In today’s article we will reveal to you everything you need to know about Hidden Hotel, as well as our collection of Hidden Hotel tips and cheats which are going to help you unlock more levels quickly and find all the hidden objects.

Personally I’m a huge hidden objects game fan, so I took my time to thoroughly “investigate” all the mysteries this hotel holds, while enjoying a little time off the puzzles while decorating. 

So if you love this type of games as much as I do, the Hidden Hotel tips and tricks featured in our article will come in handy quite a lot! Therefore let’s not waste another second and dive right into it!

Complete tasks to progress in the game

The Tasks are basically the missions which let you progress through the game. One task can be completed by spending 1 Star, which is acquired when you complete one (or more) searches.

You will earn some progress towards a star for each level you clear, but these will get progressively more difficult. At start it will be fairly easy, but as you get further into the stage, the progress for completing a Star will get lower and lower and you’ll have to complete more stages.

Each stage can reward you with up to 10 Stars. The very first one is super easy to obtain, but in order to get the 10th Star from that stage you’ll need to do and re-do the stage a lot of times.

Decorate as you please

This is among my favorite parts of the game. Not only do I love this “mini reward” which consists of decorating the hotel, but it also unfolds a little bit of the history (and mystery) of the hotel.

It doesn’t matter if you chose a furniture (or decor) that you tapped by mistake or don’t like, because you can change them super easy! All you have to do in order to change the decor is tap and hold on that decor and then you can choose the one you like. 

Of course, it comes with a price, but it’s super cheap (on average 15 coins, some slightly more some slightly less) so definitely go ahead and do this! Try out different decors and combinations and make your dream hotel!

Pay attention to your Energy

The energy bar at the top of the screen is showing you how much you can play (or not). At the very beginning it starts at 110, so be careful because it will drain down quickly if you’re like me and complete the levels fast.

This energy bar will continuously fill up by 1 point every 2 minutes, so it won’t take too long before it’s fully filled up and you can do 5-6 stages at once. There are way more ways you can earn energy, so if you want to learn how to do it, check out down below!

How to get more Energy for free

The energy bar fills up on its own every 2 minutes, but unfortunately it doesn’t work if you fast forward the in game time by altering your device’s time, so don’t even bother trying. To earn more energy for free there are several ways you can do that:

– Complete Tasks: there are some Tasks which reward you with energy once completing them.

– Fill up the Task bar: sometimes by filling up the task bar (or day progress bar) you will get a few energy points or other cool rewards.

– Complete in game days: by completing an in game day, your energy bar will fill up to the maximum.

– Fill up Collections: Items for Collections can be acquired as soon as you unlock the Staff Room (Day 3) and in there you can start farming for collectible items for the Collections.

– Join a Club: By joining a Club you can request help from other players of that Club to help you fill your Energy. (more details about this below!)

– Spend Coins for Energy: you can spend Coins to fill your energy by certain amounts. This is the best way you can spend your Coins, other than decorations.

Join a Club

The Club is basically a feature similar to one of a “guild” in any other game. In Hidden Hotel the Club feature will let you interact with other players, chat with them (with the ones in the same Club as you) and even get cool rewards. 

You can ask players for Energy and if you want to help them with Energy, it will not reduce yours. So don’t worry about that, and help others as much as you can! It will reward you with 10 Coins for each help offered.

Hard time finding objects? Use boosters!

The boosters will be on the bottom left side of the screen in game. The first one will let you instantly find 3 random objects from the ones needed, so I suggest using this only as a last resort, if you are having a really tough time.

The second one is the time adder, which will add 45 seconds to your timer in game. It’s good if you are confident that you’ll find the object within that time limit.

The third one is a sonar which is going to basically scan the whole area for all the objects. It’s an amazing tool to use if you want to finish a stage quickly, but it is quite difficult to obtain! 

Use those boosters wisely, as the stages get more and more difficult with each completion!

Play and re-play a level many times

You should learn the levels that you play and re-do them whenever you can, up to when you have 10 Stars collected from each. Of course, 10 stars is going to be a long way and will cost a lot of energy, but if you want to complete everything, then that’s the only way!

