The amazingly beautiful Hero Cantare has finally been launched globally and we’ve been playing it like crazy since then. The game is absolutely amazing, but it gets even better if you have the best characters in your team so that you keep on winning.

And today we’re here to help you with that – choosing the best characters, that is – by sharing a Hero Cantare tier list for the global version of the game.

Before we head over to rank the characters in the game, there is an important note that I want to make: tier lists are for informational purposes only and they don’t guarantee that the top ranked heroes will indeed be extremely helpful.

Games get constant updates, with characters being improved or nerfed constantly. This can potentially result in one great character becoming a less useful one or vice versa. But at the moment of writing this tier list (end of May 2020), I am confident that the characters listed below are the best in the game.

So let’s not waste any second and instead let’s check it out below!

Tier S Characters

Yeon’s Flame Khun

Probably the best support in the game. Great especially in the Story Mode, but also really useful in the Arena.

Witch of the West Mira Yoo

By far the best damage dealer in the game, she’s better than anything else at the moment. Great for all instances of the game.

Black March Bam

You get him for free in the sixth day of playing and he’s actually an amazing character, better for raids than story and arena. A damage dealing character that you will surely appreciate.

Max Level Warrior

Another damage-dealing character that will help you greatly in Arena. Not as good for the other game modes, but definitely a good character to have in your team no matter what.


Many people tend to stay away from her because she’s not as spectacular and flashy as others, but the truth is that she’s the best healer in the game. Period. And you need healers in most game modes!


Another solid damage-dealing character which is very versatile and can be used in all game modes. Probably the only one that is just as good in any game mode, without actually excelling in any. But still a great one.


I didn’t really like Hilda early on and I can’t say that I am the biggest Hilda fan out there, but I’ve seen her do wonders as a pure DPS unit, so I decided to promote her in the top tier of the game.

There are better top class characters to have, but if you don’t have any of the above, Hilda is still better than the rest.

Urek Mazino

While Urek isn’t necessarily one of the best overall characters in the game, if you need a solid tank that can soak up some heavy damage and keep your other players intact, he’s the one. Obviously not a great choice for the story mode, but he can be very useful in other instances

Tier A Characters

No Name

God Killer Zero

Jue Viole Grace

Jade Emperor Daewi Han

Idol Rockcrawler

Heavenly Warlord

Sujin Lee


Master Pooh Upooh




Master Pooh Upooh

Tier B Characters

Yuri Ha


Greatsword Warrior Sora

Green-April Yuri Ha

Urek Mazino






Phantom Thief Liddie




These would be the top ranking heroes in Hero Cantare. The game is still fresh out of the oven and some additional testing is required, but the top tier characters are surely perfect ones to start building your team around.

Don’t forget that most of these characters are available when you reroll in the game, so make sure to pick one of the best. Also, take a look at our tips and tricks article to make sure that you’re doing everything right in this game.

Let us know by commenting below if you agree with our selection of the best characters in the game and also tell us which are the top 3 characters in Hero Cantare on mobile, in your opinion.

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