Criminal Case is one of the most popular games on Facebook – a hidden object detective story that managed to get me hooked too and have me play until my eyes hurt, just to solve case after case.

A bit later than many fans expected, Criminal Case is coming to iOS – Pretty Simple games, the developers of the hit title, confirmed to Inside Social Games that the iOS version of the game is in the works and it’s planned for a 2014 release:

“Just like every casual game, people want to be able to play it when and where they want — not only in front of the computer,” said Serge Versille, head of marketing and communication at Pretty Simple. “When we’re talking about an investigation game like Criminal Case, which has a strong hidden object aspect, adapting the game makes it look really good on iPhone and iPad. It’s a bit of work, but we want our players to be able to enjoy it in their couch or on their iPad or on the bus.”

The developers didn’t say if it will be a remake of the Facebook game, a simple port or a brand new experience. However, I am sure that you are as excited as I am and can only be upset that the game is still so far from being released on iOS.


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