Bailey is your typical farm dog. Bailey watches the sheep and guards the house, but when mysterious men dressed up in peculiar armor invade the farm, Bailey has to make a run for it to get help! Hero Patrol: Puppy Farm is an endless runner in which players guide Bailey through the dense forest to escape the bad guys. Our Hero Patrol: Puppy Farm cheats and tips will show you how to run far and complete the missions!

Hero Patrol: Puppy Farm is your basic endless runner, even though you are playing as a dog! Regardless, we are here to help with our Hero Patrol: Puppy Farm cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the Daily Mission!

Your first priority is to always complete the Daily Mission, as it rewards you with hefty amount of coins. The first Daily Mission you complete rewards you with 500 coins, 1000 the next, 2000 the third, and 3000 on the fourth day. If you manage to complete the Daily Missions five days in a row, you will be rewarded with a Magic Box on the fifth day for your valiant efforts!

In order to complete a Daily Mission, you must collect four glowing numbers that will randomly appear during one of your runs. You can’t miss them – they emit a bright white aura. As the name implies, you only have the day to do this, so make sure to do it first!

Then complete regular missions!

The regular missions are entirely different set of missions, but unlike the Daily Missions, these ones are fixed. You will get them in sets of three, and you must complete all three to go to the next tier. Whenever you go up to the next tier, your score multiplier increases! So, to get really high scores you will need to complete as many of the regular missions as possible.

Save your coins for more dogs and upgrades!

You may be tempted to buy some items for your puppies, but we recommend hanging onto your coins to buy new puppies and upgrade their item duration. Each puppy becomes progressively more expensive to unlock, but they have the most potential in terms of item duration.

As we mentioned, you can also spend coins to increase the duration in which your items last. A long lasting shield for example can be incredibly helpful for long runs, so once you have enough coins banked, start getting some upgrades!

Stay on the higher ground!

Whenever you find a ramp that takes you to the top of a bunch of boxes, be sure to stay on them for as long as possible. Later on in your run, the level will put these boxes in a formation so that should you ever fall off, you are pretty much done as you have no way out. You will slam right into a box if you fall down!

As an additional caution, do note that some of the enemies will run up on top of these boxes. If you bump into the side of them, you will be knocked back onto your lane, so these guys may be somewhat of an obstacle later on.

Grab the Magic Boxes!

Aside from buying them (which is very expensive) and getting them from the Daily Mission reward, Magic Boxes can sometimes be found during a run. Magic Boxes contain free items, so it is imperative that you pick them up if you come across one during a run. You never know what will be inside!

That’s all for Hero Patrol: Puppy Farm! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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