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Harvestella: How To Catch All Rare Fish

Harvestella: How To Catch All Rare Fish

Fishing is one of the staple features of Harvestella, and the game manages to make it more engaging by adding certain challenges and events to it, like finding rare Fish for a fish-like creature or easy profits. But, as the name suggests, the rare Fish are hard to find and have certain spawn conditions. This is where our guide on Harvestella, how to catch all rare Fish, comes in handy. 

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How To Catch All Rare Fish In Harvestella

Before you start catching rare Fish in Harvestella, make sure you have bought the Fishing Knowledge book from Lethe’s Village General Store for 800 Grilla to unlock Fishing activity in the game. 

Once that is done, progress the game till you unlock the Great Water Faerie, Iris, in the Bird’s Eye Brae. Complete her requests to unlock the Water Biome, as you must get past it to interact with another NPC, a creature called Sahagin. He will ask you for rare Fish and upgrade your fishing skill to help you find rare Fish in the game. 

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Rare Fish in Harvestella spawns during a specific time of the day or during Quietus, while some are season locked. That said, Here are all the rare Fish you can catch in Harvestella. 

Rare FishWhere to find / Fishing SpotsSpawn Criteria
AurelianLethe Village and Jade ForestWhen it’s raining.
Cardinal GoldfishNANA
Giant SalamanderLethe VillageDuring the Fall season.
Ice FaerieArgene, Near Snow Hut SquareDuring the Winter season.
Jejune TroutHigan Canyon, Near the FEAR monsterThe next day, after a rainy day.
MonotaimenBird’s Eye Brae (Your Home)During the Fall and Summer seasons.
Rainbow HarpNANA
Siren’s ServantShatollaWhen it’s raining.
Twilight Cherry SalmonNemea TownDuring the Fall season, at night.

Harvestella is a farming simulation roleplaying game available on the Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. 

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Harvestella: How To Catch All Rare Fish


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