Hidden Lands is a relaxing visual puzzle game where players are presented with two similar landscapes. However, upon further examination one will notice that some objects will appear only in one landscape and be missing from the other. It’s your job to seek out all of the hidden items, and with the help of our guide, we’ll show you the way! Our first guide on Hidden Lands will cover the first area of the game, so let’s get started with our Hidden Lands all Land of Kings puzzle solutions!

Land of Kings Walkthrough


Chapter 1: rock, tree, and the target


Chapter 1: stump on top, second tree, hollowed log underneath, scarecrow target sign, bird nest on scarecrow’s head

Chapter 2: pitchfork, red cloth on hay bales, rock near the center, two trees near the center, two tall dead trees

Market Trolley

Chapter 1: bunny, pitchfork, bottom hay bale

Chapter 2: stump on top of rock, and two small trees on top of rock

Chapter 3: barrel by the wagon, small tree, orange tree

Potion Master Sign

Chapter 1: stump on top of rock, all three trees on top of rock, brown flower by the blue flower

Chapter 2: log on top of rock, small orange tree on rock, two small trees by the tall dead tree, tall tree on the base of the mountain, tall tree by the orange flower, bird nest on the dead tree, leaves on the tall tree by the flower stump, green plant below the orange tree

Chapter 3: barrels inside the wagon, leaves on top of the tall dark brown tree, white and brown striped tree, the rock behind it, the small tree nearby, tall tree, wooden sign on the post, bird nest on top, small portion of leaves by the short tree near the sign

Broken Hanging Sign

Chapter 1: red cloth on hay bales, pitchfork, two trees nearby, third hay bale

Chapter 2: sign, rock by sign, three small trees nearby, tall tree, bunny, red cloth on hay bale, pitchfork

Chapter 3: broken sign, bird nest in small dead tree, bottom leaves of orange tree, middle leaves of medium tree in the center, middle leaves of the tallest tree, middle leaves of the two tall trees, bottom leaves of the small green tree, plant by the broken sign


Chapter 1: medium dead tree, pitchfork, hay bale, bottom leaves of the tall tree, bottom leaves of the small tree

Chapter 2: two trees growing off side of the rock formation, resting deer, red cloth on hay bale, bottom hay bale, pitchfork, rabbit, striped tree, and big rock

Chapter 3: two striped trees, two dead trees, two signs, bottom hay bale, trolley roofing, barrels inside the trolley


Chapter 1: deer, bottom layer of leaves, small dead tree

Chapter 2: striped tree, medium dead tree, target on scarecrow

Chapter 3: lamp post, tall tree, rock

Market Stall

Chapter 1: bird nest on post, deer, small green tree, middle leaves of tall tree, gray fox

Chapter 2: scarecrow bird nest, scarecrow target, scarecrow pitchfork, bird nest in dead tree, round leaves on the green and white tree

Chapter 3: small green tree, bottom leaves of small orange tree, middle leaves of both medium and tall green trees, plant by big orange tree, stump on top of center rock, small red flower by medium green tree

Chapter 4: small green tree, stall banner, stall boxes, bottom leaves of big orange tree, big rock nearby, bottom leaves of tall orange tree, small green plant

Common Tent

Chapter 1: lamp post, bottom leaves of orange tree, sign, bird nest on top of sign

Chapter 2: tall cactus, bird nest in tall dead tree, two cactus fruits, scarecrow pitchfork, bird nest on top of post, small cactus on rock formation with blue fruit

Chapter 3: sign, bird nest on top of sign, small green tree, two barrels by the trolleys, lamp post, small box under trolley without the red cloth

Chapter 4: tree on top of tent, tent overhang, cactus with yellow fruit, purple cactus fruit, stump, small cactus, blue plant


Chapter 1: rock, lamp post, tent overhang, leaves on striped tree

Chapter 2: sword on anvil, shield, medium tree, tent overhang, tree on top of tent, fern by small rocks


Chapter 1: red cloth on hay, round cactus, stump, other half of pronged cactus

Chapter 2: fox, small white tree, sign, potted tree, leaves of tall tree, wheel

Sword Stall

Chapter 1: orange tree leaves, small green tree, potted tree, fox, fern

Chapter 2: lamp post, rabbit, tall tree leaves, barrels in trolley, two shields on the stall, rock by stall

Archery Target

Chapter 1: log, dead tree, tall tree leaves

Chapter 2: log, cactus plant, big tree branch

Chapter 3: dead tree, small white tree, arrows

Dry Water Well

Chapter 1: two small green tree, small dead tree, leaves on the tall dead tree, swords on the rack

Chapter 2: red cloth on trolley, box under trolley, barrel besides trolley, plant near trolley, tall tree leaves, rock by tall tree, potted plant in wheelbarrow, beehive in tall dead tree, brown flower by trolley

Chapter 3: well bucket, other half of well roofing rock next to well, fox, striped tree leaves, lamp post, small dead tree, tall tree, stump

East Tower

Chapter 1: two brown flowers, small green tree, medium brown tree leaves, tall tree, trolley lamp

Chapter 2: big rock on top of rock pile, bird nest on scarecrow, cactus fruit, half of pronged cactus, sign, orange plant, log on top of center rock, small rock below the log, deer

