Have you ever wondered what the stages of the human evolution might look like? Well, if it’s ever crossed your mind, then you might want to take a look at our Homo Evolution characters list and have a good laugh (or cry) because these might be us in the future – let’s hope not though.

This Homo Evolution character list will reveal all the characters you could get in the game, from all the four points of the evolution spectrum (as the game mildly suggests it). So, if you’re curious to see them, scroll down and take a look!


The first era that you start with – it will be over relatively quick.







First People

They have “evolved” from monkeys and squirrels apparently. After this era the more civilized nations will come.

First Man







This species branch mostly focuses on food (rather fast food).



Gourmet Traveler

Paunchy Pig

Vegetable Salesman

Fastfood Glutton


This is the branch I chose to go for because of the Alchemist and Einstein! Also… who knows what they could evolve into?


Nuclear Physicist

Life Creator

These are all the characters we have unlocked at the moment! If you followed another evolution path, leave a comment down below telling us why! Also, which is your favorite so far? I’d have to go for the Alchemist and Life Creator!

If you want to learn more tips about the game and how to unlock the species quickly, don’t forget to take a look at our Homo Evolution guide that will tell you step by step how to quickly gain gold and merge species!


  1. If you go for care path its mother,village girl,evil nun, warrior princess, high class aristocrat,and harlot then breaks off into fashion or equal rights. I did equal rights which is suffragette, rosie the riveter, business women, activist girl, body postive and the castrator. Matriarch is the last era strong and independent

  2. damn i have the same characters and i only downloaded it yesterday
    but why did you say all of them?
    my brother went spectacle then deleted the reinstall for care but i wanted to remember then see who i missed damn it :-(

  3. I finished the bread path and now I know the evolution stages
    (sorry)Gardener\chef\gourmet traveler\paunchy pig\vegetable salesman\fastfood glutton
    then science(not sports)alchemist\nuclear phsycist\life creator\atom tamer\arms dealer\bio-mutant
    then transformation which is (lol) buisness octopus

  4. I went the care route and it went
    mother – village girl – warrior princess – high class aristocrat – harlot
    and from there I went the Equal Rights path
    suffragette – Rosie the Riveter – Business woman – Activist girl – and two more that I haven’t gotten plus the MATRIARCH form.

  5. If you click on “Map” then you’ll see that there are 6 planets. That is one planet for each of the species. For example say you did bread on earth, and then science. Then on the next planet you could do bread, and then sports. Just keep doing that on each planet and then eventually you will have all of the species


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