Home Street Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Build the Perfect Home


For fans of The Sims series, Home Street will surely look like a game they will love to play. Challenging you to build a super house and craft all sorts of items, while adding friends and visiting them, joining competitions and having so much fun overall, this game created by Supersolid is one you’ll be playing for a long time starting now. And we’re here to help make the experience a bit more pleasant by sharing some Home Street cheats and tips.

Our strategy guide is mostly aimed at beginner players who are just starting up the game, but more advanced ones might find a thing or two that will help them, so read everything to make sure you’re not missing out on important info. And until we’re ready with some more advanced strategies, let’s check out some Home Street tips and tricks below!

Always produce items

This is a game where crafting makes the difference. Creating as many items as possible is vital and essential for your long term success, because it’s these items that complete jobs, unlock new missions and help you make more money to build the dream home in the game. Therefore, it’s extremely important to always produce items and thoughts.

When you log back in to the game after a longer period of time, collect all items that are ready and start producing items that take the least amount of time to be done. This way, you maximize your gains as you will be able to collect items during your play session too. Keep an eye on the thoughts, though, and make sure you keep them under control – you don’t want to run out of them, right?

What to do if you run out of thoughts?

But it is a possibility, and you’re not the only player who runs out of a specific thought (or more) in Home Street. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t despair. The easy way to get some back is to simply visit the market and spend some coins for the thoughts. You might not get extremely lucky from the first run, but you will find them eventually, so keep on doing this. There could be other methods that are easier – and we’re looking into them.

Join a neighborhood

This is a game that you should play together with other people, and the neighborhood feature is extremely important here as it unlocks the doors to a ton of new features and ways to have fun. My recommendation is to find an active neighborhood , as this will help you a lot in the long run. Don’t be afraid to spend some time searching for the perfect neighborhood – this is really worth doing!

Adding friends is vital

Just as much as it is extremely important to be part of an active, solid neighborhood, it’s important to have as many active friends as possible. First of all, if you don’t have many real life friends playing the game (you can add them via Facebook or Game Center), you should add all your neighborhood’s members as friends. You can also add friends directly if you have their friend code – feel free to share those in the comment section below in order to meet more people and get help in the game.

In order to find your friend code or add friends using one, tap the friends icon in the bottom left corner, then tap the Bookmarks button. In the menu above, tap the Friend Code tab. You will find your code there and you’ll be able to add new ones as well.

Finally, make sure that all your bookmarked friends are active as you get rewards from that. You can also call them over (I recommend doing so using regular coins only, and not special items – unless you have a ton of those) and they will leave you a special treat in your mailbox after their visit is over. So, all in all, another extremely important feature!

Complete missions

Missions take time to complete, but you should always play with this focus in mind: to complete them. This is basically the game’s story and it’s the funnest way to play. Make sure that you know the requirements for all active missions in Home Street and you do your best to complete them ASAP. It’s not a ton you can do, actually, to complete most missions as they all require time and playing the game, but knowing what has to be done is extremely helpful.

Complete jobs

Jobs are also great for grabbing some extra coins for free, as well as XP points. However, they can also reward you with various items that can be used to complete missions or for other purposes. So try to find the perfect balance between completing jobs and crafting items. My recommendation is to always keep an eye on the job requirements and find a way to constantly fill them up – this is the only way to quickly progress!

There is also a bonus job that unlocks every several hours: make sure to complete that as fast as possible in order to start working on unlocking a new one, for even more rewards!

Upgrade your storage

As you progress through the levels, you unlock more and more items that you can craft and store. Micromanaging is extremely important in this case, but so is having a lot of storage space. You get the items required for upgrading the storage from completing jobs – so here’s another reason to keep doing that. You might also get the chance to buy them from the market (I still have to find any there), but if you do, make sure you buy them no matter what! Increasing your storage is extremely important and makes your job a lot easier in the game.

Decorate your house

There are a ton of items that you can purchase to decorate your home and make it your own. You can find them in the store and the options seem endless. Make sure you keep an eye on new items that allow you to craft new goodies – that’s the briefcase menu in the store.

Everything else is for decorative purposes only. But this doesn’t mean that they are not useful: apart from making your house completely awesome (really, you can spend hours customizing it and it’s so fun!), you also gain XP points from purchasing new furniture or stuff for your home. This helps you go up in levels and it’s extremely important. In order to move furniture and items around, simply tap and hold the item in your home for a couple of seconds and the menu for interacting with them (move/store) will appear.

That is the place where you can add new rooms or modify them (make them larger, smaller, or move them to other places). Below is a complete guide on how to build new rooms or make your rooms bigger in Home Street:

Tap the store menu and choose the home customization tab (lower option), then tap the icon that looks like a brick wall. You can add new rooms from there, but usually the number of rooms is limited. However, what’s not limited, is the size of the existing rooms that you have and you can customize those as you wish.

In order to increase the size of your room or move it to a new area, simply tap the room and new icons will appear – use the arrows to move it around or the green dots to the sides to increase the room’s size. Fortunately, there is absolutely no limit (at least not now) to the size of your rooms, which allows you to create huge rooms that you can completely fill up with items. Sky’s the limit!

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for fellow Home Street players. If you have extra questions or comments (new tips are especially welcome!) don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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Home Street Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Build the Perfect Home


  1. Go to the Neighborhood arch at the park east of you. Click and do a neighborhood search- by language, active level, etc. Pick one! You may join an open one or have to ask to join, depending.

  2. Please help. In order to join a neighbourhood i sent request. My friend accidentally reclined. How lond i have to wait to be able to send again. Its been 2 hour and still declined

    • Go to build, rooms, tap once on the room you want to change, you will see green arrows on all four sides of the room, from there you can touch a side of the room and drag it to where you want it to be, making it larger or smaller. You can also tap the room once, and drag the whole room if you want to move it around. When you are done, hit confirm.

      • Functional items can only be bought with vouchers but they bring you money.
        To buy functional items, tap the shopping cart icon and go to the magic hat icon. To activate functional items simply tap on it and it will require certain Thoughts. Once activated, your friends will see that you need them to help and hopefully stop by and give you a hand. To help a friend, go to your friends list and look for friends with a red exclamation point. Visit that friend and tap the items with the red exclamation and give it which Thoughts are required. You get helper points for visiting your friends. And after 18 hours or so, your items will expire, bringing you coins, and after you collect them you can activate them all again.

  3. I have been playing for quite some time now we need more encyclopedias please. Personally this game Is kinda expensive and we don’t get enough of the items we need to expand when we need them.

  4. I am at level 19 in the game and have 7 rooms added! If I want to add one more room (8) what level do I need to get to too get one more room????

  5. I need this answer to if you can build a wall? I also want to know if you can take down a wall? And it’s so hard to get money to buy stuff and i do everything but the most I have had is $2000 so is there away to get more money? I have gotten 11 of those ticket things but just one type. This game is to be relaxing and it’s frustrating me.


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