There are 3 types of stages in the game:

– Name stages – where you have to find the objects by their name

– Object shape stages – where you’ll have the shape (outline) of an object and no name tag, and that’s how you’ll have to find the items.

– Cobweb stages – the easiest stages in my opinion, where you have to simply find the required number of cobwebs located in the room.

You will encounter all of them if you are aiming for the 10 Stars per stage, so get prepared and pay attention to the shape ones especially, because they can be way more difficult than the name ones.

Remember the objects positions!

The objects each have a couple of possible positions. When you want to get 10x bonus, you should pay close attention to the positions where an object can be found and try to memorize them. 

They will not be placed at random, but they will always have a couple of set positions they can be found in. Definitely try to remember and learn the patterns and you will get the bonuses in no time!

Want to spend money? Get some cool packs!

If you want to spend a couple of bucks on the game you can easily get the Starter Pack very cheap. This will give you 3000 Coins, 4x Lanterns and 120x Energy. This is great if you want to spend money on the game, because it’s cheap and you can use the coins to replenish your energy.

Other Hidden Hotel tips and tricks:

– Pay attention to the in game events and use them to decorate the hotel with special unique items!

Before completing an in game day, try consuming all the energy you have (if you have 14 and the level requires 15, wait for 1 point to refill!) because it will fill it up completely.

Before tapping on the objects, take a look around and locate most (ideally all) of them and only after start collecting them for a good bonus.

– If you want some cool rewards and are invested in the game, collect as many objects as you can and complete levels fast. This will place you in the Ranking, where the more items you collect, the higher your rank is.

Read the story! I definitely recommend reading the story – it’s a little creepy, a little funny, 100% entertaining!

These would be all of our Hidden Hotel tips and tricks! If you know some other cool tips and strategies for finding objects fast, leave them down in the comments below and they will be shared with the whole hidden objects game community!


    • Dawn, and Veta: any luck with finding “secret” places in the rooms you mentioned? I have completed the mini hotel without finding any. I am currently halfway through the aquarium and stuck at five stars on a silhouette stage lol. I have barely opened up the library for play, played a few rounds with no stars yet and have already run into seemingly unfindable “objects” which makes me think there’s a hidden area. Also, I think there might be one in Donna’s room in the changing screen, but I just opened it up recently and have only played the area once so can’t recall if there was one or where.

  1. After you get the 10 stars, why would you use energy for when the room changes to the coin sign? Isn’t this just giving up energy for a chance at coins?

  2. What about the lantern, it helps you find one item it’s on the bottom right. Also the energy bar that you can earn, I don’t really know what it does. It says 10x but if you use them, they still seam to run out, anybody know?

    • For the energy bar, it’ll start the search game with 10x points instead of 1x. The score bar is important, let’s say you’re at 2x, then you’ve found another object, it’ll increase to 3x, and it goes on and on. It’s like doing a combo actually. You have to be fast to do a combo cause the energy bar will run out. The higher the scale when you do the combo, the higher your score and the faster your stars fill up. Hope it helps :)

  3. I have a prize box but can’t open it until i have completed 2 cobweb games. Can I make it be a cobweb games or do I have to wait for the game to give it to me?

  4. Where do you find items for the Blooming Tree Special Collection?
    Why can you press on the regular collection items and find out where you can search for them, but not the Special Collection?

    • I’m done with this game for a while. Now they give you more energy, but it takes 60 energy points to play a game. You still accrue energy at the same level, though. Also, you were able to save your coins and get a full day of unlimited energy now that option is no longer there. I have over 40k coins and am not going to nickel and dime my way to play the game. Don’t get me started on the super hard level…I have about 5 semi finished scenes that are super hard that I was waiting until I had unlimited time play to tackle.

  5. How are people finding 200 items in one minute in the room that has 3 scenes and total score wins. I’m fast but 80 is the most I can find. So any suggestions. Also my bar 10x faded out and can’t use but buy them. Thanks for all the help

  6. I look love this game but am having so many issues with it, this morning I can’t get into it at all……does anyone else experience frequent crashes and problems?

