Chillingo have launched a really interesting match three puzzler game on the App Store under the name of Hero Pop. Apart from controlling cutesy heroes and helping them rescue their friends from pirates, you also get an extremely challenging title that we’re here to help you with and hopefully give you a chance for three star levels all the way to the end.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the Hero Pop cheats and tips below – some might know them already, but for some of you they might come in handy. So read on to improve your game and get better ratings!


1. Balloons to the left and right
Make sure that you always check out all the balloons that you have available: they are both to the left and the right side of your display. If none of those balloons actually works for you, you still don’t have to use them: simply tap the one you consider the most useless and it will be popped. However, you lose one balloon this way, so make sure you only do this when really needed.

2. Make sure you know the requirements of each level
On many occasions I was so caught up playing Hero Pop that I didn’t pay too much attention to the level requirements or the number of balloons I have available and that resulted in me losing the level. Make sure you always know what you have to do and how many moves you have at your disposal.

3. Strategize
From what I’ve seen, most levels in Hero Pop are made in such a way that you’ll just scrape through and get the three star ratings. So make sure that you look at the placement of all the balloons and strategize a bit: sometimes, focusing on a single side is better, while other times it’s best to remove as many balloons at the base as possible in order to complete your level easier. Just make sure you know what to do and how to do it!

4. Super balloons are not always useful
As strange as it might found, I actually found myself hating the super balloons on many occasions because they prevented me from completing a level: so make sure you only create matches with them when they are useful. Also, learning what each one does helps tremendously, so here you have the effect of each super balloon that you get from matching 5 or more of the same color:

The Green Balloon: creates a green fog that pops some balloons above
The Red Balloon: creates a lightning bolt that blasts nearby red balloons, randomly
The Purple Balloon: creates a “black hole” that swallows all the surrounding balloons
The Yellow Balloon: creates stars that randomly attach to balloons and pop them

As you can see, quite some of these super balloons can mess up your plans, so as I said, make sure you only use them when they are useful, otherwise they just make things a lot more difficult!

5. Create matches at the top
And I mean the top of the screen, as close as possible to the pirate ship. This way, the balloons that will fall (or rise – whatever you want to call that) will create brand new matches and help you with the requirements of the level.

6. Use your free pops
Every couple of hours, you get two free pops to use in the mini-game on the levels screen and a chance to get free Doublons, hearts or power-ups. Make sure you always log in to use the free pops!

7. Connect the game with your Facebook account
Hero Pop becomes a lot easier to play if you connect your game to Facebook: this way, you can add your friends to the game and, most importantly, request and receive free hearts from them, hearts that will allow you to keep playing. It’s a must, in my opinion!

8. Don’t rush to use power-ups
Power-ups might seem pretty useful, but just like the super balloons, they can prove to be pretty useless on many occasions. I guess this is the worst example of “super powers” and “super items” uses for a game, but that’s the reality. So make sure that whenever you get and use a power-up, you know exactly what it will do and it will help you rather than make things more complicated for you!

This would be all in terms of Hero Pop tips and tricks for you. If you have other strategies that work, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below!



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