Weed has gone legit, and now it’s up to you to retake your home city. Hempire is a city management game where you’ll be growing the best cannabis around. Be careful though! Even though weed has been legalized, you’re going to have to deal with all sorts of trouble. Businessmen and corrupt cops are out for you so you gotta be tough. We’ll help you take back your city with our Hempire cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Use the quick select!

At the bottom right corner of the screen, you’ll see four buttons. Each button pertains to a specific facility, so it’s useful for getting around. The bottom one will take you straight to your growing house, another will take you to the lab, another to your house, and so forth. It’s very useful, so get used to using it! It’ll help you keep a close eye on your plants when they need watering.

2. Leave the game open when you’re growing!

We know that everyone’s busy nowadays, but Hempire demands your full attention – at least when you’re growing weed. You may have noticed that when you harvest a fully grown plant, you’ll get a bonus amount of buds depending on how well you watered the plant during the growing phase. Each plant has different timed intervals at which they need to be watered. If you take too long to water the plant during this time, you’ll reduce the window of time you have for the next waters. A fully watered plant will yield around 5+ bonus buds! Keep the game open when you’re growing to ensure that you don’t miss a watering opportunity!

Even better – if you manage to hit all the watering times and grow a perfect plant, your mastery for that type of plant will increase. Higher mastery will permanently increase the amount of buds you get from that plant, and you’ll also have a higher chance of finding rare Epic Buds.

3. Try to grow one type at the same time!

A little bit after the tutorial Handy Mandy’s shop will open. Yes, she knows what it sounds like. Anyways, Mandy will upgrade certain hardware aspects of your shed and growing house. Once you start installing lights to give your plants passive bonuses, you will also unlock the temperature unit. You can change the indoor temperature of your growing house on the fly by using the unit. Certain types of plants will yield more buds in specific temperature ranges. If you want to ensure a big harvest, plant multiples of the same kind of plant so that they all benefit from the temperature bonus.

4. Complete the tasks that have items!

When choosing which deals to fulfill, make sure you carefully examine the complete list of rewards. Most deals will only reward you with cash and experience points, but some of them actually offer you hardware supplies and other items. These tasks are invaluable because some of those items are hard to come by. For example, you’ll need planks and nails for expansion of your shed. You can find them sometimes by fixing up benches, but the chance is pretty low (we fixed ALL of the benches in our neighborhood and got only two nails and no planks). Always choose the deals with items over the ones that don’t, unless you’re really hurting for cash.

5. Utilize Weed on Wheels!

Wanda’s business is probably the best way to get cash. These deals don’t differ that much from regular street deals, save for the fact that they’re timed and they don’t offer any bonus items. To make up for that however, these deals are usually worth a lot of cash. Make sure to complete these when they come up, because once you fulfill a deal in a slot, that slot is on cooldown for about 10 minutes.

That’s all for Hempire. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!