Chapter 3: sign, round tree on top of mountain, small green tree on mountain, medium green tree, tall green tree leaves, tall orange tree leaves, small orange tree leaves, round tree on base of mountain, green plant near tall orange tree

Chapter 4: tall rock formation with hole in the middle, small rock nearby, thin cactus, another small rock, tall dead tree, barrels inside trolley, lamp post on trolley, skull by the bones

Chapter 5: wheelbarrow wheel, potted plant, scarecrow target, scarecrow pitchfork, tree growing out the side of the building, building door, shield by the stump, rock by the shield, trolley roofing

Training Tent

Chapter 1: bird nest on scarecrow, two rocks, small tree

Chapter 2: small plant with red flower on outer rim, small green tree on center rock, leaves on the four outer rim trees, striped tree

Chapter 3: deer, two anvils, a shield behind the second anvil, small dead tree, rock near the dead tree

Chapter 4: shield, fern, small green tree, orange tree leaves, tent top, tent overhang, rabbit

Knight’s Tent

Chapter 1: anvil on the stump, shield next to it, dead tree, rock, fox

Chapter 2: tall tree, stall covering, target, arrows, big rock, rabbit

Chapter 3: barrels in the trolley, cactus arms, sign, bird nest on sign, thin cactus, cactus with blue fruit, skull on rock

Chapter 4: tree inside tent, green tree leaves, tall green tree leaves, orange tree leaves, fox, lamp post

Flag Tower

Chapter 1: tree inside tent, well rope, well roofing, sign, rocks

Chapter 2: deer, well roofing, bird nest in dead tree, sign, stump, lamp post, shield on sword rack

Chapter 3: sign, tree, lamp post, rabbit under lamp post, rabbit by rocks, dead tree, tiny tree on center rocks

Chapter 4: big tree leaves, flag, two blue cactus fruit, red cactus fruit, thin cactus


Chapter 1: two rock formations by wheelbarrow, big rock, tower walls

Chapter 2: potted tree, wheel in the wheelbarrow, lamp post, cut in half tree, stump, small tree leaves, tree on top of the center rock, big tree, deer

Chapter 3: well roofing, well bucket, two rocks, striped tree leaves, tall tree leaves, medium tree leaves, third barrel in the wheelbarrow

Trolley with Striped Awning

Chapter 1: log, rock, striped tree leaves, tall tree leaves

Chapter 2: tall tree leaves, three dead trees, small tree, rocks

Chapter 3: tall tree leaves, two rock formations, log, small tree on center rock, tiny tree right next to it, small rock

Chapter 4: two dead trees, striped tree, wagon covering, two rock formations, small tree


Chapter 1: dead tree, barrels, box under trolley

Chapter 2: pitchfork, barrels, trolley lamp

Chapter 3: wind mill, lamp post, bottom wind mill fans

West Tower

Chapter 1: hay bale, pitchfork, bird nest on sign, dead tree, building walls, red banner on trolley

Chapter 2: dead tree, two rock, tent overhang, sign, rock formation, stall covering, bird nest on post

Chapter 3: small tree, tall dead tree, striped tree leaves, small rock, tent roofing, log, wind mill fans, shield by the weapon rack

Chapter 4: sign, target, side tree out of center rock, rabbit by tent, two dead trees, big rock, small rock formation by tent

Chapter 5: two dead trees, arrows, rabbit, lamp post, center tower tree, center tower flag, rocks, anvil on stump

Main Castle Tower

Chapter 1: deer, anvil in the center, shield nearby, dead tree, red cloth on barrels

Chapter 2: bird nest in dead tree, tall rock, big rock on rock pile, small rock on center mountain, tent tree, tent overhang, well roofing, stump on center mountain, small cactus

Chapter 3: building walls, two dead trees, small tree, rock, tall dead tree leaves, target

Chapter 4: hay, pitchfork, stall covering, stall banner, barrels in trolley, bird nest on sign post, tall cactus, small cactus, bird nest on top of center mountain

Chapter 5: tall tree, tent overhang, small tree, tower side room, shield by stump, big stump, rock formation, barrel, deer

Ancient Archway

Chapter 1: deer, two fern

Chapter 2: tall tree leaves, tree inside windmill, small rock

Chapter 3: bird nest on top of archway, deer, tree

Purple Tower

Chapter 1: two dead trees, small tree, stump, target, big tree leaves

Chapter 2: big rock on top of tall rock formation, skeleton ribs, tall tree leaves, stump, side rock, target, pronged cactus, small rock, arrows

Chapter 3: two dead trees, deer, rock, two tall trees, tree on top of the center rock, stump in the middle of the center rock, rabbit

Chapter 4: two rock clusters, big rock on top of a rock pile, windmill fans, tall cactus, purple cactus fruit, tree in the windmill, cactus near windmill

Chapter 5: striped tree, small tree near striped tree, dead trees, small tree, two trees growing out the side of the tower, medium tree leaves, tall tree leaves, tower ruins at the base

First Defense Tower

Chapter 1: skull, target, red cloth on hay, rabbit, third barrel on the two barrels

Chapter 2: building walls, rock near building, sign, two trees growing out the side of the rock formation, deer near sign, rabbit by rock

Chapter 3: red cloth on hay, bottom hay, rock, deer, barrel by the wheelbarrow, thin cactus, tree on the side of the tower

Chapter 4: tree inside the tower, rabbit, rock, two dead trees, tall tree, banner on the stall

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