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Hello Neighbor Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Not Get Caught (Android, iOS)

Hello Neighbor Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Not Get Caught (Android, iOS)

Hello Neighbor has finally been released on mobile platforms and starting today you can play the game on Android and iOS. The amazing game gets even better now that we’re here to share with you some Hello Neighbor cheats and tips in a complete guide that will help you not get caught, explore the house and do everything flawlessly.

Although the game itself has been out for PC for a while now, the mobile version comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages and even though the game is basically the same, you might still find our Hello Neighbor tips and tricks useful.

The game itself has a lot of content and we might do some more specific guides in the future, but for now we’ll have to do with the more generic stuff which is extremely helpful as well. So if you just started playing the game on your iPhone or Android device, our Hello Neighbor tips and cheats for mobile below will come in handy!

Inspect the house thoroughly
Even before getting inside, it’s best to completely check out the house from the outside. Notice all the windows and everything else that you can before getting in. This will help you plan a strategy a bit and be as prepared as possible when getting in.

Even more, this will allow you to always have a retreat option ready: running away might not be fun, but it’s healthy, so make sure that you always have a way of running away from the neighbor in case he spots you. And by checking out the house from the outside and noticing everything there is to notice, you’ll have a much easier job once in!

Most items have a clear purpose in the game
All items that you can pick up or interact with in the game serve a purpose. It’s your job to find that purpose if it’s not immediately obvious, but know this: everything you can interact with in a game serves a purpose! So try not to ignore anything and be thorough when exploring the house. And always check out the fridge!

Also, don’t forget to actually search for secrets and items in the game by exploring as many areas of the house as possible. Although your goal is clear, it’s a lot easier to reach it if you go through all rooms and find all secrets instead of trying to force your way into the basement as soon as possible.

Close the doors behind you
Although this makes a bit more noise and most players don’t do it, closing doors behind you serves one huge purpose: it prevents the neighbor from silently sneaking out behind you. So take your chances and your time and always close the doors behind you.

Hiding is your friend
Hiding under the bed doesn’t seem like a good option in most real-life situations, but in Hello Neighbor, it can be a life saver. Don’t be afraid to hide whenever possible in order to get rid of the neighbor and don’t be afraid to start running and escape him if everything else fails. It’s better than to lose all your progress!

Cover your tracks!
Your neighbor is really smart and he’ll block any access points or weaknesses he finds out you’re using. Therefore, it is a good idea to try and cover as many tracks as possible in order to avoid this from happening. Yes, you can’t fix broken windows, but you can try to get creative with other tracks.

Your house is safe
Although it is maddening to go back and forth, this is what you have to do. Any items that you store back into your own house are safe and with a very limited inventory, you’ll have to make a lot of trips back to your place and store the important items.

My recommendation is to always try and keep one inventory slot open in case you really stumble upon something extremely important, and take everything methodically: take your time, slowly explore the house, get back to your own place, rinse and repeat. There’s no rush here!

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for Hello Neighbor for mobile. Do you have other strategies to share with fellow players? Let us know by commenting below!

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Hello Neighbor Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Not Get Caught (Android, iOS)



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