Hello Neighbor 2 Safe Code – How to Open Safe Guide

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Hello Neighbour is back with another instalment in their stealth horror game. This time you are an investigative journalist trying to find out what secrets are lurking in the neighborhood. Players must try to solve the case while exploring the houses, solving puzzles, and talking to some intriguing AI neighbors. One of the tricky puzzles to complete is in part one. Find out below how to solve the Hello Neighbor 2 safe code – how to open safe guide!

Hello Neighbor 2 Safe Code Guide

The safe code part of this game comes on the first day of your investigation. Just like other puzzles in the game this one requires you to find objects and use them to help you escape or get through to the next part of the house.

The first task is to search for clues in the Peterson house, namely the basement. To get there you must find 4 keys and to unlock a door that lets you get to the centre of the house. Try to keep to the lower half of the house before picking up the scissors and making your way upstairs to avoid triggering the policeman.

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Once you get the item you need, put it where it belongs as soon as you can to avoid having the items confiscated by the police officer if he catches you. Your progress is saved when you place items in the correct slots, which is handy!

hello neighbor 2 police
Don’t let the police find you snooping! (via Hello Neighbor 2)

Safe Code Walkthrough

If you head to the rear left of the house you will find the safe. It is black and has the numbers 1 to 9 on buttons on the front, and a silver handle. Your job is to work out the code and open the safe.

The code can be found by first discovering four wooden blocks hidden nearby, and rearranging the numbers. The order of the numbered blocks is the same as the colored flags behind the safe.

  • Luckily for you the first block is right next to the safe. Easy!
  • The next one is to your left by the TV in the living room.
  • Another block is inside a toilet – yuck! – on the other side of the house.
  • Finally, the last block will be inside the fridge, so go and have a look in the kitchen.
Crack the code and get in the safe! (via Hello Neighbour 2)

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The blocks will need to be arranged in the order of the flags above the safe: red, blue, green, yellow, making the code 1984. Cracking this code will give you the first key!

That’s all you need to know to crack the code for the safe in Hello Neighbor 2. Good luck!

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Hello Neighbor 2 Safe Code – How to Open Safe Guide


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