Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a trading cards game based on the successful series created by Blizzard. The game has been released on PC sometime ago and managed to become a smashing success, thanks to its engaging gameplay formula and its ties with the Warcraft series. Let’s not forget that World Of Warcraft is still today one of the more successful MMORPG around, making everything related to it an almost instant success.

Being a trading card game, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when building a deck or simply battling against opponents. If you haven’t touched the game on PC and are just starting with the iPad version, you might find these basic tips and tricks useful.

  • Basic Cards

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft features several different classes, each one with some unique abilities. Most players usually try all of them for a very little amount of time before moving to the class they really want to play as, but this is a mistake. Leveling up each class to level 10 will unlock the basic card set for that particular class, which may include a useful card for your playstyle. At the same time, playing for a while longer each class is a good way to understand them and fight against them in a more effective way.

  • Leveling Up

Speaking about leveling up, the best way to do so in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is to play online matches. In the beginning you are probably going to have some problems, especially when battling against more expert players, but winning online battles will give you more experience, as opposed to offline matches. You will also get 10 gold for every three online wins, so the benefits are definitely there.

  • Arena And Rewards

A really good way to obtain extra cards, as well as crafting materials, gold and free extra Expert packs is by fighting in the Arena, where you will be receiving more prizes the more games you win. Each entry in the Arena costs 150 gold, a price that’s more than worth it, considering that single Expert packs cost 100 gold and they don’t come with the extra resources you can get by winning in the Arena. Even if you lose, you’ll still get something extra so the 150 gold are never wasted.


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