Holocure Haachama Build Guide

haachama moving in holocure

Everyone’s favorite foot sniffing, spider eating, rapping eldritch queen has finally made her Holocure debut. With the strongest idol now here, nothing is impossible. Thanks to her skills and attacks, she can be your devil or your angel. This is the best Holocure Haachama build guide.

The Story Of Akai Haato And Haachama

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You will most likely be aware that Haachama, or Akai Haato, has two personalities with lore that goes extremely deep. Akai Haato is the pure idol aspect of Haachama, the well-behaved side of her. Haachama on the other hand, is the devilish eldritch that you don’t want to poke too much. Much of this is reflected in her attacks, with Haato’s attacks being more of a supportive role while Haachama’s are more offensive.

How To Change Haachama And Haato’s Forms

Haachama fighting Haatons in Holocure.

Haachama switches forms in her main skill, called Change of Heart. How her other attacks function will depend on what form she is in. In this skill, she will either do a high amount of destruction as Haachama or push away targets as Haato.

How The Dual Personalities Influence Attacks

Haato’s basic attack is called Red Heart, named of course after her signature song. In Haachama form it raises the power of her attacks, while in Haato form it pushes targets away.

Haachama’s skill Purity and Insanity represent the duality of her personalities. This skill poisons enemies over time as Haachama and recovers HP gradually as Haato.

Haato And Haachama’s Final Form

The best skill here that brings together the best of both worlds is Coexistence, where Change of Heart turns into Eldritch Form. In this state, both Haato and Haachama’s powers work together for a short period of time.

Where The Influence Of Spiders Came From

Haachama is very famous for her questionable skills in the kitchen, having horrified audiences by cooking a spider on stream, hence why she often became associated with them. However, these days, Haachama has been steadily improving in her cooking.

Items To Give To Haachama

  • Nurse’s Horns
  • Gorilla’s Paw
  • GWS Pill
  • Devil Hat
  • Idol Costume

The Strongest Idol

No matter what form she’s in, Haachama is truly the world’s most powerful idol in ways that simple thinking can’t begin to comprehend. With this skill, she does extra damage as Haachama and lowers HP loss as Haato. If she has any spider themed things equipped, that will increase attack as well.

You can play as Haachama and the other members of generation one in Holocure today by checking out the latest update! For information regarding the other new characters, make sure to keep following Touch Tap Play’s build coverages!

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Holocure Haachama Build Guide


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