Haze of War Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build a Powerful Camp


In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our Haze of War tips and cheats to help you build a strong camp and take on any bandit that would try to attack you. We will tell you exactly how to properly build your (not so) little hideout in order to better take advantage of everything.

We will start by telling you that this is not exactly your typical strategy games. When the game starts, it will make you think that it’s more like a story than an actual game. Why? Well, because you will have to make some choices, interact with other characters and so on – which is not typical for the plain strategy game.

I absolutely love the story line of the game, and therefore I had to learn everything about it. That’s why, in our article we are going to tell you all of our Haze of War tips and tricks to help you unlock all content and build all the best buildings! 

Follow the quest line at start

At the very beginning you should focus on following exactly what the quest line says – build, train and do any other task required of you because it will be the easiest way to get through the first chapters.

Once you have gotten acquainted with the quests and tasks, you will start noticing a pattern. They will all require you to upgrade certain buildings at once, while skipping others. This could work for a while, but then I suggest that you take matters into your own hands. 

For now, focus on the quest line until you have cleared chapter 3 or so. Afterwards, check down below to see what my best suggestions would be.

Keep all buildings upgraded to maximum

This is the stage where you basically start caring about each and every building. You should see that some of them cannot be constructed at start, but only after you’ve reached a certain level. 

It’s okay, because we will get there too! All that you should focus on is constantly upgrading all the buildings that you have to the maximum possible level for the moment (until you upgrade the base further). 

This way you will derail a little from the main quest line, but you will gain more power and in the long run I consider this to be the better solution.

Hire some extra help

Right at the beginning you will be gifted some 8-hour extra builders. Use one of them at the very beginning because it will help you make the upgrades needed so much quicker than with a single builder. 

I also suggest that you only use them when you are playing the game and possibly have some super long upgrades to make, because else it would be a waste to just hire them and let them go to waste.

Upgrade the buildings for free!

There are two main ways in which you can upgrade the buildings for free. First way will require you to use the free items you get from the game that speed up the building process, and the second way is by making the upgrades which take less than 5 minutes.

So basically, if a building has 5 minutes or less to complete the upgrade process, then you can make that upgrade for free. It works the same with the building process: you can “quick build” a building with the cost of 0 cash if that building takes less than 5 minutes. So you don’t even need builders for it!

Now about the speed ups, I suggest that you use them wisely. For example, I suggest that you use the hour long speed ups on the base mostly, because it is the most important building that you have. Other than that, you can use the minute long upgrades and try to not use more than needed.

The best way would be to use speed ups to help you reach the 5 minute mark in the building process, because from there on you can upgrade for free without using (or rather wasting) the items.

Join a good Alliance ASAP

There are plenty of Alliances out there, but you should keep an eye on the ones which have the most members. Joining a good Alliance is super important because once you join, the whole building process will turn out to be much quicker.

You can request other allies to aid you in building the structures, and that will speed up the process quite a lot. Whenever you decide to join one, I suggest taking your time to check them out and find one which is active and populated.

The more people an Alliance has, the stronger it is and the stronger its members can become. 

Log in daily for awesome goodies!

In Haze of War you will receive several good rewards for simply logging in to the game. I would suggest that you log in to the game to claim those rewards, even if you don’t really want to play that particular day. 

Another thing you need to keep an eye out is the consecutive log in rewards. These will be given to you by simply logging in to the game on consecutive days. You will get heroes and cash, and that’s something you should definitely consider logging for. 

Other Haze of War tips and tricks:

– If you are low on resources, use a Talent skill to quickly claim some. They have a super long cooldown, so even if you don’t need the resources at the moment, you can still claim them beforehand just to make sure.

– Tap on the truck in the middle of the camp to collect online rewards for simply staying online in the game. These are super useful, and you shouldn’t skip on them!

– Check out the Events tab! There you can draw for free some hero shards (DNA) and you can keep doing this once a day!

– Build 3 or 4 Farms and Smelters. They will help you keep up with the resource production, so it’s super useful to have them. Build them early on and start having good and constant production early on.

– Your choices (may) matter! When you are tasked to choose between two options in the game during those cinematic cut scenes, it’s best if you pick the one that is most relevant to you. These choices may affect the play style and how the story unfolds, but nonetheless you should have a little bit of fun!

These would be all of our Haze of War tips and tricks! If you have some more useful game tips and suggestions, share them with us down in the comments section below! 

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Haze of War Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build a Powerful Camp


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