Grab your heroes and charge into battle! Heroes Charge is a strategic RPG game that pits you against the many forces of evil. Recruit from over 50 different heroes and build your team into a formidable force! We’ll help you on your quest with our Heroes Charge cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

1. Check your chests!


Every day you check into the game, there will be a sign in bonus chest waiting for you to open! Be sure not to miss a day though, as the rewards will keep getting better and better assuming you log in at least once each day. There are also in-game quests that once you complete, you can collect a reward for it. You have to manually check though, so be sure to look for that little red dot next to the Quests button to see if you have something to collect.

2. Equipment is the name of the game!

Your most deciding factor in your team’s overall strength is equipment. Equipment is found off of defeated monsters, who will sometimes drop chests with goodies in them. Each one of your heroes has a specific piece of equipment for each slot, and you can see what it is by tapping the appropriate slot. This will also tell you where you can find it, which is helpful!

3. Promote your heroes!

Having trouble with a specific level? Are your heroes falling in battle too easily? Try promoting them! Promoting a hero grants it increased power and unlocks a new skill for them to use. In order to promote, you must equip a hero with all six pieces of equipment, then they’re eligible for promotion. Do this as much as you can and if you need to, try revisiting past levels to find pieces of equipment.

4. Power up your skills!

Once your team level is 3, you can increase your heroes’ skills. Go into their status screens, and tap on the skills button at the bottom right. Here you can level up their skills. This is very important as skills can be the deciding factor in a battle. Keep them leveled up!

5. Use your skills appropriately!

Each of your heroes has a super skill that must be charged with energy before use. Energy is gained by dealing and receiving damage. These super skills sometimes have special effects, such as Admiral’s Ancient Sails, which summons a ghost ship. It does damage in a small area, but it also leaves enemies stunned for a second or two afterwards. Try to utilize your super skills well, as someone them can work real well in conjunction with others!

With that, you should be good to defeat the forces of evil. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



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