Hello Mr Rich is a unique endless clicker game that has you tapping frantically (or not) in order to reduce the time required for your crops to ripen, only to sell them for a profit and purchase more land to get even more crops. An interesting concept and a really fun game that involves a lot of micromanagement – and I am here to help you get better at it with some Hello Mr Rich cheats, tips and a complete strategy guide.

I know that things are pretty straightforward and most people would consider these tips pretty much common sense, but you never know what you might’ve overlooked, so I’m here to make sure that you know everything there is to know. So let’s not waste any time and risk our crops getting spoiled and instead let’s check out below some Hello Mr Rich tips and tricks!

1. Keep upgrading your crops!
The best thing you can do and should do at all times is to upgrade your crops. Even though this doesn’t change the timer, it does increase the amount you’ll get for each crop, so you’re making a ton of money in the long run. Also, upgrading your crops is required to unlock new pieces of land so you have to do it anyway. Make sure you do as often as possible and don’t forget to tap when upgrading in order to rush the time.

2. Learn when to sell
Selling your crops at the right time is the biggest thing you have to consider and strategically the most important (at least in my opinion). Early on, it will be pretty easy to micromanage your crops and switch from one to another waiting for a new customer to arrive, but later on in the game especially with the huge waiting times for each crop to get ready and the sheer number of crops that you have to care for, things will get really complicated. Therefore, in this case, I suggest to just focus on three or four crops at the time when you’re in the game: simply tap on those to max them out for when the customer comes and keep selling at the better price, leaving all the others to just grow naturally.

You can still sell all the products that you have even if you don’t have the customers ready, but you’ll sell them at a lower price (or, better said, you get a better price when customers come and you’ll sell your products at the base price). In order to navigate through the customers, just tap on their icon on the top left and you’ll be taken there.

Finally, sell all the products that are ready before you stop playing: this way, the chances of any of the crops spoiling are minimal and so will be your losses when you get back to play again.

3. How to deal with customers
Customers don’t spend an awful lot of time waiting for you to deliver products to them, so my suggestion would be to instantly sell anything you have as soon as they arrive: if you do so, they won’t leave, allowing you to try and tap your way to get one or more crops ready and sell them again. If you don’t, you still have sold what you already have so you don’t risk losing the customer and having to wait for another one to come.

4. Watch the videos for goodies
Whenever you have a chance to watch a video, do so because you will get a ton of goodies instead, usually a bonus to your income for three hours, which is nice to have. And since we’re talking about videos, why not watch me playing the game for the first time? You know you want to!

Do you have other tips and tricks for fellow Hello, Mr Rich players? Let us know by commenting below.


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