  7. I’m in the office and having to find items that are just white I’m stuck in one that keeps catching me it’s like a round ball with a little line coming out the right side help me!!

    • There are actually two different lillies – the main one is pinkish and often blends into the floral arrangements. Then there are sunrise lillies that is a small bunch of white flowers easier to find because they are surrounded by bright green leaves.

  8. My game won’t open and I’m in Day 7. I don’t want to lose the progress that I have. Would you kindly please help me? i really love this game

  9. Hi I just created a group called ‘active pals oly’. Please join if u intend to be highly active and always help out! Currently set at day 8 and above because then I will know u are a serious player.

  10. Does anyone have a list of which areas have secret/hidden spots? I completed the whole restaurant table scene (10 stars) before I realized the blinds came up.

  11. Stuck on bed in level 22, not the under the bed one. Am wondering if there is any secret ways hidden in there but can’t find anything and time seems to go so fast with so many to find.
    Saw about pausing the game and finding things with it paused but when I pause mine the screen just goes green

  12. Okay can anybody help me I’m having a problem finding this heretic Lily in The Wine Cellar level what is this I’ve tapped on everything and keep losing help please!

    • It’s a fleur-de-lis. Google it if you don’t know what those look like. This one is a line drawing, looks like a shadow on the wall. Easier to see if you zoom in. I think it also appears on a wine barrel, too.

  13. How do you get the collection chargers needed to activate collections? I’m finding alarm clocks, but not credit cards or batteries. I don’t want to buy them. Is that the only way to get them?

  14. HELP!!! So I was saving my coins so i can use it for 24hrs unlimited energy. Now that I have 39000 coins, it wont allow me to get the 24hrs unli energy. And they’re showinganother choices to buy some coins. This is stupid

  15. In the timed best player competition in the bathroom scene i can not find the pumice stone anywhere idk where it can be? Its driving me nuts

    • Click on the energy bit (top of the screen in the middle) and it will give you four options , drink, sandwhich, meal, gourmet meal, and you spend your coins on which one you want. Also just opened a surprise box and it contained a drink so check to see if you have one one every now and again.

  16. Does anyone know how you can change the carpet in the hall on the second floor in front of room 102?

    Because it keeps saying that i cant change that object

    • Happened to me too. Sent info screen shots etc. Started bugging them every other day. Also posted a letter on their web site telling them I liked the game but it has to many problem so sad etc. Three week after first complaint they sent an email with directions. I was back in the game. I lost my team, all rooms that that I had completed were now at 9 star and my collection were at zero. I got 24 hours unlimited play, 20,000 coins some magic lantern and keys. This happened on day 24 so I was deep into the game. Keep in touch sometimes it’s not an easy fix although lots have left the game.

  17. I bought six hours of unlimited time. After two hours, the unlimited feature stopped, and I went back to having to earn my energy at one point for every two minutes. Twelve minutes before the original six hours was up, my energy went back to unlimited. Has this happened to anyone else. Also, I’m on day 30, and I received a message that they’re working to make new stories and areas available. I can still continue to play scenes to collect stars or coins, but I’m wondering if the story will ever continue, or if I’m just wasting my time.

    • Yeh, I have also lost valuable energy twice now! Not amused, I bought the 24hrs unlimited energy twice now only to get 16hrs each time!!! This is totally unfair especially when you buy the energy to try and boost your teams progress during the competitions.
      It happened only this morning I lost 8hrs worth of energy reverted back to 1 every 2 minutes, then Gave me back 1hr. I wish they would get it sorted as it ruins the enjoyment of the game. Glad to hear it not just me though!

  18. Everytime I get to a certain stage the game loads 100% but doesn’t open so I have got to remove the app then reload so never get to progress. Is there anything I can do to open the game it just freezes. Very disappointing as I never get to finish the hotel decoration.

  19. Love the game but can’t update everything because it’s crashed and says item can’t be upgraded when I’d already upgraded it. So holding the rug in the entrance doesn’t give me the option to change it

    • Have you force stopped the app? Rebooted your phone? If so, and youre connected to facebook, I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the game, then connecting again so your progress is reinstated.

