Hidden Hotel Cheats: Tips & Guide to Find All Hidden Objects Fast

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In today’s article we will reveal to you everything you need to know about Hidden Hotel, as well as our collection of Hidden Hotel tips and cheats which are going to help you unlock more levels quickly and find all the hidden objects.

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Personally I’m a huge hidden objects game fan, so I took my time to thoroughly “investigate” all the mysteries this hotel holds, while enjoying a little time off the puzzles while decorating. 

So if you love this type of games as much as I do, the Hidden Hotel tips and tricks featured in our article will come in handy quite a lot! Therefore let’s not waste another second and dive right into it!

Complete tasks to progress in the game

The Tasks are basically the missions which let you progress through the game. One task can be completed by spending 1 Star, which is acquired when you complete one (or more) searches.

You will earn some progress towards a star for each level you clear, but these will get progressively more difficult. At start it will be fairly easy, but as you get further into the stage, the progress for completing a Star will get lower and lower and you’ll have to complete more stages.

Each stage can reward you with up to 10 Stars. The very first one is super easy to obtain, but in order to get the 10th Star from that stage you’ll need to do and re-do the stage a lot of times.

Decorate as you please

This is among my favorite parts of the game. Not only do I love this “mini reward” which consists of decorating the hotel, but it also unfolds a little bit of the history (and mystery) of the hotel.

It doesn’t matter if you chose a furniture (or decor) that you tapped by mistake or don’t like, because you can change them super easy! All you have to do in order to change the decor is tap and hold on that decor and then you can choose the one you like. 

Of course, it comes with a price, but it’s super cheap (on average 15 coins, some slightly more some slightly less) so definitely go ahead and do this! Try out different decors and combinations and make your dream hotel!

Pay attention to your Energy

The energy bar at the top of the screen is showing you how much you can play (or not). At the very beginning it starts at 110, so be careful because it will drain down quickly if you’re like me and complete the levels fast.

This energy bar will continuously fill up by 1 point every 2 minutes, so it won’t take too long before it’s fully filled up and you can do 5-6 stages at once. There are way more ways you can earn energy, so if you want to learn how to do it, check out down below!

How to get more Energy for free

The energy bar fills up on its own every 2 minutes, but unfortunately it doesn’t work if you fast forward the in game time by altering your device’s time, so don’t even bother trying. To earn more energy for free there are several ways you can do that:

– Complete Tasks: there are some Tasks which reward you with energy once completing them.

– Fill up the Task bar: sometimes by filling up the task bar (or day progress bar) you will get a few energy points or other cool rewards.

– Complete in game days: by completing an in game day, your energy bar will fill up to the maximum.

– Fill up Collections: Items for Collections can be acquired as soon as you unlock the Staff Room (Day 3) and in there you can start farming for collectible items for the Collections.

– Join a Club: By joining a Club you can request help from other players of that Club to help you fill your Energy. (more details about this below!)

– Spend Coins for Energy: you can spend Coins to fill your energy by certain amounts. This is the best way you can spend your Coins, other than decorations.

Join a Club

The Club is basically a feature similar to one of a “guild” in any other game. In Hidden Hotel the Club feature will let you interact with other players, chat with them (with the ones in the same Club as you) and even get cool rewards. 

You can ask players for Energy and if you want to help them with Energy, it will not reduce yours. So don’t worry about that, and help others as much as you can! It will reward you with 10 Coins for each help offered.

Hard time finding objects? Use boosters!

The boosters will be on the bottom left side of the screen in game. The first one will let you instantly find 3 random objects from the ones needed, so I suggest using this only as a last resort, if you are having a really tough time.

The second one is the time adder, which will add 45 seconds to your timer in game. It’s good if you are confident that you’ll find the object within that time limit.

The third one is a sonar which is going to basically scan the whole area for all the objects. It’s an amazing tool to use if you want to finish a stage quickly, but it is quite difficult to obtain! 

Use those boosters wisely, as the stages get more and more difficult with each completion!

Play and re-play a level many times

You should learn the levels that you play and re-do them whenever you can, up to when you have 10 Stars collected from each. Of course, 10 stars is going to be a long way and will cost a lot of energy, but if you want to complete everything, then that’s the only way!

There are 3 types of stages in the game:

– Name stages – where you have to find the objects by their name

– Object shape stages – where you’ll have the shape (outline) of an object and no name tag, and that’s how you’ll have to find the items.

– Cobweb stages – the easiest stages in my opinion, where you have to simply find the required number of cobwebs located in the room.

You will encounter all of them if you are aiming for the 10 Stars per stage, so get prepared and pay attention to the shape ones especially, because they can be way more difficult than the name ones.

Remember the objects positions!

The objects each have a couple of possible positions. When you want to get 10x bonus, you should pay close attention to the positions where an object can be found and try to memorize them. 

They will not be placed at random, but they will always have a couple of set positions they can be found in. Definitely try to remember and learn the patterns and you will get the bonuses in no time!

Want to spend money? Get some cool packs!

If you want to spend a couple of bucks on the game you can easily get the Starter Pack very cheap. This will give you 3000 Coins, 4x Lanterns and 120x Energy. This is great if you want to spend money on the game, because it’s cheap and you can use the coins to replenish your energy.

Other Hidden Hotel tips and tricks:

– Pay attention to the in game events and use them to decorate the hotel with special unique items!

Before completing an in game day, try consuming all the energy you have (if you have 14 and the level requires 15, wait for 1 point to refill!) because it will fill it up completely.

Before tapping on the objects, take a look around and locate most (ideally all) of them and only after start collecting them for a good bonus.

– If you want some cool rewards and are invested in the game, collect as many objects as you can and complete levels fast. This will place you in the Ranking, where the more items you collect, the higher your rank is.

Read the story! I definitely recommend reading the story – it’s a little creepy, a little funny, 100% entertaining!

These would be all of our Hidden Hotel tips and tricks! If you know some other cool tips and strategies for finding objects fast, leave them down in the comments below and they will be shared with the whole hidden objects game community!

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Hidden Hotel Cheats: Tips & Guide to Find All Hidden Objects Fast

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