In Hollywood Story you are going to need to work on your very own skills in order to become a very skilled superstar. Just like in real life, taking care of your body and soul is important in game too!

When you apply for auditions, these skills will be required of you to have, so you may wonder how to improve them. In today’s guide we are going to share with you how to get charisma, drama, creativity and body, so let’s get down to business and help you improve all of those skills!

How to get charisma

All you need in order to get charisma is to head on to the Drama Factory. You can find that in the Queens area, and there all you need to do in order to gather lots of charisma is to spend energy.

You can do the following to obtain charisma:

– Practice in the mirror

– Listen to a tape in the cassette player

– Take a speaking class

All of those skills cost 2 Energy each, so you can practice all of them because the amount of charisma they give is the same from each and every one of them.

How to get drama

Obtaining drama skills is similar to obtaining charisma. It will be required for auditions again, and the only way to obtain it is here, in the Drama Factory. Just like the charisma, drama costs also energy to practice.

To get drama points, you can do the following:

– Learn from the movie poster

– Take a directing class

– Practice in front of the camera

Again, all of the skills cost only 2 Energy per turn each, so you can quickly learn the desired skill and get on with your life!

How to get creativity

Creativity works just like the other two skills mentioned above. You can find this at the end of the hall in the Drama Factory and train it to become more creative.

The possible ways you can practice your creativity are these:

– Practice your creations on the blackboard

– Learn a musical instrument

Even if there are only two options to get creativity, it’s more than enough since they all cost 2 Energy each and will give you enough creativity to level up once you practice enough.

How to get body

Just outside of the Drama Factory, but in the same building, you will see to the right an entrance to the Gym. Go here if you want to practice your body and get fit, because some auditions will require a certain level for that.

Here you can do your workout with the following:

– Lift dumbbells 

– Practice with the fitness ball

Each one of those will cost 2 Energy each, so make sure you do your training because it’s going to help you lots in your career! Healthy mind in a healthy body!

These are the ways you can get charisma, creativity, drama and body in Hollywood Story. If you know of some other tricks to upgrade those, let us know in the comments below! In the meantime, these should suffice in helping you out throughout the game and achieving lots of auditions!


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