Hero of Archery Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Becoming the Ultimate Hunter

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It is time to hunt! Hero of Archery is a simple one-touch arcade game where you hunt down regular and mythical beasts. Go face-to-face with boars, bears, lions, and more – but watch out for the giant dragons, fearsome chimera, and massive mammoths!

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In our Hero of Archery tips and tricks guide, we will break down the whole game, including how to master the aiming system and how to upgrade your hero so that you can keep up with your prey. Let’s get started with our Hero of Archery cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to becoming the ultimate hunter!

Become the Hero of Archery!

Hero of Archery is a game about precision aiming! In order to have a successful hunt, you must tap and drag back to start aiming. You can change your angle by moving around the screen to aim accordingly.

The farther you pull back towards your hero, the more power will be applied into your shot. This does not necessarily mean more damage – this just determines how far you will throw. Once you have the perfect angle, let go to throw your weapon!

Most enemies will go down in a single hit, but you will come across minibosses that must be attacked several times before they go down. Be prepared for these big baddies!

Power up your hero!

Once you have returned from a couple of hunts, you will have enough coins to start upgrading your hero. There are four different upgrades and they each pertain to different aspects of your hero.

Your ATK determines how much damage you do. You need to constantly upgrade this if you want to be able to take down the bosses in time before they take down YOU!

Your NUM is basically your ammo count. The higher this is, the more weapons you have starting out in a hunt.

Your INCOME is the amount of coins you get whenever you slay a beast. The higher this is, the more coins you will earn with each kill.

Your OFFLINE EARNINGS is self-explanatory! The more you upgrade this, the more coins your hero will generate while you are away from the game.

Each one of these upgrades is important, so we recommend balancing it out and leveling up each one as you go.

Get better weapons!

If you tap on the anvil and hammer at the top left corner of the screen, you can go to the weapon selection. There are multiple weapons to choose from, and they go up in increments of 50 attack power. Here is the complete list of weapons!

Short Spear: atk x 100
Axe: atk x 150, unlocked by watching ads
Double Spear: atk x 200, unlocked at level 10
Darts: atk x 280, unlocked at level 20
Double Axe: atk x 300, unlocked at level 30

You can unlock weapons before hitting the level requirement, but this costs diamonds and you cannot get those without paying real money. Do note that even when you hit the level requirement for a weapon, you must watch a certain amount of ads before you can actually use it.

The higher end weapons grant you a better attack boost which can make all the difference if you are struggling with a certain boss fight!

Collect the free chest!

Every couple of minutes you can collect a freebie chest on the main menu. You can see the time remaining below it which is usually five minutes. The chest rewards you with coins, and you get more and more coins with each successive opening.

You do not really start generating too much money from offline earnings until you have invested quite a few levels into it, so the chest is a very helpful thing to have early on. Be sure to check in every now and then to get your free coins!

Watch out for armored areas!

When you come across some of the bigger bosses, you may notice that they have great antlers, horns, and so forth. If your weapon hits this part of the boss, it will bounce off and do no damage!

To avoid this, try to aim for exposed parts of the beast. You can try underhanding it to hit the beast’s belly, or you can even lob it in an arc to get around a big horn or something. Some of the bosses also move in the different patterns that temporarily reveals their weak points, so take advantage of that.

Most armored parts of a beast are highlighted white so that you know where to aim. As we mentioned, they are usually their antlers, horns, and other typically hard parts of an animal.

Back up if you need space!

Your hero will constantly walk backwards until you start readying a shot. This can be useful to create some space between you and your target if they are getting uncomfortably close. Keep in mind that all it takes is one hit to bring you down, so you need to make sure that the beasts do not catch up to you!

If you are readying a shot, your hero will stand completely still. If you need to, let go in and let him back up a bit before you ready another shot to create some breathing room.

Conversely, you may come across a beast that moves a little too slow for your liking. If you cannot get a clear shot, you can actually tap and hold and wait for the beast to catch up to you, because if you move too far the beast will actually go off-camera and you will not be able to line up a decent shot.

Take your time and aim your shot!

While it may seem like some of the later beasts get a little rowdy, you should not ever find yourself in a do-or-die situation. The beasts never get fast enough to present you with a serious problem, so it is always better to take your time and plane your shots out.

This is especially important with the bosses, and as often times you need more finesse than your usual targets. Do not panic, and do not worry, as you usually have plenty of time to make your shot.

Do not worry about ammo!

By default, you start the adventure out with 25 shots, with it going up by one every time you upgrade the NUM skill. Honestly though, you probably go through most of the levels without even expending half of your supply.

As long as you are keeping up with your ATK and weapon upgrades, you should not have a problem with regular enemies taking more than one hit. You do not really need to worry about ammo in this situation, so you can spend your coins on other upgrades if you want to.

That’s all for Hero of Archery! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Hero of Archery Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Becoming the Ultimate Hunter

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