Heroes of Skyrealm is a fantasy action RPG filled with tons of enemies to destroy! Build a team full of powerful mages and warriors and utilize their special skills to blow away the forces of evil. Take up to three mighty heroes with you into battle and take control of them at any point to really dish out the pain. We’ll help you venture through the Skyrealm with the help of our Heroes of Skyrealm cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Heroes of Skyrealm is a pretty exciting game, so let’s get right to it and start with our Heroes of Skyrealm tips and tricks guide.


1. Switch heroes on the fly!

You can tap a hero’s portrait at the top left corner to manually take control of them. While the computer does a fine enough job of being offensive with skills, sometimes you’ll want to launch skills faster, like when you’re fighting a boss. In these cases you should quickly use all of a hero’s skills, then immediately switch to your other heroes and use theirs all in one successive go. You’ll unleash a torrent of damage doing this!

2. Use your Fury skill often!

Your fury skill is the one that charges when you deal and receive damage. Fury skills don’t do as much damage as tactical skills, but they are a slight upgrade to your auto attacks. Use them frequently and don’t worry about saving them. They charge up so fast that it’s actually a waste to hold onto them for the boss or something. Unleash them as soon as they’re up, or when you’re up against a big group of enemies!

3. Level up your skills and gear!

Heroes of Skyrealm has just launched recently, so there are a lot of launch promotions happening right now. Between the daily log in bonuses, the launch event bonuses, the achievement bonuses and the star chest bonuses, you will be swimming in gold early on. Because the costs are so low, you should upgrade your heroes’ skills and enhance their gear as soon as you can. Since it’ll be a while before you can get new heroes, you’ll need to make sure the ones you start out with are ready to take on anything.

4. Take advantage of affinity!

Certain heroes play well with other heroes. This is known as a hero’s affinity. You can check each hero’s affinity list by tapping the bottom portion of their info box. Once you start unlocking more heroes, consider taking advantage of the affinity bonuses. For example, the ranged fire mage Kashiko has affinity with Tachi, the ninja. When both of them are in your team, they gain “The Fangs” buff which grants them both 10% more magic attack. If you’re having trouble deciding on who to take over who, consult the affinity bonuses to make the most out of your decisions!

5. Check in every day!

Be sure to check in every day to get the daily log in reward. Every four days you will earn a hero shard, which will let you unlock a new hero once you have enough. The hero for this month is Lukhan. The first day you will get five shards, increasing towards the end of the month. On the final fourth day of the month, you will receive eleven shards.

That’s all for Heroes of Skyrealm. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!




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