Hollywood Story Cheats: Tips & Guide to Become a Rich and Famous Superstar

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This article we have created for you today will feature some amazing Hollywood Story tips and cheats that you wouldn’t believe possible! These tips will guide you through the game and offer you everything you need to know in order to become a world known star, with lots of fans and paparazzi.

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In the game you play as a girl, so no matter your real gender, you’re still going to be a fabulous diva that’s going to turn heads everywhere you go! We hope by now you have customized your character to have your desired looks, else just follow our Hollywood Story tips below and you’re going to get yourself a fabulous look!

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the Hollywood Story tips and tricks!

Customize your looks! Be unique!

At the beginning of the game you’re starting off with a default look. It’s nothing fancy, but at least you don’t look like a hobo who is in dire need of a total makeover. If you’re content with these looks, then by all means keep them.

However, the game quest line requires you to make some adjustments to your look here and there, so spending that thousand dollars on a makeover is a must-do. The customizable stuff are:

– face + skin color

– haircut + hair color

– eyes shape with make up on + iris color + make up color

– eyebrows shape + eyebrows color

– lips shape + lipstick color

I suggest taking a look at all of the available ones and customize your character’s features to your own liking, because afterwards you’re going to do much more important things that require you to look good. You don’t want to appear on the cover of popular magazines having the default look, do you?

Also, keep in mind that even if you make some “wrong” decisions here, you can come back anytime and re-do your hair or try out another make up. some quests will require you to change your looks, so my suggestion is that you find a couple of them that you really like and whenever the quest will require you to change the looks, just go back and forth between your chosen ones.

Interact with the environment

Everywhere you go you’ll notice benches, mail boxes, even trash cans. Tap on them and collect all the junk (and not only!) that they spit out, because it’s going to come in handy, trust me!

All the items that you collect will add up to your inventory and will be used for auditions and in quest lines. If you have one too many of those junk items (again, not exactly junk) you can use them to create energy, cash and even diamonds and other useful skills.

I suggest you don’t do this every single time that your energy is full, because you might want to complete some quests or other requirements and if you use up all your energy, you’re going to have to wait it up. Just tap on the environment items when you know that you don’t have anything else better to do with the energy.

Retain a constant audience

This is a super important task to do. You will need to constantly attend auditions and publish movies, because you will need a constant fan base. This is great for when you want to build an audience fast and become more and more popular.

If you aren’t maintaining a constant audience however, your popularity will go down and someone else might come and take your spotlight! Always keep that in mind if you’re looking to climb up the social ladder quickly.

Level up to become better

When scavenging you will often find those purple stars. Tap them to collect them, because they will add up to your character’s level! This is good for increasing it, because once you level up you unlock more diamonds, money and fame!

You level up from collecting these, but also don’t forget that completing all the quests will help you with this! So don’t neglect picking up the big purple stars, because they will help turn YOU into a star!

Get free diamonds!

There are several ways to get free diamonds in Hollywood Story. You can be lucky and find them when scavenging for trash in the mailboxes or benches or fire hydrants, but you can also make them yourself by combining the junk you find into diamonds (or what ever else you want).

Another way to get free diamonds is by watching an advertisement. Sometimes in the bottom right of the screen you will have a box that will offer you a diamonds in exchange for 30 seconds of watching the given ad. It’s good to do so when you are low on energy because in the time while you wait your energy to refill, you will also earn diamonds!

The third way to obtain some extra diamonds is if you move places. At the first place that you’re given when starting the game, there is an old tiny TV. If you choose to move places to a bigger and more luxurious one, you will have a relatively normal TV so you can see it better. Sometimes an ad will appear on the TV screen, so if you watch it you can earn an extra diamonds from there too!

Work on your skills

Next to the movie set there is a Drama Factory and a Gym building. Whenever you want to spend those energy points on improving yourself, go there and learn random skills. Those skills are required in auditions, so you will need them sooner or later and the energy put into learning them will not go to waste.

In the Gym you can train your Body, while in the Drama Factory you can train your Drama, Charisma or Creativity.

Go shopping, girl!

Everywhere you go (literally, EVERYWHERE you go) there will be a fashion store. If you buy some items you can equip them at your place, so always try to get some items of clothing that will look good together, or rather don’t buy items that won’t fit anything!

The money you will spend on fashion is not wasted in Hollywood Story, but rather put to good use. The items of clothing will be either priced in diamonds or in cash, so be careful before you tap that “buy” option!

Make sure you visit the stores daily, because they restock and every now and then they will have some really cool items on sale (like the pair of pink heels I had my eyes on ever since I started the game). So if you want to buy something badly, either go right ahead and do so, or wait patiently for the item to go on sale.

Also, another tip to keep in mind here is that you should visit all the fashion stores daily and talk to their shopkeeper. They will offer you a special outfit that is not on display, but it is a little pricey (it is gorgeous nonetheless). Those special outfits refresh every day, so always check them out!

Refill the energy

There are several ways of refilling the energy. At the moment it doesn’t take too long, and a full energy bar is worth 30 energy points. Considering that it goes up to full in 5 minutes, it takes exactly 10 seconds of an energy point to refill.

However, there is a catch to this! Once your energy points get down to 0, you can’t do anything and you will have to wait up those 5 minutes. I strongly suggest that you have patience and not spam tapping on those boxes and benches, and rather just wait once you have 1-2 points.

It’s best if you do things slowly than not do them at all, because you might get some energy from boxes, benches or even actions (when you do the actions for the movies). The energy points have a chance to drop basically anywhere, so be patient and don’t let the count get down to 0!

If you don’t really care about your device’s time though, you can also use one of our little Hollywood Story cheats! It’s called setting the time forward! That’s right, you can basically manipulate time in game, so how cool is that? It’s going to make things much easier, but also be careful with the movie timers in game, because they decrease when you do this!

Get a hot boyfriend (or girlfriend)!

If you head on to the Karaoke Bar you can meet new faces every day (literally). If you see someone you like, what are you waiting for? Get down there and have a chat with them! You will start off as friends, but your relationship and social skills improve the more you drink basically (isn’t that how it works in reality too?).

It will take quite a lot of interacting to turn this into a real relationship with someone, but it’s fine because we aren’t rushing things now, are we? Afterall, the people you see there change every day, so if you see someone hotter, make sure you change your picks ASAP!

Change your apartment

It might come a time in everyone’s life, where you might need to change the place you live. Well, in this game that comes easy (and fairly cheap). You can move to your very first new and bigger flat as soon as you unlock the second location.

This flat costs 10,000 dollars, so it’s not that much because until now we assume that you haven’t had time to spend it all on fashion. You don’t have to buy this immediately, but it will be great because you can decorate it and it’s going to make you even more popular (big apartment brings more fans apparently!) and overall is closer to everything.

Once you have acquired it, you can invest some diamonds and cash into decorating it, but it’s not really needed. You should check the TV tho, because it will definitely have something good in stock for you (as mentioned above)!

These are all the Hollywood Story tips and tricks we have for you right now, but if you know some other cool stuff about the game that we haven’t mentioned here, don’t forget to leave them down in the comments! We would love to hear your suggestions, so let everybody in on your secrets to becoming famous!

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Hollywood Story Cheats: Tips & Guide to Become a Rich and Famous Superstar

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