    • Im not much past the library, but it does not have a secret spot. Neither does the mini hotel, nor the aquarium. 3 in the Cinema- curtains on each side of the screen and the blanket on the couch (which also can block a spot under the table).

    • Restaurant Bar: You can open the mini fridge
      Chest Game: you can open the box
      Bathroom Game: You can pull the shower curtain back
      Yard Fountain Area: You can open the chest that’s sitting in the water
      Freezer Area: You can open up the freezer
      Hamster Area: there’s a little door near the bottom right of the screen that opens
      Under the Bed: You can turn the pages of the book in the right corner
      Restaurant Table: open the blinds
      Kitchen Shelves: open the windows
      Dressing Room…pull back the right of the changing screen

      Kelsia already mentioned the Cinema area =:o)

  20. After finishing a game and u get 1 point u r too use it too fix holes or fix lulu play room …but my game doesn’t let me it just makes me keep playing games what am I doing wrong or where do u go for it …it updated my game now don’t understand it…

  21. Hello. How do you use the boosters? The tips say they’re on the bottom left? But I don’t see that. Also, how do you use the keys? Thank you in advance.

    • If you’re talking about the booster keys, you can earn keys or buy them. If you are talking about the actual item keys, they are randomly placed in the game areas. Also, there is a key collection. I think you can buy them…but I’ve always gotten collection keys buy finding them in the game.

    • It should say how many max combo boosters you have….when you get ready to play the level you just click on it and you will automatically get the max booster points. You have to successfully complete the game in order to get the points.

    • A lantern helps you find an object. Just touch the man with the lantern at the bottom right side of your screen during game play and it will “light up” one object. You don’t need to have any lanterns….it’s just to help you out if you get stuck and don’t want to keep spending energy trying to find a particular object.

    • If you’re talking about the booster it’s to automatically give you the maximum points for combos you make during the game. If you’re not using the booster and you are referring to the strip at the top of the game, it’s to measure your combo points. For example…say you make several combination moves and you progress to 4x…..if you slow down in finding items, the max points indicator will move down slowly…3x…2x…and so on. If you move quicker, the indicator will accelerate. Basically, it lets you know how close you are to receiving max combo points.

      • The picture for max combo also has the boosters in it. The lantern and such. I saw that the bar on top goes all the way to 10 which is great. But the other boosters don’t show up to help me.

  22. hi.. i need help..
    i was at day 20, then suddenly my day 18 & day 19 disappeared..
    i have unlocked a few scenes such as playroom, art room, patios, bird cage..
    suddenly one day i opened the game, the scenes were locked again, and all the things i’ve decorated came back to the old mess..

  23. I absolutely hate the new updates…on day 23, turned to “hard mode” which only gives you 60 seconds to find a ton of objects and there’s no way to get out of it… you can’t finish a collection, no matter how many times you search, and if you do, you’ll get minimal rewards… the parrot feature makes no sense, spend 1500 coins to get 30 back
    I have a lot of time invested up till now, might just use rewards and quit

    • I cannot stand the new updates. I have 9 stars and it went to “Super Hard” mode. I’m on Day 40; so I’ve spent a lot of time on this game. I’ve tried 12 times, and can’t get through the Super Hard part. You have to find 18 items in reduced time. It’s so annoying. I wish I could choose to not play these new modes. I’m about ready to quit playing the game altogether. It’s no longer any fun

    • I hate the new updates too. Have to wait a whole day to get enough energy to play a room maybe 5 or 6 times. I used to go on the app every couple of hours for a few shots but thinking of deleting this game now. Also really hate the double and triple rewards I have 9 rooms stuck on them I cannot complete the rooms in time

  24. I am pretty new when your about to go to stern to start to search there is a line underneath with item saying you can find these item how, and, when and don’t even see most of them in picture? How do you get the collections ? Ty!!

  25. Hi. Today I noticed (and some of my team pointed out) it now costs 60 energy to play one game. It used to be 15! I’m really disappointed with this increase. I find the new challenges of playing for “twice” the points is for the most part impossible and super frustrating. I’ve been a loyal fan of this game for a long time. I would play multiple times throughout my day. Very occasionally I would purchase the deals offered at 94% off but I refuse to pay on a regular basis! These changes will make me look elsewhere for my go-to game fix.

