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How To Unlock All Harvestella Jobs

How To Unlock All Harvestella Jobs

Square Enix is known for its incredibly addictive fantasy JRPGs. And so, on November 4, 2022, the company released a new title called Harvestella. This is a game that combines genres such as life sim and JRPG. In Harvestella you have to create a unique character and explore a huge world with various cities and dungeons. And in this guide, we will tell you how to unlock all Harvestella Jobs.

What Is Harvestella Jobs

In Harvestella, players will be able to engage in a huge number of different activities. According to the plot, you will have to unravel the mystery of the disaster called Quietus. But you can also do everyday things like crafting or farming. By growing various plants and products, you will be able to cook dishes that will restore health and increase the stats of your character and allies.

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But this is still a game from Square Enix, so you also expect a lot of battles with various enemies. Players will be able to study different Jobs, which are essentially classes. Each Job has its skill tree and level. Therefore, you will need to upgrade each class from scratch after learning it. Moreover, having studied several Jobs, you can combine them and change them right during the battle.

How to Unlock All Jobs

Unlocking all the Jobs in Harvestella will take you a lot of time, especially in learning the skills of each of them. And to unlock the Job, you must interact with different characters. You can also take them to the party to upgrade the Job faster. And here is who you should interact with for each of the Jobs:

  • Fighter – Unlocked from the start of the game.
  • Mage – Encounter the unicorn in Higan Canyon.
  • Assault Savant – Interact with Aria in Bird’s Eye Brae.
  • Sky Lancer – Interact with Asyl in Nemea Town.
  • Shadow Walker – Interact with Istina in Nemea Town.
  • Mechanic – Interact with Heine in Shatolla.
  • Woglinde – Interact with Emo in Shatolla.
  • Avenger – Interact with Brakka in Holy Capital Argene.
  • Pilgrim – Interact with Shrika in Holy Capital Argene.
  • Lunamancer – Interact with Dianthus.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock Jobs in Harvestella. Follow our tips, and you will be able to master all the classes in the game. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to change Hair in Harvestella.

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How To Unlock All Harvestella Jobs


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