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Hobo Life Guide: Tips to Become Rich and Famous

Hobo Life Guide: Tips to Become Rich and Famous

In today’s article we are going to dive into the Hobo Life tips and cheats to help you build a proper life and to become a rich and successful person.

In the game you will have a chance to rise from your carton house and into a beautiful mansion – all through hard work and perseverance. One more thing that you will also have to do is to study and actually advance in the career!

But because none of this is easy, and managing the ever lowering funds is even harder, we’ve put together a complete Hobo Life game guide with all the tips that you need to know in order to not only save up on money, but to make more!

So therefore let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Hobo Life tips and tricks right here below and teach you everything there is to know about the game!

Always get the better jobs

Your number one goal should always be to aim higher in the job department. You will start off at the very bottom of the “job chain” cleaning toilets – but pretty soon this will change, because the more you advance in the education department the better.

There will be always increasing requirements for the next job in line, and if you want to get them quick, then the fastest way is to try and make a lot of money to get better clothes, transportation and such.

Either way, don’t forget that the better jobs require you to spend some time at the previous work place – at least 3 months. So even if you meet all the requirements for the next position, you still need the work experience.

Check out the job requirements

If you want to know how to check out the next job’s requirements, then let me explain it because it is pretty simple! All that you need to do in order to check the requirements is to tap on the grey “Accept” button.

Even if you are not able to accept said job, you will still be shown a list of the requirements so you will know what to try and get next.

Get the Bicycle ASAP

As you are advancing slowly (but steadily) in the game, you will notice that you’l need various means of transportation. The very first one available is a Bicycle, which is the cheapest one. It will cost you 1.5k to buy it initially, but then only 40/month.

This is the first item you need in order to get on with the “better” jobs. Try to invest some of your first money into this, because once you get it, you will be able to work two jobs and make much more money.

Once you got the Bicycle, you will be able to work as a Food Courier. Then, once you get that job, you will be able to work as a Night Watchman and make a lot more money.

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Save some money for when you change jobs

Something that I have noticed is that when you change from the two jobs (Food Courier and the second job) to the office job Junior Manager, you will make less money.

That’s why until you graduate a little it’s good to have some money saved up before changing. That is, if you have some pretty high expenses. Otherwise, you will not even notice and you’ll get promoted quickly.

My suggestion here:

Because when you change jobs you will go from around 1k/month to 750/month it could be quite a big hit if you are constantly low on money.

So if that is the case, just work until you save up some 2-4k money and then switch to the Office jobs.

Keep your Health and Happiness high

Health and Happiness are important for staying alive and working pretty much, so they are super important.

When your health goes too low, you will get sick and that is not ideal. I suggest that you always try to keep your stats at around 80%+ because that is a good number.

Never go below 60% because that is really bad and the chance of bad things happening to you increases.

Boost your stats starting with the free boosts

At the very beginning you should start boosting your stats by using ONLY the free boosts. Do that because these are free and they will do their job if you spam them early on when you have not much profit from your low-pay jobs.

The boosts will slowly start losing their effectiveness, the more you use them. That’s why it’s good to use them – later on you will be able to afford better ones anyway, so start with the cheapest ones first and work your way up.

So for HP you would use “A Good Night’s Sleep” first, then “Jog”, then “Boxing or Hockey” and so on.

You can also use them in a random order, but I suggest that you don’t use them to go to straight 100% because it will be a waste. Just keep a constant 75-80% and you’re good.

Don’t follow what the game suggests you

You will notice every now and then that a random finger will pop up on the screen pointing you towards a task – either to watch an ad, or to buy a pet, to boost your Happiness or Health and so on.

I really suggest that you don’t always follow this, because it might end in you going bankrupt. Just take your progress slowly and you will get to the presidential chair sooner or later.

If you want to pay attention to what the game suggests, then I advise you to not go and make rush purchases, and think about whether or not you can afford it. If you can, then you can buy whatever you want. Just remember that the game doesn’t always have the best suggestions.

Keep track of your Balance

The Balance is on your left side of the screen and it shows you what your monthly expenses are, as well as your earnings. Always keep an eye on that because you don’t want your spendings to exceed what you can make monthly.

Also, make sure that you are using the cheapest things or free stuff early on because they will reduce the expenses considerably. As long as the earnings are higher than the expenses, you are going to be just fine.

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Get Free Money!

On the bottom right side of the screen there is a button which will give you free money for watching an advertisement. This is going to be super useful in the early game, when 500 money is a lot.

So I suggest that as soon as you get started, you begin to watch a few ads whenever you are running low on money.

The more you advance, the less you are going to need this, so it’s really an option which will mainly save your life in the early game.

My tips here:

In the early game, more precisely as soon as you start playing, you should try to watch plenty of ads so that you can buy clothes, get quickly through school and advanced to the better paid job. I know it is kind of a “grind” to watch ad after ad, but it will really make things a lot faster.

Pursue higher education

This is something which will not only help you in the game, but also in real life. But now, we are focusing on the game – you should try to always be studying something.

Even if it costs you some extra money, you should try to always have an education going on at all times because it takes months to complete.

One more thing which should help you a lot with education is that there is an option which lets you get a month in advance for free for simply watching an advertisement.

I suggest that you do this for the super expensive studies (such as culinary school), because it will shorten the time and also the money.

Basically when you speed the education by watching an ad, you also skip paying for it – so it is definitely a way to save up a lot of money in advance by spending 30 seconds watching an advertisement.

Don’t spend money on Food early on

One thing which every human needs is food – but in Hobo Life, you can choose to live off of free food for quite a long time. That is, at least until you get to do your office jobs and you might be able to afford better food.

However, I suggest that you don’t spend money on food until it is required. You will do well with the free food as long as it lets you have a good paid job and it will decrease the monthly expenses.

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Take into account the character’s needs

Your character will start getting some sad face bubbles over their head when they start getting bored with their current job, or when they want a new girlfriend or stuff like that. Basically when you see a sad face appear next to your character, tap on it and you will see their request.

Try taking these requests into account and solve them ASAP because the longer you wait, the faster your character’s happiness will start decreasing. So just make sure that you fill in their every need soon, because it will definitely make a difference.

These would be all of our Hobo Life tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies to live a better life? Feel free to share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Hobo Life Guide: Tips to Become Rich and Famous


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