Iron Horse Games has a brand new idle game for us, Holiday City Tycoon (spelled Holyday City Tycoon on Google Play). But, no matter what’s the spelling, one thing is clear: there’s a lot to do in this game and we’re here to help with some Holiday City Tycoon cheats and tips in our complete guide.

Bringing multiple materials into play and a ton of unlockables, this game will definitely keep you busy for a long time. And since you definitely want to progress as fast as possible through the levels and see what other goodies the game has in store for you, you must check out a guide to help you through.

And this is exactly what we’re offering today, so let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out some Holiday City Tycoon tips and tricks below.

Upgrade to the milestones
Reaching a certain milestone with the building upgrades (usually every 50 levels at first and then every 100 levels) increases the profits generated by that particular business. Therefore, you should make it your goal to upgrade to the milestones ASAP.

You should always start with upgrading the most expensive business you have unlocked and then work your way backwards to the Farms. This way, your profit will always be maximized – and the same will happen with your resource production, which is an important element as you unlock other gameplay elements.

Watch ads to double revenue
Since there are so many items that you need to collect in Holiday City Tycoon and early on the materials produced are very low in numbers, it is a really good idea to take the game’s offer and watch a video ad to double your offline earnings. This is better done after you spend some serious time away from the game in order to maximize revenue and the bonus.

Increase your Town Level
Increasing your Town Level is what is generally needed to unlock the more advanced features, but that’s not an easy task to complete. You will need around 2 days of intense play time in order to get to Town Level 3 and unlock the Port, which is one of the more amazing features in the game (and sticks with you after you reset).

In order to increase your town level, you simply need to generate a ton of money – so upgrade those buildings every time you have a chance!

Watch ads for bonuses and Milestones
You can speed things up a lot by watching in-game ads that will boost your production and reward you with various goodies when you do.

The number of ads you watch is counted and you can even unlock permanent milestones for watching the indicated number of ads, receiving additional and permanent bonuses. Double win!

Unlocking new content
There are heaps of new things that you can unlock in Holyday City Tycoon, each of them coming with new goodies: the City Facilities, Atomic Lab, Port, Airport and finally the Office. The Atomic lab is a simple feature where you increase the production speed of your businesses.

The port is the first main feature that you should work on getting and the bonuses offered are permanent – so you can keep them even when you reset your progress, giving a massive bonus.

The Airport sounds like it’s very similar, but I still haven’t gotten that far yet. But it would make sense, due to the huge level requirements, to be at least as awesome as the Port and offer just as many boosts.

City Facilities
This is one of the more complex features that you unlock as you play – and you do it early in the game.

This feature basically adds a brand new element to the game, allowing you to upgrade various other areas by spending resources generated by the city. You have the basic Material upgrades which simply level up Businesses without money (so try to hoard resources and get the free level ups when you are already at a very high level with those!).

Next, you have the Energy Upgrades which greatly boost the profits generated by your Businesses. Always start investing in the one that produces most money – the Hotel and work your way down to the Boutique.

Finally, we have the Food upgrades which increase the resources generated by the Production businesses. Some resources are less important (like the Materials), but others are really important, like the Technology or Iron. Focus on these – but don’t ignore the first two either, as you still need boosts for regular money.

Grab those daily gifts
Tap the Store button and then go to the Daily Gift menu. You can grab some free goodies each day and you also can get some bonus resources if you follow the developers on Facebook and/or Twitter where they share Daily Codes. Just type those in and enjoy extra resources and goodies!

Reset progress in the Office
When you advance a lot in the game, you can reset your progress in the Office and start over. When you do so, you receive a fee that can be used to hire various staff members which increase different things in the game.

You should only reset your progress when you have enough money to buy the next Staff – and you should usually do it right then because trying to score two upgrades with one reset takes a lot of time in most cases.

This would be our complete guide for Holyday City Tycoon: tips and tricks to help you learn how to play the game and how to get the most out of it faster. If you have additional strategies to share, let us know by commenting below.


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