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High Risers Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Climb as High as Possible

High Risers Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Climb as High as Possible

High Risers is a great platformer / skill game for mobile created by Kumobius. And we’re here to help you get as high as possible by sharing some High Risers cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide for this charming game.

Using one tap controls, fast fingers and especially fast thinking, you have to guide your character up the tower, making sure he or she or it doesn’t fall off. Really difficult, but fun nevertheless, everything being made even better by the retro artwork of the game.

So let’s waste no time and let’s see below what tips and tricks can be used in High Risers so that you climb as high as possible!

Take breaks to plan your moves
I know that High Risers is a game of quick thinking and fast tapping, but you do have to plan your moves a bit, otherwise you won’t go to far.

The best moments to do so is every 10 levels, because that’s when you will reach a floor where you will have walls on both sides, so you don’t have to worry about falling off. Take some time to plan your next moves when you reach those areas, deciding on the best approach to tackle the next set of stages

Don’t do one level at a time
Although this requires some skill, it’s usually the fastest way to climb up and comes without risks if the random level design allows it and you did some serious planning.

You don’t have to climb up one storey at a time and many times you won’t have the luxury to be able to do so and instead you will have or at least be able to safely go up twice or three times in a row. Do it when you know what you’re doing, but have in mind that once you start tapping often, you get a happy finger that will prefer to tap instead of plan and you’ll go down sooner rather than later.

Take it slow
Although not as fun and intense, I found out that taking the time to let my character reach a wall, hit it and return is usually safer than trying to force a few more stories out.

Usually, when you go up a level, your character will be (or should be) running towards a wall. Most likely, the next level will have a wall on the opposite side, meaning that it is best for your character to wait, hit the wall, change direction and jump up afterwards.

This is slower but safer. And this is the only method that worked in my case to get past level 100 – whenever I tried to go for some shortcuts and play faster, I eventually ended up making a fatal mistake. So take it slow!

Pay attention to areas under construction
Probably the most difficult areas in the game are those under construction, since you have empty spaces on both sides and you have to navigate the workers in order to go through.

So always hit the workers to the sides, paying attention to how many levels they go up – sometimes it’s one, but sometimes it’s two. Make sure to always jump on the exact level they’re at so that you can hit them and safely go up. With just a bit of planning, you will see that you will no longer consider these areas a nightmare!

Adapt when the platforms change
From level 90 onwards, the game changes a bit and you no longer have to go up: instead, you are playing a traditional platformer where you have to jump over openings in the ground and get as far as possible.

Since you are used to dealing with something else, adapting will be a bit difficult – and that’s where I usually end up watching a video ad to unlock the rocket that will take me back to safety.

Then, things get a bit more complicated and your skill comes into play more often, as you will have narrower levels and various puzzles along the way: with openings that make your life a nightmare.

It’s all random there and if you get lucky, you manage to get very high up the building – if not you have to restart. Fun either way!

Unlock new stuff
Every 100 coins you manage to get in High Risers for mobile allow you to try out and unlock some new stuff. This is either a new character or a new area in the game, but none seem to affect the core gameplay.

However, it is fun to have where to choose from and since there’s nothing else to spend your money on otherwise, make sure to unlock the new stuff as soon as you have the money and let everything on Shuffle mode so that each new game might be played with a new character, in a different area. Just for variety’s sake!

This would be all that we have for you in terms of High Risers tips and tricks. Do you have additional strategies to share with fellow players? If so, let us know by commenting below. If not, you can still brad and let us know how high did you manage to go.

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High Risers Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Climb as High as Possible


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