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Heroes Bash Guide: Tips & Tricks To Defending Your Base and Clearing Adventure Mode

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

The Bash Isles await your call in Heroes Bash, a new open world adventure featuring base building, dungeon crawling, and of course epic battles. The Bash Isles are a lawless land, and it is up to you and your allies to restore order. Explore the realm, recruit heroes, find powerful loot, and establish home bases to claim a part of the isles as your own!

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In our Heroes Bash tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of building your own kingdom and fortifying it, protecting it from would-be invaders. We will also go over how to progress in the main adventure mode. Let’s get started with our Heroes Bash tips and tricks strategy guide to base building and clearing adventure mode!

When in doubt, Follow the Quests

While Heroes Bash may be a little inventive by mixing the tower defense base building genre with different “adventure” like levels, it is still a base building game at its core. True to the genre, Heroes Bash features a ton of in-game quests in order to lead you down the general progression route.

You can access your current quest at any time by tapping the window at the top left corner of the screen when you are looking at your kingdom. Tapping on the top portion will bring up the full quest list, while tapping on the bottom part will take you directly to your next objective. It is a handy feature so please make use of it!

When you enter the quest screen, there are two quest categories: quests and story quests. Your first objective is to complete all of the quests. Each one rewards you with precious resources, like mana, gold, skill books, and more. When you are done with all of the quests, you can then move onto the story quest.

Completing the story quest will advance the story and progression, and you will unlock the next tier of story quests. Rinse and repeat to ensure that your base stays up to date with all of the latest upgrades.

Building your Base and Defending your Resources

Your kingdom is your own, so make it special! You have full control over the layout of your territory, and you will need to defend it from players trying to rob you of your resources. You have three main categories of structures you can place down: resource buildings, defense buildings, and traps.

Resources buildings are your precious resource generators and deposits, so you must protect them at all costs. Be sure to keep them tucked away and not out in open for easy access, and this is what your enemies will target first.

Defense buildings are the structures that you use to protect your territory. These including structures that actively attack invaders like the Arrow Tower, which reigns arrows upon enemies when they get close. There are also defensive walls that you can use to wall off certain areas of your territory.

Traps are self-explanatory and can really catch enemies off guard if they happen to trip them. Traps are basically bombs, and you place them around your territory. If enemies get too close to them, they will set them off, often taking huge amounts of damage in the process.

To create a well defended base, you need to use all of the structures available to you. Be smart with positioning and try to synergize with your structures. For example, you can use your walls to try to goad players into taking a certain path into your territory.

You can use this to your advantage by placing traps around the path and attack towers so that they take damage while trying to get to your resource structures. Of course, there will be players who will simply try to brute force their way in by breaking down your walls. You cannot cover all parts of your base, but you can be as efficient as possible by placing your towers evenly apart so that they cover as much ground as possible.

Remember that if a player attacks you – whether successful or unsuccessful – they will leave behind a combat log. Go to your mailbox and you can check your log and replay the battle exactly how they played it, so you can see how they got into your base. This is helpful for coming up with new defense positions and rethinking strategies!

Creating your Hero Team

There are a variety of heroes to choose from in Heroes Bash, and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each the key to proper team composition. To break it down, there are four main hero roles: tanks, warriors, mages, and shooters.

Tanks are powerful frontline heroes that can soak up a lot of damage before they go down. No matter the situation they should always be in front, whether you are attacking another territory or you are tackling an adventure level. They often have abilities that grant them more HP, making them ideal for frontline skirmishes.

Warriors are melee heroes that shine in close quarters encounters. They have powerful melee abilities that allow them to deal lots of damage. While they are not completely defenseless, they are not as sturdy as Tanks so make sure not to let them get too ahead.

Mages are attackers that wield strong skills to deal massive damage to a single target or area damage that covers a large zone. Mages are exceptionally powerful and deal the most damage out of all the roles, but they are also the most fragile. Protect them closely or else you can lose them in a blink of an eye!

Shooters are long range attackers that stay in the back line and pelt their foes from a safe distance. They are as fragile as Mages, but they often comes with skills that allow them to cripple their enemies in some way. They deal consistent damage over time provided they stay safe from harm.

When your troops camp is fully upgraded, you are able to take up to five heroes into a battle. This means that you can have at least one of each role with an extra of your choice, so try to always bring balanced teams into battles.

Upgrading your Heroes

Your heroes gain experience naturally as they participate in battles, but you can also give them experience potions to make them level up on the spot. As heroes level up, their stats increase, but most importantly this opens the way for more upgrades.

When a hero’s level goes up, so does their maximum level for skills. Skills cannot go higher than a hero’s level. You can use the skill books you earn for completing quests to upgrade a hero’s skills, which make them more powerful.

You can also advance a hero with the use of special advance stones – they look like little crystal stars. When a hero is advanced, their rarity goes up, they get a stat boost, and they unlock a new skill to use in battle.

As your heroes grow stronger, they will require rarer and harder-to-get materials, like Skill Book II and Skill Book III and Sr Advance Stones. However, you can use your old materials to craft the newer materials by going to the Material Craft menu in the heroes menu.

For example, you can use three regular Skill Books to craft one Skill Book II. If you have an excess amount of old materials, do not forget about this feature so that you can keep powering up your team!

Each hero can also be outfitted with gear that grants them additional stat boosts. Each hero has five gear slots, so make sure that you equip all possible slots before you head out into an adventure battle.

Conquering the Adventure Map

The adventure mode is a different mode aside from the war battles. You still fight and capture enemy bases like you do in the war battles, but you do it from an overworld map full of treasures, enemies, and resource nodes.

You will fight against other factions to capture their bases, and some them have special purpose. Some bases will generate resources for you over time, which you need to manually collect as it comes out on the world map.

There are also certain siege-type levels where instead of raiding a single base, you will travel through a level full of defensive structures. You can use temporary special abilities during these levels, like heals and buffs, and they are essential to victory so do not hold out on them!

Rebuilding Artifacts

Artifacts are special relics of an ancient era. These powerful weapons come in fragments, and you must scour the world in search of the fragments. You will find them naturally as you progress through the adventure mode, and your artifact will naturally rebuild itself as you collect them.

Your heroes can equip the artifacts even if they are not completely built, they just will not be at maximum power. You can check the status of them by tapping the artifact button. Make sure you clear out as many bases as possible and take out all the enemies you see to get more pieces of the artifact.

That is all for our guide on Heroes Bash. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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