Get behind the wheel of a high speed sports car and dodge the cops in Highway Getaway: Chase TV! Highway Getaway is a high octane mix of an endless runner and a racing game! Dodge traffic on the highway and stay one step ahead of the cops to see how far you can get! The farther you go, the more cash you’ll earn which you can use to upgrade your cars. Let’s outrun the cops with our Highway Getaway: Chase TV cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Ready to hit the road? Highway Getaway is a pretty straightforward game but there are some nuances to it, so let’s get started with our Highway Getaway: Chase TV tips and tricks guide!

1. Perform Near Misses!

When you switch lanes at the last possible moment just barely missing the car in front of you, you’ll earn a Near Miss bonus. This bonus grants you a +10 bonus cash. If you manage to near miss another car shortly after, you’ll earn 10 more cash. This bonus will keep stacking for as long as you can keep near missing cars (which you shouldn’t have problem doing since there are cars all over!) so try to aim for a big money. Note that the near miss bonus is affected by the x2 score multiplier bonus!

2. Lure cars out to the exit lane!

The right most lane is usually the safest lane, meaning that there aren’t usually cars there. There will be obstructions and parked cars, but you can see those coming from a mile away. However, if you go into the right most lane a lot you will see cars ahead of you actively switch lanes into the right lane to try to cut you off. You can actually take advantage of this! If you see an obstacle coming up, you can purposely switch into the lane to have the car crash into the obstacle. Even if there isn’t an obstacle, you can lead a car into the exit lane just to clear up some space. They won’t move back after they move the first time.

3. Watch out for police cars!

The police are bad news! If you crash into one, it’s an automatic game over regardless of how many crash chances you have left. They are also much more aggressive and will switch lanes more than once, making them an exception to tip #2. Keep an eye out though – you can actually see when they’re about to switch. If you see a red arrow coming out of a cop car, they’re about to switch lanes in that direction. They will try to actively follow you, so if you switch lanes when they haven’t moved yet the arrow will switch directions. Also going off of tip #2, police cars are immune to wreckage on the right lane. They’ll go right through them! The police in this game mean business.

4. Be careful of Drafting!

If you stay behind a car long enough, you’ll start to notice streamlines coming from your car and the car in front of you. You have started drafting, and you’re building speed. This will cause you to close the gap between you and the car in front, so be careful not to accidentally rear end them when you’re going for a near miss! Drafting can be useful for tight last minute lane switches, as the additional speed can make the difference between life and death!

5. Go for the Money Truck!

Once you hit level 4, the Money Truck will begin to show up on your runs. The Money Truck is a big white armored van. If you rear end it, the back door will open and money will start spewing out. This is a great way to earn some extra cash on your runs, so always try to hit one if you see it!

6. Save your money for upgrades!

Early on, you’re going to be tempted to spend cash on the boosters before you start a run. We recommend hanging onto your cash and instead use it for car upgrades. While the boosters are nice, cash is pretty hard to come by when you’re first starting out so you’re going to need as much of it as you can get for upgrades.

That’s all for Highway Getaway: Chase TV. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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