Welcome back Heroes! Today we’re stepping back into the ring once again. This time we’ll be going over the different ways you can unlock heroes in Heroes Arena. The main method of unlocking new heroes involves buying them with either gold or diamonds, the premium currency. Gold is pretty important here so we’ve gathered all the possible ways to get gold as of now. Here is our guide on how to unlock more heroes in Heroes Arena!

It should be noted that you’ll gain gold naturally as you play the game, but if you’re looking for specific ways of getting more gold then look no further. Let’s get started with our guide on how to unlock more heroes in Heroes Arena.

1. Open those free chests!

Free chests are automatically acquired every four hours. Free chests always contain small amounts of gold in them but sometimes they’ll have bonus goodies like runes as well! The timer for your next free chest will not start until you open any one you have, so be sure you open your free chests as soon as you can.

To open the Slayer Chests, you’ll need to land 10 killing blows in any normal game mode. Don’t worry about this one as you’ll get naturally through playing the game. The Slayer Chests are like the free chests in terms of possible rewards.

2. Add some friends!

Two of the daily quests involve having friends on your friends list. One quest will ask you to receive gold from two friends, while the other makes you send gold to two friends. Both of these quests are worth 20 gold and experience each, so they are easy to do so as long as you have friends. Don’t know anyone that plays the game? Just add random people or join a guild! Speaking of which!

3. Complete the quests!

Tapping the lady button at the bottom left corner of the screen will bring up the daily quests. There are a couple things you should know here.

  • Even if you don’t have time to complete the actual quests, you should at the very least complete the timed quests. These quests are completed automatically if you log into the game during certain hours. There’s a Morning Bonus (09:00 – 10:00), a Midday Bonus (12:00 – 13:00), and finally an Evening Bonus (18:00 – 19:00). Simply log on during these time frames for an easy 20 gold, 20 experience, and 10 active points each.
  • Speaking of Active points… you’ll notice that in addition to the gold and experience rewards, you’ll see an icon with a star. These are active points. In the daily quest menu, you can see how much you currently have at the bottom of the screen. Accumulating enough active points will let you open a chest, up to a total of 200 active points. This requires you to complete almost all of the daily quests, however. Active points are reset daily. Try to complete as many of the daily quests as you can!

4. Join a guild!

Whether you want to be in a guild or not, you should join one anyways because of the extra rewards you can get. Upon joining a guild for the first time, you can “sign in” for an easy 20 gold and 10 diamonds! Staying in the guild and winning ranked matches will increase the rewards you get, and this is one of the main ways of earning diamonds without paying real money. It’s worth your time!

5. Just play!

Above all, you’ll earn gold overtime through playing the game. You have a gold cap of 1000 and an experience cap of 2000 that resets daily. Finishing a ranked match will net you 20 gold, so play the game and just have fun! You don’t have to worry about hitting the cap as you’d have to play 50 matches in a single day.

That’s all for ways to get more gold and diamonds to unlock more heroes. If you have any other tips or tricks to share on Heroes Arena, let us know in the comments below!



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