Heroes Of Dragon Age is a free to play game set in the universe of the role playing game series released on PC and console.

Despite not being a proper trading card battler, Heroes Of Dragon Age takes a lot of mechanics from those games. It actually makes sense, considering how popular these games are on iOS devices.


Being a free to play game, you will always have to deal with paywalls and such, which may be getting in the way of enjoyment. If you want to enjoy Heroes Of Dragon Age to the fullest, you may want to follow some basic tips.

  • Card Packs

Getting card packs is the only way to earn additional heroes. The Recruit Card packs will allow you to get common cards mostly and, at rare times, uncommon and even rare cards. The Warrior Card pack is a lot better when searching for cards, as you will always get as least an uncommon card. With the Champion Packs you will always earn rare cards or better. ┬áThe Warrior and the Champion can only be purchased with coins.┬áThe Ultimate Card pack is the only pack that costs real money. Luckily, you will always get an epic hero from this pack, something that’s incredibly hard to do with the other card packs.

  • Stamina And Energy Management

As in other free to play games, you will only have a limited amount of stamina or energy before having to wait for it to be replenished. If you don’t want to wait for the ten minutes needed to get your stamina or energy back, you may want to use some gems to replenish it instantly. Planning your level ups is also a good strategy to get a free replenish of both stamina and energy as they both will get restored with each level up. Energy and stamina management are essential to be successful in the game. Make sure to use both of them wisely and not waste it. Only fight battles that you know you can win. Try to get close to a level up when your energy and stamina are about to be empty.




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