“Scrope’s Last Hope” is a main story quest exclusive to the Slytherin house in Hogwarts Legacy. To progress the quest, players must collect mysterious notes to reach Scrope’s location and fulfill his request to retrieve his former mistress Apollonia Black’s ring, all while obtaining the “Missing Pages” from a book you get from the restricted section of the Library. 

While most of the quest is pretty straightforward, with quest markers helping you reach the next objective albeit, many players find the first section of “Scrope’s Last Hope” main story quest daunting. 

In the wake of that, here is our walkthrough guide for Hogwarts Legacy‘s “Scrope’s Last Hope” story quest. 

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Hogwarts Legacy “Scrope’s Last Hope” quest walkthrough guide

Screengrab Via Touch Tap Play | Credit: Hritwik

You get the “Scrope’s Last Hope” story quest via the Owl Post. Once you get it, make your way to the courtyard near the Clock Tower at Hogwarts. You can use the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo Flame to teleport to the said location. 

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Go near the well, and you will find a Mysterious Note in the mouth of one of the griffin statues near the well. You can use the Revelio spell to make the search a little easier. 

Screengrab Via Touch Tap Play | Credit: Hritwik

Now, you get the objective to “Search for the next note.” Make your way across the bridge, and you will find the second Note on the big rock formation on the left side. 

Nearby, you will find two wooden boxes. You can use the Accio spell to bring it near the rock formation, then use Levioso to levitate the box, and then use the jump action to climb and retrieve the second Mysterious Note. 

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Now, follow the quest marker, and you will find the third Mysterious Note inside a pumpkin, which is breakable using a normal attack. 

Screengrab Via Touch Tap Play | Credit: Hritwik

Once again, follow the quest marker, and you will reach Scrope’s location. Exhaust his dialogue options and head towards the next quest marker, which will take you to the Grotto. 

Screengrab Via Touch Tap Play | Credit: Hritwik

Place the Slice of Toast on the pedestal in front of the Grotto’s wall. Doing so will open the pathway. Enter the Grotto and collect Apollonia Black’s Journal from the table. 

When you do that, Richard Jackdaw, a headless ghost, will explain the situation with the Ring that Scrope wanted and the missing pages. 

Screengrab Via Touch Tap Play | Credit: Hritwik

At last, return to Scrope and tell him what Richard Jackdaw said, and you will complete the “Scrope’s Last Hope” quest. 

That concludes our guide on how to complete “Scrope’s Last Hope” quest in Hogwarts Legacy. 

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Hogwarts Legacy Scrope’s Last Hope Quest Walkthrough Guide


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