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Hero Town Online Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get Stronger Fast

Hero Town Online Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get Stronger Fast

In today’s article we are going to share with you all of the Hero Town Online tips and cheats that we have gathered so far and teach you everything that you need to know in order to get strong fast!

Since there are quite a lot of features to cover in the game, you might begin to believe that it’s super difficult at the beginning or you might get lost not knowing how to start. And if that is the case, then don’t worry – you came to the right place!

But because there are quite a lot of things that you need to know, we should start with the very beginning so that you will know what you’re supposed to do all the way through!

Therefore let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Hero Town Online tips and tricks that we have and help you get stronger fast!

Challenge the first stage to level up fast

If you want to level up fast and collect a lot of Gold in the process so that you can buy better equipment and upgrade your skills, then you should do so by fighting slimes. You can battle them in the very first stage of the forest, and that is a pretty quick way to level up at the beginning.

Because getting EXP is going pretty fast, you should try to get to level 50 ASAP as that will only take a few minutes! Then you can go back to town, distribute your points and come back to fight until you reach level 100 and can be Reborn.

My tip here:

I prefer this stage as the slimes are pretty easy to kill and they are good for making Gold too. Also, there are plenty of people fighting here so if you are on the same battle with some players who are pretty strong, it will go smoothly!

If you are with other players who are pretty weak, then just leave (press “Return” button) and re-join. You will most likely not have the same “team” then.

Allocate your points

There are some points that you will receive every time you level up, and you can attribute them to various stats to help your character to get super strong. These stats are:

Strength: this will affect your character’s power, and the damage they will do to monsters.

Agility: this stat will boost your character’s Evasion, Accuracy and let you have more chances at dodging the enemy’s attacks, therefore surviving for longer.

Luck: this stat will boost your Crit and Critical Damage, which means that every time that your character will attack, there will be a higher chance of a critical hit.

Life: It’s not hard to guess what this stat will boost – it’s your character’s health (HP). That will allow you to get more tanky and survive for longer!

I suggest that you start adding points as soon as you level up, because they will make quite the difference! Start by adding 10-20 in STR, then you can add to Luck if you feel like your character needs more boost to their Crit, then you can add to Agility and Life eventually.

If you want to have a character that survives more, then shift your attention more towards Agility and Life, because those stats will help you boost your survivability.

Start farming

Farming is pretty important because that is the fastest way to gather up Gold. If you have read my previous point here, then you will have an idea on what I am talking about. Well, every time that you have leveled up a little bit, you should make sure that you click on the Return button to go back to town and allocate your points.

After you did that, you can go check out the Blacksmith to see what are all the best gears that you can buy from there with the Gold you’ve farmed. To try and do this will mean that you will often have to get back and check, whenever the Blacksmith wares can be refreshed!

Another thing worth mentioning is that you will pick up plenty of items from farming – you can pick up armor pieces from boss fights (bosses will spawn after a certain number of enemies have been defeated) and you should try to take them down fast!

Set up your Auto settings

When you’re farming you should try and always go with the Auto settings for the normal mobs, because they will help you clear them out much faster without even having to be checking your device non stop.

Tap on the Auto button and make sure that you have the following checked for monster encounters: Auto ATK, Auto Potion, Auto Dash, Auto Skill (optional, but it’s good to have it).

For the boss encounters, I would suggest that you remove Auto Dash and make sure that you use Auto Skill too, because bosses will deal a lot more damage and it will not be super helpful if you are dashing around!

Increased Luck means more Gold

Along with the boost to your critical chance, you will also receive more Gold and chances of getting event items and many more as drops from the monsters. This is a good stat to boost overall along with the Strength, so make sure that you don’t skip it no matter which build you are doing.

Buy better equipment

While you are in the Village you will be able to purchase some different and better equipment. You can find the Blacksmith of the village in the bottom left corner of the screen, and there you will have two main tabs: weapons and gear.

Weapon: there are different weapon types, and if you check the details for each and every one of them you will see that while some are ranged, others are melee, others deal more damage but have less attack speed, and so on.

Just make sure that you always get the best weapon for you and not waste your Gold on the cheap and kinda weak ones. Also, if a weapon costs a lot it doesn’t mean that it is the best! So read their description carefully and select the one that is best for you.

Equipment: You can purchase various pieces of equipment, from armors to head pieces. So make sure that you also read them carefully because they all give different stats! You can buy multiple items and try them all on to see your stats with them, and keep the one which you like the most.

Clear Quests and Achievements to get free Rubies

If you want to collect some of the free premium currency in the game, then you should take a look at the quests and Achievements. They can be found when you head on to the Kingdom, which is in the upper left corner of the village.

There you will have a few different tabs, so make sure that you go through all of them and give them a quick read so that you will know what rewards you will be able to collect when you complete certain tasks!

Unlock more Skills

Unlocking skills is not as easy as it is upgrading your passives and so on. If you want to unlock more skills, then you will need quite a bit of farming, and that will mean quite a bit of time invested into the game!

If you want to unlock skills, then you need to head on to the Character menu in the bottom right corner of the screen and there you can see the Skills tab on the left. You will need in order to UNLOCK a skill 500 SP, and not to mention that you don’t get a whole lot when you reborn right away – but I will get into this further below.

What you can do, for starters, is focus on a couple of Passive skills. The Passive skills can be unlocked with just a few SP, so you will not need as many as 500 that you need for an active skill.

Passive skills: They will give you passive stats which will help overall when clearing the stages and fighting. They will not reset when you Reborn.

Active skills: They can be used actively – there are 4 active skills which you can use and a dash, so check them out and decide which skills you want to save your SP for. The skills will not reset when you Reborn.

Potion: The potion can be used during battle. Upgrading this will boost the potion’s effectiveness. I suggest that you don’t bother with this too much early on – you can also leave it level 1 for a while.

Assist: These skills will boost the materials you receive when disassembling equipment. You can also leave these level 1 or so for a while, until you have decided what you want to gear for and unlocked 3 more skills.

Getting Reborn

You can get Reborn after you’ve passed a number of stages in the normal battle mode. The more stages you pass, the better the reward (SP) when you get reborn. It will take a while, but it is the best thing you can do because it will help you unlock more skills.

When you get reborn you will reset your level, and also the points you have allocated to attributes – so in the end you will have to level up again and allocate them over and over again, but the Skills which you have unlocked will stay the same, and so will your equipment. So just head back into the fight mode and level up again!

Disassemble the bad equipment

All of the equipment which you don’t use can be disassembled, so make sure that you do that because it will give you some useful materials (depending on the quality of the equipment disassembled) which you can use to craft better gear.

You can also check out the Blacksmith and purchase any Epic or whatever gear even if it is not amazing. You can buy them to disassemble them later on!

Once you have gathered quite a few materials, you can head back to the Blacksmith and you will see the Craft Equipment section. There you can see what materials you need for certain items, so just check them out beforehand to know what gear you should be looking to buy and dismantle!

Rush to Bronze 5

When you are fighting you will constantly get points (which you can check when you tap on the character’s profile) in the top left corner of the screen. There you can see what you get as reward for leveling up in the League, and also your progress bar.

I suggest that you rush to Bronze 5 because that’s when you will be able to open the Pet Home function, which will let you have a pet! It’s a lot of grinding involved, so don’t give up!

These would be all of our Hero Town Online tips and tricks that we have collected for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies to add to our guide? Feel free to share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Hero Town Online Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get Stronger Fast


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