Your eyes are valuable tools for mastering any mobile game, but especially for piano games where tapping tiles on time is the goal. Robbie The Robot starts out by letting you use your eyes like you normally would, only to take them away from you by blurring the tiles until they disappear.

Wait a minute, what gives?

Well, the first mobile game from HAVE knows not everyone in the world has the benefit of sight, and wants you to experience some of the same challenges those who suffer from sight loss face every day. And it’s got another purpose behind it, donating half of the game’s revenues to Sightsavers, a charity pursuing a mission to treat and prevent blindness in places where resources can be scarce. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every sector of the economy, including charities, who have not been able to host physical fundraising events which has shifted their focus to the digital world. Charities are welcoming all help in order to confidently continue working with their social causes.

Yet even with an admirable goal, HAVE’s Robbie The Robot doesn’t take itself too seriously. The Robbie in question is a robot who once got to tickle the ivories the same way most of us do until a run-in with lightning meant it was harder for him to see the keys. When you play, you’re walking a mile in Robbie’s metal boots, meaning you’ll need a keen memory and quick fingers to get the notes right once they vanish.

(In case you’re wondering, we did some detective work and believe the game does play ample homage to the legendary Stevie Wonder, whose greatest songs are referenced throughout. Perhaps the title Stevie Wonders Where The Keys Are would have also worked)

There are a lot of mobile piano games out there, but perhaps none as unique as this one, which is out to educate and entertain gamers of all ages at the same time. Can you master the art of playing piano without your eyes to help you? 

The people at HAVE are hosting a giveaway to win $300 worth of premium headphones and earbuds too – follow this link to find out how to enter. It closes on Sunday, the 21st of March.

Find out by steering your fingers to the App Store or Google Play to download HAVE’s Robbie The Robot for free.

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