  26. I was loving this game and now you need 60 energy bars to play 1 game. I’m getting bored waiting to accrue – think I’ll uninstall and find something else.

  27. I also hate the updates. 60 energy bars to play. Good grief. Hate the hard levels. Impossible! Will never finish them to get a chance to decorate. I just keep playing the same old ones and it’s getting boring.
    Please listen to us and change back to the way it was.

  28. I have left a review saying the new update is awful. Even overnight my energy bar does not replenish. 60 energy per game is totally outrageous considering the max you can get from watching a video is still 15. If everyone leaves a bad review saying the update is driving players away perhaps they will revert to the old way of playing. Just sooooo fed up that after a couple of plays your energy is used. Don’t get me started on the hard, super hard and spot the difference modes! Grrrrrr! I’m very disgruntled at the update! Can you tell?

  29. It bothers me that the stars are spent on playing with Lulu, talk to the captain, try a cake, try it again, feed the dog, and many other nonsense. I want to decorate the hotel! With what it costs to win the stars!
    To get the stars in hard and super hard mode, I have a trick

    • I have a trick also. Take pic of screens, pause game, find items, restart & click on items. That is the only way I have been able to complete the super hard mode.

        • If I pause the screen goes green so cannot use this. My phone also won’t take a screen shot of the game scene. Guess it depends what type of phone you have. So frustrated with the changes and hard and super hard modes they are impossible and have to wait far to long for enough energy for one game

  30. I can’t stand the updates. Don’t like that it takes 60 to do anything, the double and triple your percentage and loose time to do them. Time to delete this game that I was enjoying but not anymore

  31. Ok the double and triple make it too hard to find anything in the short time it gives you. I loved this game but just about done cuz getting too hard and not enjoyable anymore. Sad

  32. The worst thing is that it takes you a whole day to get a star and you’re wasted talking to the captain, play with lulu, play with the parrot, spend the captain’s and after a while you have to talk to him again, that is, just One in five is to change furniture.

      • AGREE!!! The ONLY way to beat it is by using all of my boosters to extend the time or radar. Although I’ve been screwed on the radar not revealing all of the objects in time too!! That pisses me off! Out of energy, out of boosters and NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT!!

  33. Does anyone know of hidden areas for heavenly corner…. I cannot find half my stuff… stuck on this level. Also hate the x2 and x3… kills me. Used to play all the time now barely play trying to find a new game.

    • You should be able to open it up with your cloud if you got It through Apple the first time . Or if you opened it up with Facebook the first time it will save it .

  34. Did anybody experience being in the top 3 of the competition but wasnt able to get the reward coz you didnt check the results right away? Im so frustrated, I used up all my radar just to win but i got nothing. And im pretty sure i was in the top 3 coz only a few minutes was left for the competition to end when i left and i was the no.1 that time :(

  35. It took me several days to claim and they gave it to me. There are people waiting for the last minutes to play. Today was the second, and at the last moment they have passed me to the third.

    • Paintbrushes are used in the ‘grandfathers’ house at the bottom of the screen. But you need around 15 to fix something, and they can be collected by playing the scenes – which cost in game coins. I know I kinda left this a bit late =-).

  36. Tip: To score 180 energy on the bonus spinner…. once you spin and pay attention to the dial on the wheel and if it is going to land on a different number other than 180…if so, quickly close the game and reopen it for another chance at the spin. Continue to close application ad many times as needed until it lands on 180. :)

    I have 3 rooms open and completed decorations in “my home” AKA grandfather’s house, it’s been a long time since a new room has opened up for me to start decorating and I now have a stock pile of paint brushes for me to use once a new room does open. But my question is, what specific “actions” should I be making in order to open new rooms?

  37. Nancy – thanks for the bonus spinner tip. I also have 3 rooms open in grandfathers house, and a couple of hundred paint brushes accumulated with no where to use them. The blurb accompanying the most recent update (couple of days ago) promised a new scene – presumably with new rooms opening up. But there is no sign of it yet.


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