Hello Kitty and friends are here to take you on a puzzle game adventure! Hello Kitty Friends takes Sanrio’s most famous kitty and her friends and throws them into a match-3 puzzle game. Our Hello Kitty Friends cheats and tips will help you hone your game and collect a lot of cute Sanrio characters along the way!

Hello Kitty Friends is a very beginner friendly puzzle game, so people of all ages can enjoy it! With that said, there’s still some challenge, so let’s get started with our Hello Kitty Friends cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Go for the Power Blocks!

Power Blocks are this game’s version of special pieces. Matching four or more blocks together will result in a power block! Which one you get depends on the number of blocks involved.

  • Firecrackers are created when four blocks are matched. Firecrackers shoot out and clear a whole row or column! The direction the firecracker will go in is random.
  • Bombs are created when five blocks are matched. Bombs immediately match surrounding blocks, making them useful for clearing out mismatched clumps.
  • Star Candies are created when six blocks (or more) are matched. Star Candies instantly match all blocks of a certain character on the board, no matter where they are!

Keep an eye out on the board. When there are enough character blocks in one spot to form a power block, you’ll see a little symbol next to them that shows what kind of power block they can make.

And of course, don’t forget that you can combine any of these power blocks to amplify their effects. Two Star Candies, for example, create a black hole that wipes the whole board!

Try out the different Sanrio characters!

You’ll receive a cute Sanrio character after you play through the tutorial. Each character has their own unique ability, so try out as many as you can. They come in handy! For example, Hula Girl My Melody has the ability to remove a specific block from the board. The higher grade a character, the better their ability will be. Grades go as low as C-rank all the way up to S-rank.

To get new characters, you’ll need to pay up to use the Friend Gacha. The 30 gem gacha has a chance to give you B through S-rank characters, while the 1,500 coin one gives you C through A-rank characters. We recommend saving your gems for the gem gacha!

Get the stars!

Each level has up to three stars you can earn by scoring high enough. At the end of a section, if you have enough stars, you can play the bonus level! We’re actually not quite sure what these bonus levels are for as they seem to be relatively normal levels, but you can still earn stars on them as well.

Earning enough stars will also unlock furniture in the shop for coin purchase. Normally you can only buy furniture with gems, but if you earn enough stars you can purchase them with regular coins. If you care about the bonus levels or furniture, be sure to earn as many stars as you can. Just keep in mind – furniture doesn’t seem to provide any bonuses of the sort. It’s all cosmetic!

Conserve your moves!

Always go for the biggest groups of blocks, and always work towards your objective! After you complete the level’s objective, any remaining moves you have are turned into firecrackers on the board. You can get a lot of points this way, so be sure to conserve your moves.

That’s all for Hello Kitty Friends! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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