Hollywood Story How to Get More Diamonds for Free

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If you ever wondered how you could get more diamonds for free in Hollywood Story, we have everything you need to know right here! So let’s take a look at all of the possible ways you could collect those diamonds and how you can sustain their use!

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We all know by now that you’re given some diamonds when you start the game, but if you plan on spending them, then you need a couple of ways to get them back. So let’s not waste another second and take a look at all the ways you can get diamonds for free!

Watch an ad on the TV

By going to your apartment you can often find that on the TV you can watch an advertisement. If you never watched it, go ahead and do so as often as you can because it will reward you with 1 free diamond!

This is usually re-doable quite often, so make sure you come back again and check if the option is available because it’s a great and easy way to grind diamonds.

Tap on the mailboxes, benches, trash cans and everything else!

When you look for the items needed for quests, you can often bump into many other goodies! One of those goodies are diamonds. So don’t hesitate to pick them up when you find them.

Finding diamonds from the junk will grant you 1 free diamond every time you discover one. This can be done repeatedly, so pray that luck is on your side. You can (and should) also do this whenever you see the “lucky” buff on your left, because it’s going to increase your chances of getting diamonds.

Daily login reward

You will be rewarded with 1 free diamond when you simply log in to the game! Daily there will be some cool rewards, and they reset every week. On day 2 you’re rewarded 1 free diamond for simply logging in to the game, so make sure you collect it!

Interactions grant you diamonds

Just like tapping on those environment items there is a chance for you to get diamonds, so is with the interactions. Whether it’s at the gym or when you’re casting a movie scene, it’s possible that a diamond will drop when you’re tapping on those actions.

Whenever you get one of the actions to drop diamonds, it will also grant you 1 free diamond along with the required skill or action that you are performing. So for example if you’re shooting a movie and the action is to “look at the camera”, when you tap that, there is a chance that it will drop a diamond.

You’ve got (fan) mail!

Another cool way to get diamonds (and not only) is through fan mail! This is a feature that unlocks a little bit later on, once you’ve gathered a couple of fans. It also comes with a little catch: you may lose!

This is how fan mail works basically: You see on top right an option that is available for free once a day. It will let you try your chances to get one of the many rewards it has, from cash to diamonds and unique fashions by tapping on the gift box. If you tap and get a police tax, you’re going to lose all of the items you collected thus far, so be careful!

This is a great way to farm those diamonds, but it comes with great risk, so be careful! Here you can get a ton of diamonds but you need to be careful with the police tax and pray to all the fashion gurus that they won’t bust you!

Exchange collectibles in your house

All those collectible junks that you get will not go to waste, so if you thought that for a  mere second, you’re going to change your mind once you read about this cool way to get diamonds!

Basically once you go in your house and look under the shelves, you’re going to see a sparkling box. Tap on it and you will see a lot of options that will let you exchange all these stuff that you collect for various items. The ones that reward you with free diamonds are these:

25 cameras + 17 perfume + 25 silver rings = 1 diamond

10 flyers + 10 festival masks + 10 gold spoons = 1 diamond

15 gold rings + 15 flyers + 15 gold spoons = 1 diamond

10 playing cards + 5 cocktails + 5 cherries = 1 diamond

5 rubber ducks + 5 lollipops + 5 pacifiers = 3 diamonds

5 corals + 5 pearls + 5 seashells = 3 diamonds

5 plumes + 5 gold coins + 5 musical notes = 3 diamonds

5 yarn balls + 5 fish bones + 5 toy mice = 3 diamonds

5 food bowls + 5 dog bones + 5 baseballs = 3 diamonds

5 balls + 5 black collars + 5 pink collars = 3 diamonds

Complete the story line

Whenever you complete quests for the story line, you will be rewarded with diamonds. It all depends on the quest and how difficult it was, because rewards may vary from 1 diamond to 5 diamonds. Make sure you always complete the daily missions and all the requests, and especially the story line!

Check offers for free diamonds!

To see the offers available for you, go tap on the “+” next to the diamonds tab in your interface. Those offers will appear on the bottom of the screen, under the “Get free diamonds” option.

The diamonds you get from these offers will only count if you are a new user (A.K.A. you haven’t completed these offers already) and they will give you anything between 1 diamond to 6 diamonds.

To obtain them you will have to do the required task (it says under each offer what you have to do), but bear in mind that once you leave the game and start working towards the offer reward, it won’t count if you come back into the game! So you must be careful to complete the task before returning to the game, else it’s all in vain.

For example, if it asks you to play a game and reach level X, you must play that game until you reach level X and then return to Hollywood Story to claim your prize. Otherwise it will not count and the offer will be lost.

Join the special events

If you join for special events (for example Karaoke Night) you will have to meet the requirements for that event, which is usually a special item of clothing that costs a lot. The reward for entering such an event is 25 diamonds, so it might pay off!

These are all the ways we have discovered for Hollywood Story on how to get more diamonds for free! If you know some others that we haven’t mentioned here, leave them down in the comments below for everyone to learn!

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Hollywood Story How to Get More Diamonds for Free

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