Home: Boove Pop! is a match-3 puzzle game with a physics twist: there are gravity-based mechanisms in play to shake things up! Connect the colorful bubbles to watch them pop. The bigger your connections, the bigger the pop! We’ll help you score high and get three stars with our Home: Boov Pop! cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Go for long chains!

The more bubbles you pop in one chain, the more super bubbles will be left behind, and you’ll score more points! Be sure to take your time as there are no time limits, only move limits, so you need to make sure each move counts!

2. Use super bubbles for hard to reach objectives!

On the levels where you need to free a certain amount of objectives or if you need to reach a quota of a specific type of bubble, super bubbles are great for reaching buried away bubbles! When you pop a long chain, sometimes super bubbles will be left behind. These super bubbles will be emitting a pulse either horizontally or vertically – this show you how it’ll pop once you touch it. If you tap the super bubble or pop it in a chain, it’ll shoot out a beam, popping everything in its path.

3. Know when to use the rainbow bubbles!

After the 5th level, rainbow bubbles will begin to appear in the levels. Rainbow bubbles act like wild cards; if you include them in a chain, they will be able to match any other color next to them. You can continue this chain if you include another rainbow bubble! Don’t waste them, though, as they’re invaluable! If there’s only a few bubbles of a different color next to them, don’t use them just yet. You want to save them so that they’re sandwiched in between two big groups of bubbles. Also, as a side note, rainbow bubbles aren’t pop when they’re caught in the blast of a super bubble. Nifty!

4. You don’t have to connect everything in a straight line!

Coming from other match 3 puzzle games, you would think that you need to make your chains in a straight line. Good news: you don’t! Whenever there’s bubbles nearby, you can swipe your finger over them without letting go and the game will include it in your chain, even if you didn’t connect it your first time through. Make big chains by connecting everything!

5. Utilize your character’s special ability!

You will unlock your first character ability at level 16, which is Oh’s. His ability lets you choose a bubble, and every other bubble of that same color on the board will immediately pop, regardless of their location. These abilities can help you in a pinch so don’t forget about them!

6. Try to have left over moves!

When you have left over moves, you get bonus points depending on how many you have left. Sometimes leftover bubbles will turn into super bubbles, giving you even more points! Try to be as efficient as possible with your moves!

If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!


  1. I can’t beat level 103 because I can’t eliminate the laser beams unless I have one of the floating light up balls pass it and then it will eliminate them but there’s for sure not enough moves or light up balls to eliminate all of them. Help?


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