Home News Hidden Survivor Is a Dark Anime Survival Game That Features Battle Royale-style Multiplayer

Hidden Survivor Is a Dark Anime Survival Game That Features Battle Royale-style Multiplayer

Hidden Survivor Is a Dark Anime Survival Game That Features Battle Royale-style Multiplayer

If you’re a fan of survival games, you really should check out Hidden Survivor. This brand new adventure features two modes of play, Scavenge and Explore, with the overall goal to build up your sanctuary.

Scavenge is the main mode of play, although you’ll have to explore before you can access it. Once you have you can head out into various different locations and scavenge for resources, including food and beverages. These are important, as you have three different parameters that you have to keep on top of: Fullness, Moisture, and Spirit.

As you can probably guess, food sates Fullness while beverages take care of Moisture. Spirit is basically part of your health bar – it’s game over if it drops to zero. If all the survivors die you’ll have to start over again too.

The challenge ramps up considerably the more survivors you encounter, as they all have their own individual parameters that you’ll have to keep track of. This means that your already dwindling resources will be stretched further, though there is a solution to that.

As you scavenge you’ll find materials that you can use to sort out sanctuary upgrades. These include the ability to produce your own beverages and food, mitigating the need to constantly hunt for these yourself.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why you should bother recruiting fellow survivors at all. Well, they basically act as multiple lives. When your main scavenger falls, whether its from a parameter dropping to zero or a bad combat encounter, you can play as another. If all of them perish, it’s game over.

Game over isn’t the end of the world though. Sure, you’ll have to start from scratch, but all of your sanctuary upgrades will remain intact. You’ll also get Reincarnation Points from everything you picked up, which allow you to boost your new character.

The other mode, Explore, is a battle royale-style multiplayer deathmatch experience. You and several other players head to a small map, and each of you starts as a random object. Over time, you’ll automatically scavenge different items depending on the object you start as, and you can swap to a different item by touching it.

What you’re really looking for though, is a Reset Potion. This nifty little item lets you hunt and knock out other survivors for 40 seconds, and even reveals them on your minimap. Given that the goal is to earn as much points as possible, this is valuable, as it’s a nifty source of points. Following the Tactics requirements boosts your score no end as well.

As the timer ticks down, different areas of the map will become inaccessible, shrinking the playing field. You can see these zones marked as red, and you’ll take damage the longer you stay in them. If you do get knocked out, you’ll have to wait five seconds to respawn.|

If you like the sound of Hidden Survivor, we thoroughly recommend you to download the game (available via Google Play and the AppStore) via this link.


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Hidden Survivor Is a Dark Anime Survival Game That Features Battle Royale-style Multiplayer


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