honkai Star Rail Login Error Explained | How to Fix the Login Error in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Login Error Explained | How to Fix the Login Error in Honkai Star Rail
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You’re excited to jump into Honkai: Star Rail. You check the system requirements, get the game on your PC or download it to your mobile device, and finally fire it up—just to get the error code 1001_2 and the message “Login error, please try again”. How disappointing!

As we struggled with the same issue for a bit, we completely understand the frustration. That’s why this article brings you instructions on how to fix the login error in Honkai: Star Rail so that you can finally start playing this long-awaited game!

Login Error in Honkai: Star Rail Explained

Honkai Star Rail loading screen
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The login error that many players have already experienced manifests itself as a screen stuck in a loop that prevents you from joining the game. The message that accompanies it usually carries the error code 1001_2, but it doesn’t necessarily always explain what the issue is, which makes fixing the problem even more challenging.

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The error that prevents you from logging into Honkai: Star Rail can be linked to several issues, one of the biggest being server problems. This game is the successor to the popular Honkai Impact 3rd, with more than 10 million pre-registered users. The period immediately following the official release is quite likely to bring some struggles with servers due to the sheer amount of interest in this title.

How to Fix the Login Error in Honkai: Star Rail

Like in other similar situations, we would first advise exiting the game and starting it again. If it’s a particular server issue, you may get lucky by repeating the process several times until you get on a working server. In case it doesn’t work out, the next step would be to reinstall the game, even though this will be more time-consuming.

Those who are playing on their mobile devices may want to disable AdGuard DNS and any additional utilities that use custom DNS. Stop using VPN if you have any installed and also clear cache and data before trying again. Moreover, don’t ignore the game’s prompts to download file updates, but make sure to connect to WiFi first as the file size is quite big (7 GB).

If nothing else works, you can also check out the official Twitter account for Honkai: Star Rail or the official Discord channel to check whether there are some major issues affecting users in specific regions or globally. In case the problem is widespread, the developers will most likely make a public announcement about it and follow up with updates.

We hope you fix the login error in Honkai: Star Rail fast so that you can experience all the fun that this game has to offer. In case you get stuck while playing, make sure to check out more of our useful guides in the dedicated Honkai: Star Rail section here on TouchTapPlay!

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Honkai Star Rail Login Error Explained | How to Fix the Login Error in Honkai Star Rail


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