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High On Life: How to Deflect

High On Life: How to Deflect
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Even though completing the storyline in High On Life will not take more than 10 hours, you should learn various in-game skills to finish the game and save humanity from turning into drugs. Undoubtedly, deflecting bullets is one of the most critical skills in High On Life. Read this guide, and you will find out how to deflect in High on Life. 

How to Deflect in High on Life

The main advantage of deflecting in High on Life is that it requires only 1 weapon – Knifey. His second ability allows you to deflect heavy attacks by using a gun. Doing it might sound extremely straightforward, but it appears to be much more challenging in practice.

First, you should obtain Knifey. You only need to complete the first bounty to get this weapon. After that, you should equip Knifey and play the game.

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Once enemies throw the grenade or missile, a special notification appears on your screen. You only need to use the melee fight button to deflect the grenade. On consoles, you need to press the right stick on your gamepad, while on PC, you should press the F button. Also, consider that you can use deflecting not only for grenades but also for slow-moving projectiles and other fatal attacks.

When to Use Deflecting

Once you know how to deflect in High on Life, it is time to discover conditions under which this skill might come in handy. Generally, deflecting is one of the most valuable skills you can learn in High on Life. If you train how to deflect attacks correctly, you will become an invincible target for most enemies.

That’s it with deflecting in High On Life. Also, keep in mind that it might be pretty challenging to deflect attacks from the start. You might require some time to learn how to use deflecting in time. And while you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to complete High On Life: Poison The Water side quest.

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High On Life: How to Deflect


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